Jediz and Jinxes: The Clone Wolves

by ImperialJedi

Disclaimer: Being as this is a fanfic based off of a fanfilm mini-series, I completely acknowledge I do not hold intellectual property rights for Star Wars or Harry Potter. I am also not making any monetary profit from this story.

AN: This fic is based off of the "Jediz and Jinxes" mini-series by the Hawks Brothers. You can see the episodes at www(dot)jedizandjinxes(dot)net

Chapter 2: The Argument

"So, you ever figure out which CGI character destroyed our apartment?" Obi-wan asked. The Jedi entered the living room donning clone trooper armor clanking on his chest and shoulders. The faint odor of blaster discharge followed his movements.

"Why do you always exaggerate?" said Harry over his shoulder. "It was only our living room." The young wizard hunched back over his History of Magic essay.

"And the table," Obi-wan said pointedly.

Harry tightened his grip on his quill. "Well, Professor Lupin fixed it, didn't he?"

"Yes, about him." Obi-wan crossed his arms in a Jedi-like pose. "Isn't there something a bit odd about that Lupin fellow?" He idly stroked his beard giving the wizard who had saved their living space some consideration.

"No. Don't you have something to do, like save the galaxy or something?"

"Anakin and I are meeting with Senator Amidala later tonight." Obi-wan started to unstrap the clone trooper armor. "I want to be sure that the apartment will be in one piece when I get back." He hefted the shoulder and chest pieces and placed them haphazardly in the closet. Brushing the brown dust off of his brown robes, Obi-wan closed the closet and turned back to the table where Harry sat.

"Of course it will be." Harry said. He moved his arm in agitation and smeared black ink all over his parchment and blue muggle shirt. "Bloody hell. This was my best non-Dudley sized shirt." Harry scowled. "I was almost finished with my essay, too. Three feet on the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, ruined!"

"Well," Obi-wan interrupted his roommate's angry muttering. "I would believe it if you would be more specific with the CGI's description." The Jedi took a step forward. "I'm beginning to think you made it up."

"All I know was that it was CG," Harry snapped. "I didn't get a good look at it. It could have been anything."

"No," came the forceful reply. "There are only so many computer generated characters out there. All of which have very distinct features."

"You're wrong, Kenobi." Harry dropped his quill and stood up waving his arms up and down. "CG characters are everywhere!" Harry peered suspiciously at Obi-wan and leaned in closer. His green eyes widened. "Wait a second. You're a CG character!"

"What? Am not!" Obi-wan shouted, his voice an octave higher than normal. He twitched his hand outward and Force-pushed Harry back a few feet.

"Are too!" The wizard returned. "Look at yourself! You're more stylized than normal, your features are smoother, and if you look closely you can make out some pixelization."

"What?" Obi-wan repeated. "When did this happen? How did I not notice?" He looked down at his computer generated body and hands. Then he tried to twist around both ways to examine his back as well.

Harry took the opportunity to turn the accusation back onto the accuser. "It could have been you!" He pointed with his index finger of Doom. "You destroyed our living room!"

Obi-wan swatted at the accusing finger. "Absolutely not, Potter!"

Harry's hand was batted away, and the Boy-Who-Lived let out an abbreviated shriek. "Don't touch me. You might be contagious!"

"I'm not contagious!" General Kenobi countered.

"How do you bloody well know? You didn't even notice when you changed."

Obi-wan shrugged. "It's The Clone Wars. I'll be back to normal in time for Episode Three."

"Oh…" Harry sat back down at the table. "Well, I still think you're as likely suspect into our living room's destruction as anyone."

"I didn't see any lightsaber burns, did you? No? Looked more like the work of a Reducto to me. Have a confession for me do you, Potter?

"You're a bloody prat Kenobi!"

"And you're kriffing imbecile."

Later that week, Harry Potter ran up to his apartment door with a roll of parchment in his hand and his school bag over his shoulder. He unlocked the apartment door and darted inside, turning the deadbolt once the door was closed.

In the kitchen, Obi-wan was digging in the fridge. A moment later the Jedi pulled out a dozen cans of Red Bull and set them gently into the open luggage on the countertop. "Oh, hello there, Potter. How was school?"

Harry shrugged off his out Hogwarts robe and tossed it on the couch. "Check out what I got." Harry unrolled the parchment and held it up.

Obi-wan pulled out his glasses and read, "'Wanted: Sirius Black.' Cool. You can put that on the fridge or wall or something." The Jedi closed his hard-cased luggage with a snap and set it beside the door.

"Kenobi," ventured Harry. "Er… I'm sorry about saying you destroyed the living room. I know it's not your fault for being CG. It must be difficult not feeling… real."

"No, it's alright Potter. I'm the older one, I should have been more responsible and receptive to your concerns." The Jedi double-checked that he had his lightsaber and his keys. "I think we just need some time apart. The Jedi Council has asked that I join Anakin on another mission."

"You're leaving?" Harry brightened at the thought of having the apartment all to himself. "For how long?"

"A week, two at most." Kenobi pulled on his brown robe. "Will you be alright here on your own?"

"I'll be fine." Harry assured him. "Maybe I'll go visit Snuffles and Moony."

Obi-wan hefted his suitcase and gave Potter a pained look; it might have been a smidgen of concern. Maybe not. "Alright then, give me a holocomm call if you are in a life-threatening situation." He studied their LOLcats-themed Calendar for a moment. "It doesn't appear that you're scheduled for another one until the next full moon."

"Great, isn't it?" Harry unbolted the door and held it opened eagerly. "Have a good trip, Obi-wan."

Obi-wan gave the plain apartment one last look. "I'll give you a call when I'm coming back. Goodbye." Then the Jedi was gone and Harry closed the door again.

Posted: August 21, 2008