Chapter Four

Chapter Four

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The sunlight streamed through the blinds and the sound of the barking dog caused Derek to stir. Upon opening his eyes he found he was lying on the floor with the cards scattered around him. Sighing, he put them back in order and wrapped the rubber band tightly around the stack. He would just have to finish looking at them later. Chevy let out another bark and Derek slowly stood up and walked to the kitchen. He glanced at the clock on the oven – seven thirty. Sighing, Derek pulled out a can of Pedigree and dumped it into Chevy's bowl. He pulled open the door of the refrigerator and got out the ingredients to his smoothie. As he was setting everything out, he quickly remember Hannah. What would she eat for breakfast? Surely not one of his smoothies. Sighing, he walked to his bedroom and knocked on the door.

"Hannah? It's Derek. Are you awake?" He pulled open the door and walked inside to find the little girl sprawled out in his custom-made bed. She was like an ant in comparison to the size of the bed and Derek couldn't help but smirk.

"Hi, Derek," she answered groggily, "What time is it?"

"Seven thirty. Look, I was wondering what you'd like for breakfast. I usually have a tuna, egg, strawberry, banana smoothie…"


"Yeah, that's why I want to know what you want to eat. I don't have a lot in terms of kid-food but I bet we can find something. What does Case – I mean, your mom – what does she usually fix you?"

"Scrambled eggs with turkey bacon, fat-free organic cheese, tomato, and a toasted English muffin with raspberry jam."

"Yeah," Derek nodded, "I could do that or I can take you to the doughnut shop by the rink."

"Doughnuts are fattening."

"Okay, well get dressed and come have a tuna, egg, strawberry, banana smoothie then."

"That's okay, doughnuts it is, then!" Hannah quickly nodded. She couldn't imagine a smoothie with tuna and raw egg in it and just the mere thought of it made her nauseous.

After eating, driving to the doughnut shop, and splitting a blueberry iced cake doughnut with Hannah, Derek drove them to the rink. As he pulled into the parking lot, Sam and several other players that Hannah recognized were getting out of their cars.

"Sam!" She shouted as she rolled down the window and waved.

"Hey, Munchkin! Survived the night with Derek, huh?" Sam grinned and waved back.

"See you made a friend," Derek nodded pointedly.

"Sam's pretty sweet."

"Well, I wouldn't exactly use the word 'sweet' to describe Sammy but I'm glad you like him. He was my best friend in high school and college and even now! He also dated your mother in high school."

"He did?" Hannah's eyes widened.

"Yup. She was pretty head-over-heels for the guy, though I never knew why. We even got in a fight about her and I ended up beating the snot out of him."

"You fought over Mom?"

"Well, not technically. Technically we were fighting over the guy code."

"Sounds to me like you were just jealous," Hannah grinned.

"Was not!"

"Was too! Why else would you fight a guy over a girl you liked."

"I didn't like her at the time!"

"Then why were you so upset at Sam for dating her?" Hannah retorted.

"…Because!" Derek tried to sound defensive but in all honestly, he didn't know why exactly, if he didn't like her at the time, he was fighting Sam. Shrugging it off, Derek pulled into an empty spot and ordered Hannah out of the car.

"Oh, did you get me my plane ticket?" She asked.

"Shit!" Derek whacked himself on the head. He had been so out of it last night with looking at the cards and all that he had completely forgotten to order the ticket, "I totally forgot!"

"Oh, well I am sure you can order one when we get home," Hannah said, her voice faltering.

"Nah, too much trouble. You can stay with me I suppose."

"Really?" Hannah's eyes nearly popped right out of her head.

"Really," Derek answered, "But on one condition."

"Sure thing."

"See, there is a restaurant opening today and the team's all going. I kind of have to be there and I don't really have a date and I was wondering if you'd go with me."

"Really? I'd love to! What restaurant is it?"


"Venturi's? You mean, it's yours?"

"Yup, all mine and you, my darling, get to be my date!"

Derek didn't know what prompted him to call her darling at that particular moment but he did. Shaking the memory from his head, he slammed the car door shut and followed Hannah into the rink.


"Guess what, Sam!" Hannah exclaimed excitedly.

"What?" Sam asked with equal excitement.

"I'm Derek's date to the opening tonight!"

"You…you're going to that?" Sam couldn't believe it, "Hannah, Venturi's is a night club. You…you can't…"

"But Derek said I could."

"I can't believe him. A night club is no place for a little kid…"

"I am eight thank you very much!" Hannah announced.

"Sorry," Sam apologized genuinely, "But I don't think Venturi's is a good place for a young lady like yourself."

"Sam, my daddy said I could go. I think he knows what's best for me," Hannah smiled sweetly before scurrying off to find Derek.

"God I hope so," Sam sighed, "I really hope so."