my first fanfic!!

chapter 1 - sad little girl

Kyoko stared after Kanae as she walked out the door. Kanae had to go to a 6 week drama shoot for the new movie "Forever Lost" she recently got a role in. That meant kyoko was alone. And bored. She sighed a sad sigh and picked up a mop. As soon as she started slowly mopping the love me section's room, her phone vibrated in her pocket. She picked it up like all the energy in her body left with kanae.

"Mooooshi Mooooshi?" Kyoko moaned out.

"Kyoko? the president needs you." Mr.Sawara said, slightly concerned.

"oooookkkkkkk." Kyoko said and hanged up.

Kyoko dragged her feet walking towards the president's office. She felt worse with every step, mainly beacuse she now thought she was in trouble. when she opened the door, she saw presedent, but she also saw someone else with him. Kyoko did not want to intrude, so she slowly stepped back


"ah! kyoko! wait! come join us!" president said, spotting her.

"i dont want to interupt..."kyoko said, stepping back a little more.

"No, we were waiting for you!"

kyoko walked closer and realized who his company was. Her sempai, Ren Tsuruga.

"Sit! Sit!" the president said pointing to a seat.

Kyoko sat and shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

" sigh Kyoko, your're not in trouble. i need you two to work together on this one."

"what happened?" asked kyoko.

"i know this must be a weird request, but i need you to find out and solve what is going on with our newest child star, Ashuuri Suenaga." president said with a serious look in his eye.

"if she's not serious, why should she still be in the buisness?" Ren asked.

"that's not it. she's serious alright. Once she steps off the stage she looks terribly depressed."

"why is that a big problem?" kyoko asked.

"Beacuse im worried. she's not the same anymore. she used to be so cheery and funny, but now, she's hoarse-voiced, tired eyed and low profile. soon, she might have a breakdown."

"awwww" kyoko said, shaking with sadness. she stood up... this girl needed her help!


The president smiled at her knowing that she would be up for the challenge. He stared over at Ren who seemed like he could be doing something better at the moment. He frowned at this.

"Now get started, she is located in her dressing room, which is room 401".

"OK!" Kyoko said, pulling Ren's sleeve.

He looked annoyed at first but he eased his gaze as he walked out of the room.

Kyoko skipped down the hallway, but she stopped when she felt a vibration in her pocket. It was Mr.Sawara.

"Kyoko, I need you to clean up the bathrooms,"Mr.Sawara said.

"Aww alright alright!" Kyoko cried.

She looked over at Ren who wasn't looking very happy.

"Tsuruga-san, can you please go get her for now, I have another job to do at the moment."

She didn't look at him because she didn't want to see his reaction, but waited for his reply. It took too long. She peeped at him from the corner of her eye, and regretted it immediately. He had a dark aura surrounding him, but when he saw her look at him, he put on one of those actor-influenced smiles,that seemed to blind you. As soon as she could see again, she immediately bowed about 20 times yelling "SORRY SORRY TSURUGA SAN!! I WOULD DO IT, BUT--" He smiled again this time genuinely.

"It's ok Mogami-san. I will get her. You don't have to worry about it."

She somehow didn't belive his words, but she didn't have time to question him. She had to hurry up and go clean. She waved at him and ran off.

that was chapter one! there will be more!