It was Friday morning. Ok, so that was a lie. It was so-freakin'-early-it-should-be-illegal-to-schedule-flights-at-this-hour on Friday. Nonetheless, Alex and Izzie had already checked out of their hotel, returned the car, and checked in again at the airport. Now Alex was leaning against a wall close to their gate with his arms around his on-again girlfriend, more or less holding her up against him because she was about to fall back asleep right then and there. He thought back on last night. Yeah, they hadn't gotten much rest, he remembered fondly.

The evening had started out in a somber mood, with a casual dinner in a bar/restaurant directly by the water, on one of the little islands that connected Miami Beach to the mainland. They had stumbled upon it by chance, driving back from yet another mall Izzie had wanted to check out. The sign on the left-hand side of the causeway had been hidden behind a much larger one advertising a hotel, and only because Izzie had mentioned food he'd even looked into that general direction. The patio of said place was large and only candles lit up the area. They had gotten a somewhat secluded table by the ocean, which had added to the romantic feel of the night. The setting was perfect, so the subdued mood stemmed more from the fact that both had no idea what was going to happen once they got back to the 'real world'. They'd be busy again, surrounded by people who had watched them fall apart before – and who, no doubt, would have their own distinctive opinions of them trying again.

With neither of the pair willing to address those gloomy issues on their last night in Miami, they had lightened the mood with the help of some cocktails and the occasional beer, eventually taking their last stroll down the beach together after dinner.

An elderly lady with pink tights, an orange shirt, intense red lipstick and a huge blue-yellow-ish sunhat brought Alex back to the present. He was almost frightened by her appearance, after all his eyes did have to get used to all that brightness in the very early morning. Her shrill voice did not help matters whatsoever.

"Is your wife alright?"

He raised an eyebrow and looked down at the woman in his arms. Anything to get rid of this…creature. "She's fine, just tired...but thanks for asking."

"Oh…Good then. Because you know, if she's afraid of flying, there's excellent pills for that. You basically pass out instantly. My psychiatrist told me they're also good for depression and a general lack of energy."

Alex tried his hardest not to laugh out loud, wondering why fate, chance or whoever else, hadn't made his conversational partner pop some of her praised tablets before entering his field of vision. And she showed no sign of stopping her vivid chatter either.

"At least your wife is pretty from what I can see. It doesn't matter if she has tiny flaws, you know? I used to be Miss 'Truck Stop' in Texas back in the day, so I speak from experience young man, when I say that beauty is NOT everything. You gotta know how to take care of your woman in more ways than one." She sighed happily. Alex didn't even want to envision what 'becoming Miss Truck Stop' entailed. What he did know was that at this point, he would have paid good money to any gate agent who called this…person's flight. Izzie's shoulders were shaking with held back laughter by now, intelligently not moving any part of her body that would indicate she was indeed awake or listening. Oh, she was definitely going to pay for this at some point. A few minutes later, Alex's silent prayers were answered when a flight to La Guardia was announced. His newfound friend said her goodbyes with a heavy heart, as she let him know, praising her handsome travel agent en route to board her plane. Alex rolled his eyes – he didn't even want to know…

Once she was out of earshot, Izzie opened her eyes. Her chin had rested on his shoulder, so she pulled back slightly and looked up into her boyfriend's eyes with an amused grin.

He stared back with a serious look on his face. "I hate you."

She stood up straighter, putting on a slight fake pout, and gave him a soft peck on the lips, which resulted in Alex shaking his head. "Nope. Still hate you." Izzie kissed him again gently, a bit longer this time. When she opened her eyes, his expression was the same. "There's NOTHING you could do to make up for this that's fit for the public eye."

"How long 'til our flight?" There was a gleam in her eyes as she pulled him towards the restrooms.

He decided to play dumb. "Why?"

"Didn't you hear Miss Truck Stop? You better start taking care of your 'wife'…"


Somewhere way above the clouds, and probably the general Mississippi area, Izzie leaned back in her seat with a content, satisfied smile on her face, listening to her iPod. Their little bathroom adventure had definitely been exciting, leaving her wide awake now. She thought Alex, who was sitting to her left, had fallen asleep after takeoff and was surprised to hear his voice over her music. She removed her earpiece and turned her body, as much as she could in her not so spacious airplane seat anyways, in his general direction.


"I said I was thinking…and before you start, no, there aren't any more original jokes to be made with this sentence…Anyways. I was thinking…You know how this did not work out the first time we tried? Or the second?"

He didn't have to specify what 'this' meant. She had a rough idea, so she just nodded her head, watching him with intent. He seemed a bit nervous, and she wasn't sure if that was a premonition of what was to come.

After studying her for a moment, Alex continued. "Well, I just think it would be a mistake to make a big deal out of it now. At least in the beginning. You know, with people talking and shit." He paused for a second. "Get what I'm saying?"

She did. She also did not feel the need to prance around the hospital, flaunting her old new relationship. Relationship. That particular word brought a smile to her face.

"What?" He seemed even more anxious now, awaiting her reaction.

Izzie leaned over her armrest without breaking eye-contact and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I'm with you," she stated matter-of-factly as she pulled back.

"You're with me?"

"That's right." She loved confused Alex. After all, it didn't happen too often.

"You're with me as in you're with me, or you're with me as in you agree with me?"

"I'm with you period." She let a few seconds pass before she added, "Oh…and another thing. No more other people. Deal?"

He graced her with his most sincere smile in return before he leaned over to kiss her again. "Deal."


When the twosome got home that same afternoon, much to their surprise, Meredith was in the kitchen, clearing out the dishwasher. She looked up from her task when she heard them enter and gave each of her roommates a hug. Before they had a chance to ask what she was doing home on a Friday, she'd already started to talk.

"Hey guys. How was your trip?"

"Good." "Alright." They looked at each other, silently confirming their strategy of not giving away too many details.

Meredith eyed them suspiciously. "Just good? I'm sensing a different vibe here…"

Alex looked at his friend as if she had lost her mind, partly because he wanted to distract her from this particular topic, partly because he really was concerned with her choice of words. "You - You, as in Meredith Grey, are 'sensing' a 'vibe'? What happened while we were gone?"

She rolled her eyes and chose to ignore him, looking at Izzie instead for her answer.

The blonde proceeded to tell her the vague version of their holiday while helping with the dishes, leaving out many many details, much to Alex's relief.

When they were done in the kitchen a few minutes later, Meredith put on her jacket.

"Ok guys, so I'm off," she explained as she gathered her things from the dresser and table. "I have to pick Derek up, his car's in the shop 'til tomorrow. We'll probably head out to the trailer afterwards. But I'll see you on Sunday, we could do lunch or something, ok? And maybe one of these days you can tell me the real story of what happened in Miami." She winked and slammed the door shut on her way out.


As Alex and Izzie lay in bed that evening, completely beat from the long and rather eventful day, with his left arm wrapped around her body and her head on his chest, both individuals felt utterly content. They were way too tired to do anything but sleep at this point, but that didn't put a damper on the joyous feeling of being together at last.

Looking back to only two weeks ago, they realized that the Chief and his stupid rules had actually done them the biggest favor ever. They were both finally on the same page at the same time. That simple fact was worth more than any case or surgery they had failed to participate in could ever be. And with the thought on their minds that maybe they had missed out on some stuff at work but instead gained so much in all-important real life, they fell into a deep, peaceful slumber.


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