Insane Catastrophe : AUTHOR'S NOTE! Insane Catastrophe AUTHOR'S NOTE!

Alright, I'm posting this faster than I would've thought, so be grateful. I just thought this would be a little better summary on what's happened, since you do need to know a couple of things. So, before you head to the next page, which is where the story begins, I need you to read this.

Gaara and Sakura are both freshamn in this. This will be in first person point of view; Sakura's point of view. Also, I would like to say that Sakura does remember the past; her former life with Gaara. But Gaara doesn't remember anything, and Hinata and Naruto haven't told Gaara about Sakura and Gaara. The only thing he knows about them is that they were his parents best friends and that they killed themselves, but he doesn't know their names.

Lastly, like the last one, there is a main song with this story. In "Insane Tragedy" it was My Immortal by Evanescence. In this one, the main song will be Memories by Within Temptation. Like the last one, he will hear her sing it, bla bla bla.

I would also like to report on a little upcoming. Since I feel generous today, I will also say that there will be a third one. But that will take a while, obviously, look how long it took me to write "Insane Tragedy". So, that one will be called "Insane Happening", and it will be the last of all of these. And so I don't have to write it on that one eventually, and I can give you a heads up. (This is possibly a spoiler as well!) "Insane Happening" will be in Gaara's point of view; that's all I'm saying.

So, to finish this up: Thank you, everyone, as always. And I hope you enjoy this story as much as you did the last one.

33 Mysti

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