I'm Watching You Two From The Closet


She was sure that he would have to notice her now. Dressed like this, he would have to see she wasn't just some girl, that she was a woman, a well built, powerful woman. And she would prove that she could hunt too.

They had to go to a club to find out some info on the demon they were both tracking. Jo having more intel but not enough, but Sam had 'a guy' it seemed. Sam said he could go it alone, and Jo was all for that, it would just be her and Dean for the night. But Dean wasn't having any of it, Sam wasn't going anywhere without Dean and Sam was too nice of a guy to leave Jo on her own. So the three of them were heading out to this club. Jo thought it was a little over-kill, she knew Dean was protective of Sam, but not letting him go out to one club on his own was a bit much.

Then Sam told them it was a fetish club, the blush on his cheeks and the way he looked anywhere around the room except for at her or Dean was kind of cute and made Jo laugh a little.

Now, looking at herself in the mirror, she was pretty glad that Dean was overly protective of Sam, and that Sam had gone 'shopping' earlier on. She had a pair of tight fitting black leather trousers - buttery smooth so they didn't squeak when she moved - with a tight black tank top that showed off her limited, but still there, curves and fishnet sleeves. It was a little worrying how good Sam was at shopping for a girl.

Leaving the bathroom she smiled slightly at Sam, who still wasn't making eye contact, as he hurried into the bathroom to change. "What'cha think?" Jo asked, she spread her arms, smiling and just hoping that her hair, tied back into a messy pony with ringlets around her face, did something to hid her youth from him.

Dean turned around, his own outfit simple but working. Dark pants, heavy boots and a tight black shirt suiting perfectly. Sam had even convinced Dean to allow him to put some eyeliner around his smoky eyes, highlighting the green. Jo was sure Sam had a secret life as a fashion consultant somewhere.

"Looks good." Jo was mildly disappointed. That was all she got? That up-sided quirk of the lips and 'looks good'?

"Y'know, maybe Sam could think about being a stylist. He seems to have a queer eye for good clothes." Dean just stared at her.

"What?" Dean really did look confused, but he didn't get to hear Jo's theory because the bathroom door opened and out walked Sam. All 6 foot plus of him, dressed in form fitting bondage pants and a netted shirt with strips of black fabric to hide minute parts of his toned chest. Sam's torso was practically on display, the way his pants hugged his butt left very little to the imagination and Jo even felt her mouth go a little dry.

Had she been able to tear her gaze away from what she thought was the shy, introverted brother, she'd have seen the look on Dean's face. The raw lust and desire that danced through Dean's eyes before he schooled his expression would've told Jo there and then that she had no chance with either of the Winchesters.

"Wow. Anything you wanna tell us Sam?" Jo asked, her eyes unable to leave the curve of Sam's ass - the exact same place Dean was currently burning a hole through with his gaze.

"What?" Sam had that deer in the headlights look on his face, glancing between Jo and Dean and clearly not getting what Jo meant. "Whatever, we're on the guest-list so come on, we gotta go." Sam handed Jo her new black leather jacket before quickly smearing some kohl over his eyelids and turning towards Dean, who was still just standing there. "Dude, come on."

Jo sat in the back of the Impala, watching as Sam tried to make himself smaller in the front seat. It was an impossible feat, Jo was sure even Sam knew it would never work, but for some reason he seemed intent on trying. It was somewhat fascinating for her to sit there and watch the pair of them, comparing them almost.

She'd thought Sam was the shy, naïve and introverted one. He'd always seemed like that when they'd been around each other. He was always polite to her mother, and not simply because he was scared of her - Jo still didn't understand why Dean was scared of her mother - but because he genuinely respected her. He was the brains, and although Dean wasn't without his moments, Jo saw that it was Sam that held Dean back from his recklessness.

Dean on the other hand was the well travelled one. Knowledgeable in almost anything that came up and more gun-ho. She'd already realised that Dean was a 'shoot first, shoot second, shoot some more and then ask some questions' kind of hunter. It didn't bother her, in fact, if anything it was far more attractive. It made him dangerous, the kind of dangerous that would protect you no matter what even when the hounds of hell were coming at you. Dean just wanted to hunt. Sam just wanted to hunt the thing that killed his mother.

