A word from the author, and information about the story

Okay, I'm going to put a brief synopsis of the characters etc which appear in this fic because there are details I'm sure you'd like to know which wont necessarily be included. This includes a brief bio about the main characters, the background of the fic and how it differs from the manga.


This story is set after about 7-8 years after the Sasuke retrieval arc in the manga. As you will see, Naruto is successful in brining Sasuke back. After that it's completely my own device.

It features Naruto etc in their early twenties. Furthermore, it would be prudent to say that Naruto is out of character. This isn't to say that he's completely lost everything which makes Naruto Naruto, but he is far far far more mature than seen in the manga, and he certainly doesn't stick to two techniques. However, I am not suggesting that he's godlike in his powers, for instance, there isn't a chance in hell that he's going to kill 500 enemies with a simple stare.

It'd be good to point out that this is a mature fic, and will have a lot of more than bad language and sexual scenes/references. As such, if you like reading stories which include that sort of stuff, or just here for a quick wank then this fic is for you. If you're about eight years old and easily offended I couldn't give a fuck if you read it or not, but bear in mind that it might corrupt your fragile little mind.

Anbu setup

It came to me that it'd be a good idea to explain how the anbu system in this fic works as it differs from that in the manga.

Essentially there are sixteen captains, one commander general, and then vice captains etc.

The anbu live in a apartment complex type thing on the borders of Konoha, which is incredibly spacious.

Anbu teams are made out of 4 immediate members. In team nines case. Naruto (captain) Hinita (vice captain) then Sachie and Keiko.

Immediate members don't have to live together, though it is recommended that they do.

These four members only answer to their captain and the commander general, and don't necessarily have to take orders from any other captain, (though they'll probably get the shit kicked out of them if they don't)

After that, there are the regular members. These are the anbu who answer to anyone above them in rank, and havn't been assigned a team. As a result they go on missions with various members of the immediate teams.

There are around 150 regular members and 64 immediate members.



Age: 21

Appearance: Long blonde hair that reaches his mouth, It's lost most of it's spiky-ness that he had when we was young, though still retains a portion. When not dressed in standard anbu uniform (fox mask), Naruto for the most part wears; a tight black v neck top, black trousers and shin high open toe boots. (kind of like the ones Sakura wears but shorter). He always keeps his sword with him, tied at the back of his waist at a perfect horizontal angle.

Rank: Captain

Qualities: Unnaturally fast, and a master with the sword. His elemental dispositions are Wind, Earth, Water, with a slight skill with fire techniques.


Age: 21

Appearance: Medium length deep purple hair, and very white skin. Incredibly slender, but curvy. When not dressed in Standard anbu uniform (bear mask) she has a tendency to wear bright floral dresses which reach her ankles though will sometimes opt for dark polo necks or v neck jumpers.

Rank: Vice captain

Qualities: As all Hyuuga, she is incredibly good with taijutsu, with just above average skills as a medic nin. Her scouting ability is unparalleled.


Age: 19

Appearance: Almost insulting red hair which is quite long. When not in standard anbu uniform (Weasel mask) She prefers to wear knee high skirts with some sort of tights and tight t-shirts, favouring reds and yellows

Rank: Immediate member

Qualities: A good all round fighter, perhaps leaning a bit more towards sword play and taijutsu. Her elemental dispositions are Earth, Fire and Electricity.


Age: 20

Appearance: Very black short hair, (much like Zabuzas' or Rikimarus' if any of you play Tenchu.) When not in standard anbu uniform (seal mask), he prefers to wear dark long sleeve tops and jeans with some sort of ridiculous hat.

Rank: Immediate member

Qualities: The only known person in Konoha who can use hyoton techniques (ice). As such keiko's background is completely unknown (as of yet). With this comes dispositions to Water and Wind elements, though he rarely uses wind. Like Naruto, he also has a sligh disposition towards Fire element.

The commander general:

Age: Unknown. Late thirties?

Appearance: Standard anbu uniform with a ravens mask.

Rank: Commander of all the anbu

Qualities: Unknown


Age: 21

Appearance: While not dressed in standard anbu uniform (mask unknown as of yet) Sakura has medium length pink hair, and prefers floral pink kimonos

Rank: Trainee..

Qualities: An outstanding medical ninja, with unbelievable strength.


Age: 22

Appearance: Hair much the same as it is prior to chapter 400+. When not dressed in standard anbu uniform (mask unknown as of yet) Sasuke prefers white collared shirts with jeans or black kimonos

Rank: Trainee..

Qualities: Very fast speed, with an excellent knowledge of swordplay. Possessor of the Sharingan, and as such very talented with genjutsu. Elemental disposition is Fire and Electricity.

A final word:

I will very rarely put in 'authors notes' or anything like that into the coming chapters, so I'd like to take this bit to say what's usually said in authors notes.

Review or die.

Give me criticism! Also, if you see me fuck up anywhere with my spelling, punctuation grammar etc, give me a hard kick up the arse and tell me about it on a comment, and I'll rectify it as soon as possible.

Also, I always draft the chapters with a pen and paper first, so update times might be abit slow. But I'm on my gap year so I can devote a lot of time to this. I plan to make it truly epic.

I'm probably not going to focus much on fighting, and have drawn out battles. In all honestly they bore me rigid, so while there will be plenty of combat scenes, don't expect them to be long and destructive. This story will focus far more on character development, and emotions etc.

As a final note, I do have a general idea where this story is going to go (namely I know how it's going to end) but other than that, I'm making it up as I write it. So again, if you see me taking a somewhat digressing route with this, kick me up the arse and tell me in a review.