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This is AU after GOF. Ye be warned!

A Taste of Heaven


"You don't want me anymore."

It wasn't a question. I didn't need an answer for confirmation. His back was to me as he faced the window, watching the trees sway in the midnight winds. Or maybe he wasn't watching anything at all.

"I'm not quite sure if I ever wanted you at all."

Ouch. His words weren't meant to be cutting. They held no emotion, just what he thought to be fact. I blinked back the tears I could feel burning my eyes and tried to keep my voice steady.

"Fair enough." I replied because honestly, what could you say to that? I knew it was too good to be true. I also knew that I was setting myself up for heart break from the start. I had always fancied Draco Malfoy, even when he was a racist biggot under his father's influence. During fifth year he became a spy for the Order, he renounced all that pureblood rubbish and was instrumental in the downfall of Voldemort. He became best friends with Harry and Ron, and me.. well, our relationship was never very platonic.. it was always teetering on the edge of the unknown. There are many reasons why I am attracted to him. He's gorgeous, rich, and powerful. But most of all.. he gets me. He doesn't find my preference for studying rather than watching a quidditch match odd, or the fact that I'm not into gossip or makeup weird. He understands me. He knows when I'm thriving for an intelligent conversation and he always knows when I just need silence. Since the war, he's never belittled me or made me feel like I should be seen and not heard. He respects me and I love him for it.

That was the problem.

I knew when our torrid little love affair began that I was doomed. He was a known player amongst the ladies of Hogwarts. Taking and breaking as many hearts as he pleased. He never stayed with one girl very long and I had no reason to believe that I could change him. Hell, I didn't even want to change him.. what good would that do? What started out as a simple kiss under the mistletoe at the Yule Ball, turned out to be the most fantastic 3 months of my life. Yes, only 3 months, but I am his longest and most steady fling to date... Although I have the sinking feeling that our length of relationship is only out of respect to me. It wouldn't do good for the Gryffindor Princess to look like a slag.

I knew why he was breaking it off. I could tell he was growing distant and getting bored with me for awhile. I tried to ignore it and enjoy whatever time I had left with him. I also heard that his mother was pressuring him into finding a bride. It was bizarre how old fashioned the wizarding world was. He was expected to be married no later than one year after our graduation and to have an heir a year after that. I refused to believe that I would ever be considered for his bride. I wasn't stupid. I know I could never be his "anything", let alone his bride. I know Draco prides himself on his heritage and although he doesn't believe in the purity of blood, he does believe in politics, business, and money. It will always come down to the fact that although I am the muggleborn bestfriend of Harry Potter and one of the saviors of the wizarding world, I am still only upper middle class in the muggle world. I am not wizarding royalty and therefore will still never be good enough for the Malfoy name. I've made peace with that a long time ago. I just.. I wanted more time with him. It was truly ridiculous to think I could have a taste of Heaven and then willingly give it up.

I stood up quickly and grabbed my books off the common room table. I didn't want to make things any more awkward between us, I rather cry in the privacy of my own bedroom. I could see his reflection in the window watching me, his eyes following my every move. I gave him a curt nod and made my way to the stairs.

"Granger.." His voice almost sounded pleading, but I knew my ears were deceiving me.. Draco Malfoy did not plead for anything. I stopped, but did not turn around to face him. I think I would have broken down if I had, I was always too emotional for my own good.

"I never meant to hurt you."

My words were quietly whispered, but I know he heard them.

"I know."

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