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A Taste of Heaven

Ch 6 - Silk

"Shhh... Baby. I'm here now."

I felt my back arch as Draco pressed wet, open mouthed kisses to my stomach while his fingers continued to toy with my nipples.

His head dipped lower and he slowly licked along the waistband of my knickers, causing a shudder to rip through my overheated body. I could feel his strong hands trail down my sides and wrap around my thighs, spreading them wider to accommodate his larger frame.

Draco sat up then, pulling my drenched, cloth covered center against his bare, lithely-muscled torso and I released a small moan at the contact. I stared up into his beautiful eyes and was startled to see how different they looked. Instead of the mercury colored irises I was used to, they were dark. Practically black with hints of emerald.

His long, pale fingers softly touched my cloth covered lips and I sucked in a breath. One of his blond eyebrows rose as he stared at me - his eyes almost glowing.

"Can I kiss you?"

His voice was deep and husky. I licked my lips nervously and nodded my head. I did want him to kiss me. In that moment, I wanted him to kiss me more than I have ever wanted him to kiss me before. I knew that this was a dream, my dream and I would beg him for a kiss if my voice would allow it.

Draco's finger tips slipped into the sides of my knickers, sliding them down to mid thigh before he simply ripped them off my body. I spread my legs slightly farther apart, knowing that he could feel how wet I was against his stomach.

"Can I really kiss you?"

I swallowed and again nodded my consent. My eyes closed as his body slid down farther and I felt his hot breath on my quivering thighs. I felt so hot and cold at the same time and my body was tensed in anticipation.

Draco's lips were soft against the skin of my inner thigh. One of his large hands moved to lay flat across the expanse of my abdomen, holding me down, while his other hand wrapped around my thigh, holding me open to his gaze.

I kept my eyes shut as his breath ghosted over me. I could hear him inhale and groan my name in his deep, lust filled voice. When I felt that first long swipe of his tongue against me, my body jerked in obvious pleasure and it felt like I could move again.

Before I could stop myself, my fingers were tangled in his hair holding his beautiful face against me as he licked and kissed at me from the inside out. Everything felt hot, almost burning, and I choked out his name when I felt him slide his palm down my abdomen and insert one long, talented finger inside me.

My body shuddered around Draco's finger. I missed his touches and his kisses and I could barely handle all the sensations. Between lapping at my folds and suckling on my clit, he added a second finger inside of me.

The soft wetness of his tongue and onslaught of his fingers were almost too much to handle. I alternated between pulling his head closer to my center and trying to push him away, but Draco would not relent. His mouth was talented and my body was only ever accustomed to his touch and I knew, in that moment, that my body would never accept another.

My head was swimming. I distantly heard him whispering something in french repeatedly, but the beating of my heart blocked all of the other sounds in the room except for my breathing. My body began to burn in earnest - the heat escalating with my impending climax. I felt his tongue circle my clit again, tracing some sort of pattern - etching it into my skin and body.

I knew this had to be a dream. It felt too good, too unreal. My eyes were clenched shut, but I knew I had to force them open. Draco always liked to watch me when I would come. He always wanted to see the emotions in my eyes.

My climax was fast approaching. The heat from my body, especially where he was kissing me, was a delicious pain. His fingers kept their steady thrusting, never stopping or losing their rhythm. It was there, the feeling was right there.

"Come for me, baby. Show me you love me."

At the sound of his deep, commanding voice, my eyes snapped open to the glowing green eyes watching me from between my legs. Draco's lips never left my clit and he continued kissing it with fervor. My body was convulsing around his fingers and mouth. His eyes never wavered from mine and I was too far gone into an orgasm induced haze to comprehend the color of his eyes or the burning of my body.

And then everything went black.

I woke up to an insistent knocking on my bedroom door. I glanced around and realized that it was still dark. I looked at my bedside clock and the neon light flashed 7:15 p.m., but that wasn't quite right because I went to bed much later than 7 and...


