That was the effing weirdest dream I may have ever had…I almost wish it were true, but not…If it were true, that means that I would have lost her…again…

My Sakura…

Where are you? Where could you be?

Yeah, I know. Stupidest fucking thing you've ever read, right? Well, it was a lot cooler in my dream. I needed to end it, I dreamt that right there, so I wrote it. I want to get to "Insane Happening" already. That one is gonna' be fun to write.

I promise you-swear to you! The next one will be way better.

So, a heads up on the next one…Well, just wait to look at it when I post it! :D

So, thanks to you who liked it. And even more thanks to you who will give me another chance for the third one.

Love you all,