There was no fire, no blood, and most of all, no pain

There was no fire, no blood, and most of all, no pain. Christina was alive, and in a much better condition than she had been in just moments ago. She felt a tear slide down her cheek, and realized that she was sweating. "When's the next train rolling in anyways?" Erin asked. Christina already knew the answer...

"One minute and twenty three seconds." She muttered. Samantha looked at her.

"Christina...are you ok? Are, are you crying?" Sam asked. "Are you having an anxiety attack?" Christina looked her dead in the eyes. "I'm not getting on the train. I'm not! It's going to crash! The train is going to derail, and kill everyone I saw it!" she yelled. Everyone started to stare.

"Christina shut up, you are so not funny right now. You're being really stupid." said a voice. It was Mianna. "Sam, can you get your psychopath sister out of here? I mean, isn't she late for her shock treatment or something?" "Shut the hell up you stuck up bitch! Why don't you go sneak off into a corner and fuck your college boyfriend?" Samantha replied.

"Excuse me? At least my man isn't a little punk like your little boy over there." She said, pointing to David. "I'm sure he really knows how to please a lady!" she added sarcastically. "Babe just shut up, ok." Blake said. "I don't want any trouble."

"Well your little girlfriend pissed me off! Don't talk about my sister like that you whore!" Samantha scream. She reached over and slapped Mianna. Christina was shocked. She had never seen Sam get so confrontational. Mianna lunged at Sam and grabbed her hair, she slapped Sam in the face and Sam lashed back, back handing her in the mouth. Mianna screamed as Sam yanked her perfectly straightened hair.

Blake intervened and grabbed Mianna by the waist, but she kicked her leg and nailed Samantha in the shin. She let out a brief cry before she curled her hand into a fist and delivered a hefty punch to Mianna's face. The small crowd went into an uproar. David grabbed Sam by her arm before there was any bloodshed. "Lets get out of here guys!" David yelled. Mickey and Erin rushed over to David and Sam.

"C'mon Christina!" Danny cried. "We got to see if Samantha's ok!" Danny watched as Blake started to drag the enraged Mianna out of the terminal. "Oh man! Catfight! I'm so going to see if they throw down outside!" Victoria said. Her and Joey laughed and walked out of the terminal.

"Wow, I'm placing bets on the Asian!" Natalie said. "Chris lets go see if they got at it again!" she grabbed him by the wrist and they walked away. "Christina we have to go! Samantha looked like she was going to kill Mianna!" Danny said. Just then, the T.V. in the back of the terminal exploded, just like it had moments ago. Christina's eyes grew wide.

"Everyone! You can't go on the train! You can't! It's going to crash! It's going to derail and kill everyone! I saw it! I saw it all happen!" Christina screamed. "Tina. Everyone is staring! Lets go!" Danny said. He pulled out his cell phone, and dialed David's number.

"Sam relax!" yelled Mickey. She was squirming out of David's arms. "Let me go! I'm going to kill that little snob!" She yelled. Mainna and Blake had just walked out of the terminal. Suddenly, David's cell phone rang.

"Erin, grab my cell its in my back pocket." David said. Erin reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. She flipped it open. "Dave, Tina is scaring me, come in and help me get her out of here!" said Danny's voice. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Dan, its Erin. What's going on?" Erin said into the phone. She could hear Christina yelling in the background.

"Tina stop! People are getting mad!" Danny said on the other line. "God, Erin, send someone in here to get Christina out! I'm holding her arm and stuff but I'm not strong enough to get her out!" "David's trying to keep Sam from killing Mianna, and I don't think me and Mickey can get his muscular butt out of there! What do you want me to do?" Erin said.

"I'll go get her!" Said Victoria, who just appeared in the entrance of the doorway. "I can hear her yelling from out here!" she said. She made a u-turn and jogged back into the terminal, Joey right behind him. Christina gasped. The monorail was coming into the terminal. "No! Nobody get on that train! It's going to derail and crash into The Reaper! Please, just listen!" she screamed. The train roared up to the platform, causing a wind amongst the crowd. A paper fluttered up into the air and landed in front of Christina. Before she even looked down at it, she knew what it said.

It was the same flyer for the band The Fallen Angels that Christina had saw in her dream, or premonition or whatever it was. The train came to a halt, and the doors whooshed opened. "No!" Christina lunged towards the train, but someone grabbed her shoulder. Somebody strong pulled her back. She tried to pull away but another set of hands wrapped around her waist.

"Chill! Chill!" it was Joey. He had his arms around her waist, and she realized Victoria had him by the arm. The two of them started to pull her back. "No! I have to stop this thing! No let me go!" She yelled. People were beginning to board the train. "No! You're all dead! All of you don't get on! Don't!!"

But it was too late. The crowd had boarded the train, and Christina was dragged out of the terminal. "Careful! You're hurting her!" Danny yelled. Right before she was dragged out into the cloudy summer sky, an announcement came over the PA, alerting everyone that the ride The Big 180 was closing due to high winds...

"What's taking them so long?" Mickey yelled. "Let me go I swear David! She deserves it!" Samantha cried. Mianna and Blake were standing feet away from them; Blake still had Mianna by the arm. Erin rolled her eyes. "Yeah, who would think that we're starting our first semester of college in a week?" she scoffed. There was a roar as the monorail screamed out of the station and out onto the tracks above the park.

Suddenly, Victoria and Joey burst out of the terminal, Christina tightly in their grasp. "Let me go I'm not crazy!" She screamed. "Let her go now! She's out of the terminal so, let her go!" Danny yelled.

"She's got to calm down first!" Joey yelled. Christina wriggled violently, and made Joey loose his balance. He stumbled back and backed into Blake. The collision made Blake loosen his grip on Mainna, and she escaped. She ran over to Sam just as she managed to break free from David's grip. Mianna raised her hand and swatted at Sam, but she dodged it and gave Mianna well deserved slap in the face. Blake and David rushed forward and grabbed their girlfriends, dragging them away from each other.

"God what's wrong with everyone today?" Mickey said. "Sam's acting like Mike Tyson and Christina's having spas attacks! Is there like, something in the water?" "I'm fine!! But I saw the train crash I saw the whole thing!" Christina said. "You need to relax!" David said, struggling to keep Sam under control. "I don't need to relax! Why won't anyone listen to me?" she shouted.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound boom. Everyone looked up and saw the monorail fly out of a tunnel in the distance. Its whole left side was torn open. There were screams as the train tipped over, and flew down the track. Suddenly, the train came to a turn, and slammed into the wall of the track. It jumped over the wall and flew off the track. The two cars flipped in the air and landed on top of The Reaper, making the whole roof cave in. There were screams as flames and smoke bellowed out from the ride.

Christina felt Joey and Victoria let her go. They backed away slowly. Samantha cried out and buried her face in David's chest. Mianna did the same to David. "No way..."Erin whispered. All eyes were on Christina, as a tear slithered down her cheek. Danny even backed away, and put his hand over his mouth. His eyes watered as he let out a muffled cry.

Christina fell to her knees. She had tried to warn them... She tried to be everyone's savior. But now, all of those innocent people were dead... and all eyes were on her...