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Chapter 15- It's Ours

Kyoko's mouth dropped. She blushed so hard, she invented a new color.

"And w-when was that?" Kyoko asked, lowering her head.

"When 'Bo' told me it was love, and i just felt it after that." Ren said, trying to be casual about it. Kyoko felt bad that she din't notice. But how could she know? She just only thought she had it worse, when he was suffering all this time. Ren wanted to ask her the same question, but then again, he din't beacuse he was too afraid that it was going to be one of 'his mask's' charecteristics, and not Kuon Hizuri's. Before he could think any further,

Kyoko's cell phone rang.

"Moshi Moshi?"

"Did you dummies forget about the fudgin' shooting today?" Ashuuri asked, quite flatly.

"Oh!! Ren-kun! we gotta go!!" Kyoko yelled. She got her purse and zoomed out the door. Ren sighed and got his keys.

When they got there, they instantly wanted to leave. Every person they saw was blushing And it wasn't just that. They had on smiles like they were up to something. Kyoko and Ren both thought: The last thing i want is another surprise today! When they entered the shooting set, Ren knew exactly what was going on. The set was setup just as he imagined it, when he read the last act.

The act where Keisuke goes on a boat with Karina and he starts to lose his sanity. (He din't take his medicine that day.)Since he was a bit mentally disabled, he couldn't mask his love for Karina, so he kisses her. KISSES HER. Ren was about to go verbally abuse the director, but before he could move, Kyoko grabbed his arm and pointed to the set.

"It's beautiful!!" She exclaimed. He decided to enjoy her cheery self now, before she finds out about 'the scene'.

"Yeah. It's is." Ashuuri commented, popping out of nowhere. "Your first stage kiss will be on this wonderful set!" Ren threw Ashuuri a 'WTF! WHY DID YOU SAY THAT' look, and Ashuuri started to laugh. Kyoko freaked a bit, but was glad it was with someone she loved. They got on stage and Akita counted down to when they start. 5,4,3,2,

Karina couldn't belive she was on a boat with her first love. Keisuke din't look too happy, beacuse he had to row one of his students in the middle of a lake, to find her textbook. Karina's guilty conscience was blocked out by her love for Keisuke. She purposely threw it in. Keisuke, on the other hand, tried to knock his feelings down, for a girl who obviously likes him back. He knew of her scheme, but she eventually would have to get her book back right?

"Kei-sensei, thank you! i really appriciate you doing this for me." Karina said.

"I told you to call me Haruko-sensei. And that text book is for my class. You need it." Keisuke said. He looked down at this rowing arms. They were shaking. He regretted ignoring Akane. His sanity was slipping, very rapidly. Keisuke's last thought with a sound mind that day was: I don't want Karina to see me this way! The new Keisuke looked at Karina. Her jaw-length platnum blonde hair and emerald green eyes just simply hypnotised him. Like a beast, he climbed to her, smelling her hair. (toko: just imagine Ren doing this!) He grabbed her face, just like he did to Makiru and stared deeply in her eyes. Karina sensed something went wrong with him, but honestly, she din't care one bit. She let things be the way they went. He started caressing her cheek, beacuse he thought her skin looked soft and smooth. Then the beast took action. He kissed her. Karina knew now he was not in his right mind, but if it was like this, She wouldn't mind going out with a mentally challanged man. She just could never give up on him. Not even if he killed 100,000 people.

The cast and crew on the set were blushing to the max. Even Ashuuri, who was grasping to Sho's arm. Summer was sitting quite close next to Yashiro-san, almost clinging to him, and Maria just walked into the room to see this.

"CUT!" Akita said, still quite touched. Kyoko and Ren walked away from each other so fast, you would have missed it if you blinked. "That was wonder-- wait a moment." Akita said. He had to stop his sentance beacuse Ashuuri was whispering to him. then he got back to his sentance.

"No good. Do it again." He said. Kyoko and Ren knew better than to belive something like that. They ignored him and went on with their 'I JUST KISSED THE PERSON I LOVE' thoughts. Kyoko realized something. She never said thank you to the one person that made this happen. Kyoko ran to Ashuuri and hugged her.

"Thank you." Kyoko said.

"For what?"Ashuuri asked, quite confused.

"You made this happen. With me and Ren-kun."

"No. I just set up up once and--"

"You don't get it? You're the one who showed me that love is not my enemy. You helped me get closer to him then i could all by myself! I had the strength to let go of my 'Fuwa gruge' beacuse you gave me power! This is literally the happiest time of my life, and meeting you is a gift from the being above. You mean alot to me! i will never forget you." Kyoko said.

Something unexpected happened. Ashuuri's eyes started to water. Kyoko started to panic.

"I-i was never needed like this before. i din't think anyone would need me. If i dropped my mike and walked of my stage, my fans would go find another person to love. Kyoko, i recived a gift too. You've given me self-worth. You stopped my lonliness. I thank you too."

Ashuuri hugged Kyoko. It was a pretty long hug. When she stopped hugging her, She wiped her tears and smiled. Ashuuri felt 500 pounds lighter. Ashuuri Suenaga was compleatly healed. Sho and Ren wanted to join the hug fest too, but did not move.


Kyoko went to Ren's place before he did at 9:00. As usual, he had jobs. Kyoko just sat in the couch, when she recived a call from president.

"Kyoko!! you did it! Ashuuri came in my office today doing the salsa! She's her crazy self again!

your invited to a "WELCOME BACK ASHUURI" party! you don't have to come, but it would be fun!"

"O-ok--Hey!-Ren! What did you do? That was president!!" Kyoko yelled. Ren snatched the phone away from her and hung up. She laughed when he ran away with it, and chased him. After about a half an hour, they both was tired, and sat on the couch.

"That was good acting today." Ren said, starting a conversation.

"You too! You played that mental kid wonderful!"

"Ha-ha. I'ts a fun role, so don't make fun of it!"

"Today was fun!"

"What was funny was seeing Yashiro and Summer's faces when we kissed. I think they like each other."

"I was thinking they do too! But you can't say "we" kissed. It was Karina and Keisuke's kiss."

Ren got closer to her and stared her right in the face.

"So would my next action be considered 'our' kiss?"

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