Billy was in a room he was very unfamiliar with; which was unusual because where ever he intended to go he always made sure he'd researched it first. Nothing could catch him out and no one could get the upper hand, however this time someone had caught him out. He couldn't move and he couldn't see and a sharp thin wire cut into his wrists and ankles whenever he tried to move. His eyes were open wide, there was no blindfold or tape over his eyes however the room was so dark that it felt like a drape of velvet had been put all around him,

"H-hello?" His voice was dry, "I ain't the only one in here, I know that much!" His bark didn't help him feel better and the shivering creep of fear only settled more solidly. A dull tap of boot cladded feet sounded from his words,

"No you're not Billy" he sucked in a breath at the unexpected voice and he felt unable to respond with his usual wit, "What's wrong Billy... I hear you're usually the one with the last word"

"Heh… who told you that then" the words were weak, he knew the situation he was probably in; but hell if he wasn't going out before knowing who's ass he could curse.

"A woman… by the name of Ethel Manson, she wanted you to know this was her doing" the footsteps got closer, circling slowly and with wide birth,

"Damn broad! I don't even know who she is!" Billy yelled, "Whatever she's tellin' you it's all bull crap!" He fisted his hands and yanked fruitlessly at the bindings; he wasn't getting thrown in the sewers because of some woman. The sudden motion in front of him froze him instantly his eyes gaping into the blackness.

"No, I have to agree with you there. But you do know her sister – or did" The figure in front of him didn't move but he could tell the proximity between them was close and now he could tell the stranger wore a helmet of some kind; the barest of light reflecting off it and showing his pitiful pale face.

"I know lots of broads, am a ladies man what can I say…" his quip held no confidence,

"I'm sure… your three work friends said the same…"

"Wha-what" he gulped,

"I'm sure every woman wants four men raping her…. Lucy killed herself because of you so called ladies men… I'm simply returning the favour…" Billy had no time to reply before he felt the brush of something slip over his head and around his neck and his head hit the floor.

The walls of Wayne Manor hid many secrets and stories that most people could only have imagined in their daily routine. Secrets of masked identities, deaths and romances and those very dark secrets that intertwined the collection. Those stories that were close to Bruce's heart, in their morals or burning memories were shown on display in the deepest realms of his home.

Viewing these nostalgic items had become a ritual thing for Bruce in his old age, it kept the memories alive. Being the mature man he was he couldn't go gallivanting off into the night in leather and rubber like he used to, those nights were kept within the costumes, weapons and reams of newspaper cuttings that now adorned a sanctum in the caves. The nightlife action was now spent on his new prodigy, Terry McGuiness who so far had proven himself as a worthy successor.

Bringing his tumbler of whiskey to his lips his eyes stopped at the curves of a shiny PVC costume, threads now fraying in areas where the designer had been a little careless. Selina Kyle, at least that was her name to those dear to who, what little there had been from the conversations Bruce had had with her. In the nocturnal hours she had taken more seductive heirs – Catwoman. She had been insane of course, Bruce sipped at the whiskey, but it had been through mistreatment not by her own hand.

Bruce knew that on their final meeting in the sewers she had not died, her body had never been discovered and a day later the costume had been delivered to him from an unknown address. His relationship with her had been strong, someone he had been able to have proper conversation with, the entrepreneur he was most people wanted to talk about stocks and shares and not actual problems. For those weeks after the death of The Penguin and Shreck, Bruce had missed Selina, both the woman and the feline.

The last bit of whiskey was emptied from the tumbler as Bruce took a final look at the remnants of a friend long lost. He gazed around his room of memories once more before returning to the stairs and turning off the light.

Once again a crowded train was what greeted Terry at first light, people all going their own routes and none of them interested in the other stood right next to them. Terry turned his music on, an attempt to drown out the noise of those around him. The weather was what you'd expect for winter, but today had begun the first snowfall. Terry watched the snow fleet by the train like lights, the warmth of huddled bodies becoming all to comforting as he dreaded stepping back out into the open air.

He gazed at his phone as the train gently sped along, awaiting Bruce's predictable morning call and recitation of the jobs he needed to do. However it had been ten minutes past the time that the old man usually rang. Just as he began to worry the phone rang, a couple of women raised their eyebrows in his direction as he clicked to accept,

"Hey" Terry spoke into the phone,

"You sound awake" the familiar voice responded sarcastically, Terry smirked,

"Something like that" Terry responded, "What jobs have I got today?"

"Not much, you can walk Ace once you've finished college, he needs a long run" Terry heard the flicking of papers in the background,

"Right, anything else?" The train grew to a stop and Terry slung his bag on his back and exited the train,

"No, unless I give the maid a day off?" Terry grinned at Bruce's attempt of humour,

"No thanks…" Terry caught sight of the blocks to the college, five minutes and he'd be there, a pause

"If you're waiting for any criminal activity then I'm afraid you'll be disappointed"

"I know, it's so dead" Terry frowned,

"Although I like to see the city free from its problems, it's December soon. The closer to Christmas the more crime is rife" Bruce sighed, pages fluttered again,

"True… don't I get holiday pay or something?" Terry grinned,


"I was kidding. Anyway I got to go. At college"

"Right, Bye"

"Speak to you later" Terry ended the call and returned it to the confines of his coat pocket. He looked up the steps to the entrance to Hamilton Hill High School; he really wasn't in the mood today.