Messages of the Bribery Kind


ARC Network System 4pm

C.Temple: can I borrow your report?
A.Maitland: No. Write your own.
C.Temple: but I only have one hand.
C.Temple: I'll cook you breakfast for a week?
C.Temple: and do the washing up.
C.Temple: and clean Rex's tank.
A.Maitland: Fine. But you'd better do it.
C.Temple: thanks abby

ARC Network System 5:17pm

N.Cutter: What happened after the car blew up?
S.Hart: Why?
N.Cutter: Lester won't accept the report with gaps.
S.Hart: You were unconscious.
N.Cutter: Tell him that.
S.Hart has attached file
N.Cutter has downloaded file

N.Cutter: Are you sure this happened?
S.Hart: Maybe.
S.Hart: If you submit that he'll stop asking about gaps.
N.Cutter: He'll have me sectioned.
N.Cutter: Which might be a welcome break.
S.Hart: I'll visit with HobNobs.
N.Cutter: Ha ha.

ARC Network System 7pm

S.Hart: Did Lester send you back your report?
A.Maitland: Yeah.
S.Hart: What'd he say?
A.Maitland: Stop stealing Connor's reports.
A.Maitland: Connor stole mine!
S.Hart: Connor just went home.
S.Hart: Lester must've taken his.
A.Maitland: WHAT?
S.Hart: Cutter's getting 'talked' to.
A.Maitland: Oh boy. This'll be fun. I wanted to go out tonight.
S.Hart: Big plans?
A.Maitland: Maybe.
A.Maitland: More than likely I'll end up at home with Connor complaining about not being able to play the Playstation.
S.Hart: Is his wrist broken?
A.Maitland: Hairline fracture. Five to six weeks healing in a cast. He was already trying to work out how to scratch if it got itchy.
S.Hart: You're going to lose all your forks.
A.Maitland: lol.

ARC Network System 8:30pm

S.Hart: That was long.
A.Maitland: What did he say?
S.Hart: Can we go home yet?
A.Maitland: Why did Connor get to go home?
N.Cutter: Connor is allowed to suffer from delusions since he's injured, so his report will be redone tomorrow. We're supposed to know better.
N.Cutter: Did that really happen?
A.Maitland: We all wrote the same thing! Of course!
S.Hart: It's too bad you were unconscious.
A.Maitland: He'll never believe us.
S.Hart: Ryan did.
A.Maitland: Ryan is just humouring you.
N.Cutter: I think you two are playing with me.
A.Maitland: So what, we can have dinosaurs from the past but not aliens?
S.Hart: I'm feeling somewhat hurt. Don't you trust us?
N.Cutter: Time travelling aliens who use an old telephone box as a space ship? What makes you think I don't believe you?

ARC Network System 9:45pm

S.Hart: You think he'll notice if we just leave?
A.Maitland: He has spies. He'll see us.
S.Hart: Call Jenny, get a distraction.
A.Maitland: Yeah, that'll work. Right up until he SEES US!
S.Hart: You could flash him.
A.Maitland: Or you could.
A.Maitland: Where's an anomaly when you want one?
GeekBoy02: where are you? Still at ARC?
S.Hart: Yes.
A.Maitland: Did you just hack into the network?
GeekBoy02: yeah
S.Hart: Get us out of here!
GeekBoy02: haven't you handed in your reports?
A.Maitland: He thinks we're making them up.
N.Cutter: Can you make the detector go off?
GeekBoy02: yeah.
S.Hart: So do it!
GeekBoy02: What's in it for me?
A.Maitland: I won't break your other arm!
GeekBoy02: oh, that's a real incentive.
N.Cutter: You can drive to the next anomaly.
S.Hart: We'll let you have a dart gun.
A.Maitland: You don't need to clean Rex's tank.
N.Cutter: Connor?
S.Hart: Anomaly!
A.Maitland: YES! Thanks Conner.
GeekBoy02: I haven't done anything yet.

ARC Network System 8:13am

C.Temple: abby, can I get your report?
A.Maitland: No.
C.Temple: it's not my fault that a real anomaly showed up!
C.Temple: at least there weren't any aliens in blue boxes.
C.Temple: please?
C.Temple: stephen, can I get your report?
S.Hart: …no.
C.Temple: Cutter?


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