It's impossible...

I looked down at my fully clothed form. I was wearing the same shirt I went to bed in lastnight. Draco's shirt. Which meant that I slept through the entire day. Hogsmeade and everything. That dream... that delicious hazy dream I had. Touches, kisses, Draco, green eyes, but.. Draco doesn't have green eyes. I don't know. It's all so unclear and I feel so unbelievably tired.

The knocking grew louder and I could hear Pansy's voice raising in volume.

"I know you are in there Hermione. Do us both a favor and let me in already!"

Against my better judgement and with much trepidation I opened the door slowly. Pansy barged passed me and plopped herself gracefully onto my unmade bed. She glanced at the messy sheets and then back at me, scowling.

"What happened to you today? Were you seriously sleeping the entire day? I mean, Draco said you seemed tired last night, but really, how can you sleep all day?"

I frowned and pushed some loose curls behind my ear, wondering how Draco would know I was tired, but brushing that thought aside, "Look, I just needed some rest. I'm sorry I missed Hogsmeade, did anything interesting happen?"

Pansy's scowl transformed into a beautiful smile, "Well, Draco was brooding all day and Ginny couldn't seem to make him happy. It was fantastic!"

I wanted to smile at Pansy and let her know that her words made an impact and maybe get more details, but I honestly could not muster up the energy to care. Although I slept the entire day - I felt weak. I just wanted to take a shower.

"Pansy," I started unbuttoning my shirt as she inspected her nails, "Let me take a quick shower and then we can go to the kitchens and talk."

"Hermione," Her voice sounded oddly serious," What is that?"

"Draco's shirt." I joked, and continued unbuttoning the dress shirt until I glanced at Pansy's face. Her eyes were wide with fright and her lips trembled.

"Pansy what's wrong?" I took a step toward her in concern and she flinched away from me.

She pointed at my stomach and I glanced down. My stomach was bare, but I could see a hint of wispy black ink creeping up the waistband of my knickers above my pubic bone. I ran quickly to the bathroom I shared with Draco and glanced in the full length mirror.

The black ink was like smoke, swirling and shimmering on my skin. I slid my knickers off and stared at my most private area. Any pubic hair I might have had was gone - replaced with the smoke like ink that was swirling along my skin like the black lake. I had no idea what it meant, but I was absolutely terrified.

"You need to go to Madam Pomphrey."

Pansy's concerned voice startled me and I turned to see her standing in the doorway. She was holding a pair of sweatpants out to me and I grabbed them quickly and put them on.

I rushed past Pansy and out of my room, not even bothering with shoes. I was scared. Is that why I felt so weak? Was I dying? What was wrong with me? I rushed down the stairs and into the common room. I didn't even blink as I passed by Draco, who sat up quickly when I entered the room.

As I exited the portrait, I heard Draco asking Pansy what was up with me, but I was in too much of a rush to listen to their conversation. I ran as quickly as I could to the hospital wing and when I burst through the double doors I found Dumbledore there.

"Hello, Miss Granger. I've been expecting you."

I bent over my knees to catch my breath and stared at the kindly old wizard. I really did adore him, but I really couldn't afford for him to give me some obscure riddle to solve. I could be dying.

Without any prompting, I pulled off my shirt and dropped my sweats.

"What's wrong with me?"

His head tilted to the side as he studied my naked form in a completely clinical way. He shook his head and his eyes looked sad." Miss Granger please put your clothes back on."

I started to put my shirt on and my whispered words were broken as I swallowed, "Am I dying?"

Dumbledore smiled kindly at me and shook his head, "No, my dear, you are not dying."

"But,"I could hear the hope in my own voice, "You know what's wrong? You know what this ink is?"

He studied me quietly, not saying a word. His eyes almost seemed far away as if he was remembering things long ago past. He sighed deeply and looked me in the eyes.

"Miss Granger, what do you know of Power Imprinting?"

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