A Silent Whisper

My world has been black. A deep hole in the ground and a hideous cloud in a bright blue sky. I've been alone for most of my life. Alone in a black hole in the ground for maybe more than a century. No one talks to me and no one speaks my name anymore.

Why do you ask? Well the truth is I've been dead for more than you have lived. I got killed one day and BAM I ended up here buried ten feet underground. Alone, dead, and depressed.

My life is now spent lying in my coffin, unmoving, and looking into darkness. For some reason I've not moved on. I had no clue why I didn't go to heaven. I mean I was no saint but I was fairly not evilish, or even mean, but hey I didn't go to hell and for that I was quite thankful. The only question left unanswered is why me? And why have I not moved on?

My answer was that my destiny was not over yet, and someone still needed me. I was now a ghost with a purpose.

It was now day 36,165 in my exile. (That's 100 years plus leap years and add four more days to it) I bet nothing exciting was going to happen today, nope only me laying in my coffin with my decaying body and my ghostly self. My body was nothing more than bones, almost dust, and which was also covered in beautiful nasty spider webs.

I have such a great existence.