I ran

I ran. My breathing was ragged and it hurt my chest and throat, but I still ran. I couldn't believe I was going to die like this.

'Ryuk…where are you now?' I wondered. He had told me he would write my name in his Death Note. He told me he would be the one to kill me. But it looked like Matsuda's bullets had already started his job.

I pushed open another door. It slammed behind me. I would have worried that my pursuers would hear the noise, but I barely heard it over my own ragged breathing.

'Misa…' I thought suddenly. Where was she now? What would she do, now that I was gone?

I started to climb as set of steps. My legs felt like lead, they were almost too heavy to move, but also like water, like they wouldn't support me.

The edges of my vision were starting to go black and fuzzy, but I still managed to climb a few more steps.

'All those people…was I really doing justice?' I asked myself.

I fell then. Somehow I ended up facing the ceiling. Facing Heaven, the place I could not go.

"Light." I looked up at the sound of my name. Had they caught me already?

But it was not a member of the task force. It was L. It was Ryuzaki.

"My name was Lawliet." The apparition said.

Lawliet. What a nice name. I wanted to taste it once, to hear it said in my own voice…but my lips would not move.

"You're time is up Light. You may have believed yourself to be a god, but in the end, now, you're still mortal." He was right.

I was going numb now. I couldn't feel my legs, which was okay because I couldn't move them anyway.

"Come Light. Time to go." Ryuzaki, L, Lawliet said. He extended his hand toward me.

I reached up and took it.

He pulled me to my feet. I looked down at where I had been, and saw a bloody, broken body.

I saw a young man that could have been great. That could have changed the world on his own, without the use of notebook that killed people, whether they deserved it or not.

I turned away from what I was. From what I had died as.

"But I can't go to heaven. Or hell." I said. The ghost in front of me nodded.

"I know. But I waited for you. Because I need to tell you that I loved you Light. Even though I knew you were Kira, I loved you." And then his lips brushed mine. I was a little surprised I could feel it.

"I loved you too Lawliet." I murmured.

He gave me one of his rare smiles. "I know." And then he was fading away, soon he was gone, and I was surrounded by a gray fog. It wasn't bright, and it wasn't dull. And I was all alone.

I knew this was what Ryuk meant when he said I would go to 'nothingness'.

A/N There you go, another DN one-shot. Am I the only one who cried when Light died? I know I get way too into anime. But damn it all! This was a good one!