The Heart of Family

The Heart of Family

A/N: This is it! This is my new fanfic with Lisa in it. I started it last night and grew to love what I was coming out with. Like before this fic is PG rated and a word to the wise don't read this unless you have read "Someone to Care." Other than that I hope y'all enjoy it.


12-year-old Lisa Richards waited in the lobby of the airport next to her father, Reed Richards for their flight to New York to come in. Only in the last two months had Lisa started her training as a superhero and she had followed her father, Sue Storm, Uncle Ben Grimm, and Sue's brother, Johnny, to their missions as the Fantastic Four.

After two years of being Reed Richards's daughter and having the powers she had gotten on the trip to the von Doom Space Station, Lisa still loved how her life was. It had been five years since her abusive father had died and she had come to live with his brother; her only living family.

Lisa had come to love her uncle as if he was her father and ultimately come to think of him as her father instead of her uncle. It had actually been two years since she had even called him Uncle Reed. Right now, though, her father looked upset and no one, except Lisa and Sue, noticed.

Johnny was flirting with girls and Uncle Ben was taking photoshoots with some kids and sprinkling rock salt on their popcorn. Uncle Ben's powers were worst than all of theirs combined. He looked like a huge rock man, but after two years he had gotten used to it like all of them had gotten used to theirs. Johnny could burst into flames, Sue could make force fields and disappear, Dad could stretch like rubber, and Lisa could walk through solid objects and scream. While Uncle Ben wasn't able to hide his powers, Lisa was the only one that could hide hers better than the others.

Dad looked up from his newspaper and sighed irritably, finally having enough of the newscast. "Dad?" Lisa asked, cocking her head slightly.

"I'm fine, Lisa. It's just unbelievable. Bizarre anomalies have been occurring all over the world defying every known law of physics. And all the media want to know about is what china pattern Sue and I picked out," Dad said, wrapping his arm around Lisa's shoulders.

"Hey, which one did you pick? The blue ones with them little flowers? I really liked them," Uncle Ben said, coming towards them laughing.

"Uncle Ben, you don't have blue dishes with blue flowers for a wedding. Anyways Sue told me she liked the dishes with the pink flowers and fluted edges," Lisa said.

"That makes you a big authority on dishes, Lisa?" Dad asked amused.

"Well, I'd only pick blue with blue flowers if I was having a baby, Dad. The ones Sue picked are the ones I'd pick if I was getting married. But the way you, Johnny, and Uncle Ben are I'm not getting married until I'm Methuselah's age," Lisa said, rolling her eyes. At twelve Lisa was starting to notice boys, but dating was different. Her dad, Johnny, and Uncle Ben were the most overprotective guys on the planet and scared a good many boys off. While Lisa was touched at their caring gesture it was also a little embarrassing.

"Very cute," Dad said, his mouth twitching. It was as if he wanted to laugh, but wouldn't.

"Excuse me. Would you mind-"a woman came up to Uncle Ben with her camera.

"It's happening again, isn't it?" Sue asked an upset look on her face.

Dad turned to look at her abruptly. "No. We are not postponing anything, not this time. This is gonna be the wedding you've always dreamed of. And I'm not gonna let anything get in the way of that. Not even the mysterious transformation of matter at the subatomic level," Dad said, turning into Bill Nye the Science Guy. Lisa rolled her eyes. Sometimes her dad was such a dork! Apparently Sue didn't think so as she was looking at Dad fondly.

"That's the most romantic thing you've ever said to me," Sue said smiling. Lisa had to cough to cover a laugh as Sue kissed Dad. They were so lame! Lisa went to school and most guys and girls that were dating didn't talk like these two did.

"Which is really pathetic when you think about it," Johnny's voice interrupted the moment. Lisa had to laugh as she looked over at Johnny, lounging in the airport chairs casually.

"Finally! Me and the Firestarter agree!" Lisa exclaimed.

"It had to happen eventually, Shorty," Johnny said.

"I just didn't think it would happen," Lisa said. Before Dad could say anything to Johnny or Lisa a man from the airline came up to him.

"Dr. Richards, I'm very sorry, but it seems we're overbooked. We do have some seats available in coach though," the man said an apologetic look on his face.

Lisa, Sue, and Dad turned to look at Uncle Ben. He was holding two kids up and one was in front of him as the mom snapped pictures. "That should be fine," Dad said smiling. Lisa knew what her father's concern was; if Uncle Ben could sit in coach. For Uncle Ben's sake she hoped he could.


They entered the plane, holding their tickets as they looked for their seats. Ben found his between an old man and a woman. "Uh, that's my seat. Sorry," Ben said apologetically.

The man got up and moved into the aisle. With great difficulty, Ben managed to get into the seat. Reed looked around, hoping to find a place to put his briefcase. Lisa always kept her carryon bag with her, but Reed couldn't do that.

The overhead compartments on one side closed. Reed looked to the other side. One compartment had room for one more bag. Looking around Reed reached out and placed his briefcase inside. Reed took off his jacket and placed it in the seat between Lisa and Sue.

"What do you guys think about trying to get an endorsement from an airline?" Johnny asked leaning his arms over the seats in front of them.

"Don't you guys have enough endorsements?" Lisa asked, pulling out Little Women from her bag.

"We can get a private jet, Shorty," Johnny said, acting like he hadn't heard her.

"Lisa's right, Johnny. I think we have enough endorsement deals," Sue said. Johnny started to laugh at that.

"That is funny. No, but seriously, Reed, it could help you subsidize all your little inventions," Johnny said as Reed stood and closed the compartment over their heads.

"No, thanks," Reed said. The last thing he wanted was Johnny's business help when it came to his experiments.

"Excuse me?" A woman tapped Johnny's shoulder.

"Consider it. I'll talk to you guys later," Johnny said, turning to leave.

"Johnny, where are you going?" Sue asked.

"I don't fly coach," Johnny said before walking off the plane.

"I wonder where he is going. There are no other flights going to New York. Dad, you already checked," Lisa said, looking at Reed with her huge brown eyes. After five years Reed still loved his daughter very much. Lisa was no longer afraid of people, but Reed was always going to remember what it had been like when she first came to live with him after his brother had died and she had virtually been afraid of him and everyone else. Lisa had come a long way from being the frightened eight-year-old.

"Who knows? Lisa, how's the book I got you?" Sue asked, changing the subject from Johnny and interrupting Reed's thoughts.

"Pretty good. I've never read this one before. I always read history books and Animorphs when I was younger. I guess this is one of my better hobbies. At least Johnny won't knock over and break stained glass windows this time," Lisa said. Lisa had jumped into a lot of hobbies in the five years she had lived with Reed. Everything from stained glass windows, silversmithing, and origami, Lisa had tried. This time she was interested in classical literature and poetry.

Reed couldn't always afford her hobbies in the beginning, but since he and the others had become the Fantastic Four, he could. Sue was the one who had started Lisa on this latest hobby. As soon as Sue had given her Little Women, Reed had gone out to the nearest bookstore and bought every book written by classical writers and poets that he thought a girl Lisa's age would like.

Lisa looked from her book to the window and smirked slightly. Ben was sitting there and he looked out the window. Johnny was flying by the window; all in flames. Lisa snorted and Ben closed the window as Johnny waved.

"I hope it rains," Ben said gruffly. Reed and the others had gotten used to Johnny and Ben's teasing. All they did was stay out of it. Reed picked up a paper he had been looking at. He was glad that in a few weeks his next invention would be done and they wouldn't have to fly any more on airplanes.