The earth filled me, energizing and recharging my whole being inside and out. Soon the energy I was getting from the earth started to subside until it completely stopped. I felt strong and alive again. The hunger I had felt was now gone. I opened my eyes and started at the earth that surrounded me. The tomb of earth I was in surrounded me completely and had little room to wiggle around and stand. I need to find a way to get out of this earth tomb. I waited. Well, that went the idea that the earth was going to magically lift me up. It seemed as if the earth could only suck me in but it didn't care whether I stayed or not. I guess that made sense in a creepy way, I was supposed to be dead and in a grave but I had defied nature and fate and I was now alive. I think I needed to claw my way out of the earth tomb I was now in.

I took a deep, unnecessary breath and stretched my arm out, started making a whole in the earth, wide enough for my arm to fit through, I only needed an arm right now so that I could grab something outside that I could use to push my body out of the hole. When my arm was fully freed, I started moving around. My hand soon grasped what felt like a very thick branch or a root from a nearby tree I believed. My hand closed around it and gave a pull to make sure that it was stable enough to lift myself out. A second later I heard a loud scream and I quickly let go of whatever I was holding on. Muffled voices soon proceed. I paid no attention and soon re grasped the branch. What happened next surprised me. The branch jumped out of hand. So, guess that branch was not a branch after all. I sighed. Now what can I use as a leverage to get out?

I wiggled my arm while my other hand began making a hole to get free. Once both of my arms where free I began to make the whole bigger and soon my head popped out of the hole. I blinked out the dirt that had gotten in my eyes and pulled the rest of my body out of the ground. I took a few unnecessary breaths and finally looked up. The Cullen family started at me, their expressions filled with shock and surprised.

"W…w…why…where you in the ground?" The big guy Emmet asked. I think he was the one out of all of the family who was really shocked.

"Uh…I don't know." I replied. They still started at me with shocked expressions. "Well….I guess I should get going." I stood up. I really wanted to get away from the weird people who had offered me blood.

"Wait." Carlisle said and reached out in a gesture that said I should stop and listen. "We still need to discuss the terms of your stay with us."

"What are you people? What do you want with me? You ask me the weirdest questions and offer me blood. Blood! Who does that? What are you vampires?" Silence followed. No one spoke for a minute until Edward stepped forward.

"Yes, we are vampires and so are you." Edward's tone could have been described as an adult trying to make a child understand something important.

I shook my head. "No you you're all wrong on that. I am human. I'm alive my heart beats and I breath in air." I placed my hand over my heart. It didn't beat. I took a deep breath but that caused pain in my lungs. It was as if my lungs were never used. How could I have over looked such big details? I guess I just imagined that I had a heartbeat and needed to breath, or maybe I didn't notice because it had been so long since I've been inside a body again. "You're right."

'Yes, you are a vampire no matter what excuses you might have." Edward sounded smug as he said this.

"No you're wrong. I am not a vampire, but I must admit I am neither a human. I gave no desire for blood and by running away from the bucket you brought me proves that."

"If you are not a vampire, then what are you?" Alice asked.

'I don't know."

'Well, then how about you tell us what happened that made you the way you are." Carlisle asked. I sighed. Even I wasn't sure what exactly had occurred.

"Okay but I think we need to move inside. This is a long story and I don't want to have you standing." They all nodded and moved inside the house and into the living room. They all sat down on the couched while I paced around the room and began my story.

"I was in my grave enjoying my loneliness, counting the number of completely whole bones that remained in my coffin when…."

"Wait. What are you saying? Where you a ghost? Are you a ghost?" Emmett looked scared. It seemed that the big bad vampire was afraid of ghost. Interesting.

"Oh, sorry. Yes I am or I guess I was a ghost. I have been a ghost for the past century. I died at the age of 17 from a gun wound. I was unaware at the time that I was in the middle of a fight and got hit accidentally. Anyway, I was in my coffin when all of a sudden my grave was opened and I was yanked out by this guy named David with red eyes. He said he needed to exorcize me. He never said why. He just chained me to a tree and lit the candles and drew some symbols in the ground. When he was done with the symbols he began to chant something in Latin I think. I began to feel dizzy and he began to glow with a red aura that surrounded him. Lighting struck as both and the next thing I know I woke up human."

"You're not human and neither are you a vampire. I think you might be half ghost and half vampire. You thirst for no blood and yet you have a red eye which is the color of vampires." Carlisle said. "I guess from what happened just now, with the earth sucking you in that instead of blood to keep you energized you need the earth and its properties."

I nodded. That made sense. Wow, I never knew that I could be this weird.

"Okay since we know that you don't need blood I believe that we don't need to go over the terms of hunting within our territory."

"Wait, why do you guys have gold eyes?" I asked. They were vampires yet they had gold eyes which is strange.

"We have gold eyes do to our diet. You see, we are what you cal vegetarian vampires. We feed from animals and not from humans. We are the only coven apart from the Denali clan up in Alaska. Now what do you say that we welcome Bella into the family now that we got everything settled." Carlisle turned to everyone waiting for their opinions but they all just nodded.

'Well Bella welcome to the family." Esme said a huge smile across her face.

"Thank you."