"Okay, we'll walk from here." Dean pulled the Impala up beside an empty warehouse, it was one street down from the club that Sam had mentioned, and then Jo realised that all Sam had mentioned was there being a guy and a fetish club.

"Hey Sam, who's this guy you're meeting anyway?" Sam looked at her from over the Impala. Dean stood beside her and looked curiously over at his brother. Sam had a flush on his cheeks, the same flush that appeared any time this club was mentioned.

"Someone from Stanford." He muttered, slamming his door, digging his hands into his pockets and heading down the street, shoulders hunched over like he was crawling into himself. Jo shared a quick look with Dean before they both headed after Sam, jogging a little to catch up with the long strides he was taking.

"So how does he know about this shit?" Dean asked, taking the left side of Sam while Jo walked quickly on his right side. Sam seemed to be burrowing in on himself more and more, which was strange, but slightly amusing. Seeing the awkwardly large frame trying to make itself smaller and unobtrusive, it just wasn't working.

"I don't know. Through his cousins dad or something. Never really came up." Sam said, bringing his head up when they turned the corner and came up on the warehouse turned nightclub. Jo was shocked to see the long line of people standing outside.

"Just as well we're guest listed, isn't it?" Dean said with a smirk, nudging Sam slightly. Sam sighed and shook his head, unfurling his body from itself and striding towards the door.

"Ted Nugent plus two." Sam said to the burley guy at the door, he raised an eyebrow at Dean's snorted laugh but stepped aside to let the three of them in. Upon walking through the doors Jo felt her jaw drop. There were people dancing in cages, that wasn't too bad, what they were wearing, or weren't wearing, was. Girls with leather strips of clothing were sauntering around with drinks, men in PVC masks and ball gags were holding up tables. It was like a horror movie or something.

"Dude, you wanted to come here?" Dean asked, searching around and frowning mildly.

"Not wanted to. But Mac wouldn't meet anywhere else." Sam muttered. There headed to the 'cloakroom' handing over jackets in exchange for tickets, which Jo thought was mildly cheesy in it's attempt to appear like human flesh. "Okay, you two…do something. I'm gonna find Mac." Sam turned to move away, but Dean grabbed on his elbow.

"Hold up Sparky, you're not going anywhere alone in here." Dean signalled around with a wave of the finger and for once Jo agreed with the over protectiveness. Dressed the way he was, Sam would be lucky if someone didn't try to 'claim' him at some point.

"Dean, I'm capable of looking after myself. Besides, Mac will only talk to me." Sam took his elbow away from Dean, glancing between Jo and Dean then biting his lip a little. "Go mingle or dance or something." Sam said, sparing Jo one last look before walking away.

Did Sam know about her mild crush on Dean? Jo looked to Dean, relived that Dean didn't seem to think anything into it. Sighing loudly Dean watched Sam go, before jerking his head towards the bar. Jo nodded and followed him, hoping that maybe Sam would be gone long enough for Dean's tongue to loosen a little.


Almost half an hour later Sam was still AWOL with 'Mac' and Dean seemed to be getting twitchy. He was throwing back his Jack while Jo was still nursing her second. She'd always known that Dean was protective, especially of Sam, ever since they first walked through the door to the Roadhouse she'd known. She didn't think he was this bad though. Sam being out of sight for less than an hour seemed like a travesty to Dean, when really he was a grown man and fully capable of handling almost anything that was thrown at him. When Jo had mentioned this though the icy glare had cut off much talking for a while.

When Dean's head snapped up, his previously relaxed expression turning into a scowl, his gaze being held by something just past Jo, the petite blonde found herself compelled to turn around. Instantly her eyes were drawn to the sight that had Dean's mood plummet in less than a second. Pinned against a pillar by a tall blond male was Sam, his mouth connected with the blond who seemed to be checking for tonsils. One of Sam's legs was hooked around the blondes hip, his long body pressed solidly against the concrete pillar. Jo had no idea what was so appealing, but watching the blond press just so into Sam, she could almost hear the moan, got her blood pumping just that little bit faster.

