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Rescued By Remus.

Chapter 1.

It had been three days since Remus Lupin had moved in with Arabella Figg and he still hadn't seen his late friend's child.

"Are you sure that he hasn't gone anywhere?" He asked for the fiftieth time.

"I'm sure! I told you I hardly ever see him on weekends. Wait until he is back at school and I expect you will see him walking past the house"

Remus sighed, his friend was trying her best but Remus wanted to do more than see Harry walk past the house; he wanted to talk to him, to check that he was okay, to find out what he liked and disliked, to get to know him and most of all to find out how similar he was to James and Lily.

The telephone shrilled suddenly, startling him out of his wishful thoughts. He made his way over to get it when he heard Arabella pick it up. He sat heavily on an old overstuffed armchair near the door and returned to thoughts of Harry. Arabella had said that he looked just like James and of course he already knew that he had Lily's eyes. Tears pricked his eyes as his thoughts turned to his late friends, they had been the very best friends he had ever and probably will ever have.

Suddenly Arabella's voice rang throughout the house.

"Look after Harry you say?" She nearly shouted, obviously trying to get Remus' attention.

Remus was on his feet in seconds and he nearly ran to where his friend was talking on the phone.

"Shouting? I wasn't shouting dear. Perhaps the connection got a little loose? Anyway what were you saying about little Harry?"

Remus leant against the door and strained his ears to listen to what the other speaker was saying, luckily Arabella repeated it for him.

"Dudley is going to the zoo and you need me to watch Harry? Yes, that sounds fine. I can't wait actually he is such a lovely little boy and what day is it that you need me?"

Remus moved even closer, if they were going to the zoo why was Harry not going with them?

"Thursday? Yes, Thursday sounds fine to me… you'll send him around? Oh good thank you. My legs aren't what they used to be you know… yes, well. Thank you. Goodbye"

She put down the receiver and jumped turned round, nearly jumping out of her skin as Remus was so close to her.

"Why is Harry not going to the zoo with them?" He asked worriedly walking back into the living room.

"I don't know, maybe he just doesn't like zoos?" Arabella suggested. "Cup of tea?"

"But Sirius took him when he was little and he said he loved it" Remus argued ignoring the offer of tea. He didn't feel up to drinking anything at the moment.

"Perhaps he had a bad experience" Arabella said impatiently. "Did you want some tea?"

Remus shook his head and once more went to look out of the window, he had spent most of his visit standing there in the hope of a glimpse of a tuft of messy black hair or a flash of emerald.

He couldn't believe that he was finally going to see his godson. He had waited for so long, pleaded so hard and now it was finally going to happen. But what if Harry didn't like him? What if Harry refused to accept him? Fear ran through Remus' veins, if Harry rejected him then it was all over.

He stood there for a long time, longer than he had ever stood before. Because finally what he had dreamed of was happening, but now he didn't want it to. Well, he did but only if Harry accepted him for who he was. If Harry was going to reject him he would rather never meet him. Remus had been rejected many times because of his 'furry little problem' and he knew how much it hurt. But it would hurt ten times more if the rejection came from James' child. From the baby he had once held and played with… and loved.

"Remus?" Arabella was standing behind him "Don't you think you should go to bed?"

Remus sighed. Why go to bed as he knew he wouldn't sleep? But he was a guest and so he ought to do as Arabella suggested, he was probably keeping her awake.

Being in bed did nothing to soothe his whirling mind, he was starting to get a headache. In just a few days he would see a carbon copy of his old friend, and he wasn't sure how he was going to deal with it. Finally he dropped off into a restless sleep. 'Tomorrow I will buy him a present' was his last conscious thought.