Dean didn't seem impressed however. Muttering something that almost sounded like 'excuse me' Dean stalked over to where his baby brother was practically being mauled, tapped on the blondes shoulder and whispered something in his ear. Jo had never seen anything scamper away like the blond. Dean then turned his attention towards Sam, who had a bemused expression on his face, quirking his head at Dean with an inquiring look, he would've looked completely innocent if it wasn't for the kiss swollen lips and dishevelled hair. Sam was dragged out of Jo's line of vision, heading somewhere past the bar and away from the busy throng of people. Jo wasn't worried about being left in the club. For one thing the door was in the opposite direction from where the Winchester's had headed, and they'd have to pass her to get there, and secondly, even Dean was level headed enough not to leave her in this place. So really, she wasn't too concerned for her.

After nearly ten minutes though, Jo thought it would put part of her mind at ease to at least check up on the boys. Heading in the direction she'd last seen Dean pull Sam she fended off three males and a female - each offering to show her the time of her life - before reaching was appeared to be a deserted hallway.

"Dean," the sound was almost a pained moan, and it was most definitely Sam's voice. Jo carefully made her way to the end of the hall, controlling her movements and keeping her stance casual enough to keep a level of stealth. Quiet moans and half whimpers permeated the air, echoing on the bare walls around them. Pressing her back against the wall Jo hazarded a look around the corner, her breath almost catching in her throat when she did.

Dean had Sam pressed back against the wall, Sam's stance wide enough for Dean to fit between his legs, while Dean had his teeth latched on to the side of Sam's throat, Sam's lower body trying desperately to gain some kind of pressure from Dean's body. Jo was sure she was blushing to the roots of her hair. But seeing Dean push Sam against the wall like that, she knew she didn't stand a chance. The intimacy in their actions speaking more than any words would. The way Sam arched into Dean's touch, the way Dean's body just fit perfectly into Sam's. Jo bit her lip as she watched Dean's hand slowly run down Sam's chest to his pants, the button and zip quickly undone and Sam's erection being taken in a sure, firm grip that had gasps flowing out of Sam's throat.

Jo hesitated in leaving, wondering what her chances were of being undetected. A sudden moan from Sam brought her attention back to the spectacle before her. Sam's hips were thrusting into Dean's grip, fingers threading into short hair and gripping. Sam's head was tilted back, eyes staring at the ceiling blindly while Dean left teeth imprints and burst blood vessels along Sam's throat. Dean's lips trailed up Sam's jaw line, licking their way to his ear before biting harshly on the lobe.

"Didn't appreciated the show, Sammy." Sam moaned against Dean, jerking his hips roughly while his hands moved to grip Dean's shoulders. The sound of metal against metal was pretty much the only clue Jo had that Dean's belt was no longer an issue before Dean moved even closer to Sam, if it was even possible. Sam practically mewled like a kitten, hips jerking into Dean as one hand gripped onto Sam's hip and the other remained unseen, but from the movements coming from Dean's body Jo could guess at what that hand was doing. Biting back her own moans Jo attempted to quell her own lust, eyes glued to the scene before her.

When their lips came crashing together she almost gasped at the eroticism of it. Seeing them kiss was far more sensual than anything previous. Sam moaning into Dean's mouth as the elders tongue pressed deep into his brother's mouth, like Dean was trying to eradicate any trace of the blond before him from Sam's memory. With a particularly jerky thrust Sam pulled his head away from Dean's choking on a whimper which ended up coming out a sob. Dean pressed his teeth around Sam's throat, leaving a mark around his Adam's Apple.

Each breathed out a single syllable before the broken off groan from Dean and low moan from Sam both faded out to mingled cursing. Jo felt a spike of something in her stomach, and unbridled feeling that spiralled through her body and left goose bumps along her skin. Biting down on her lip to keep her breathing quiet Jo slowly made her way back to the bar, where she would wait until the boys came to get her.

She knew she should be disgusted by what she had just witnessed, private or not, but for some reason she couldn't think of anything more appealing or erotic than the sight of Dean and Sam pressed against each other. She felt an aching need inside her, something that caused her to clench her thighs tightly. She wasn't sure if she just needed to find a release or if she needed to see Sam pressing into Dean's hand again, or if she wanted more of her own private peep show. All she did know was that she'd never be able to look at either of the Winchesters in the same way again.


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