A Friend With Breasts and All the Rest


The next morning Jo woke slowly and peacefully. With dreams to keep her happily in the land of nod Jo had clung to sleep with the knowledge that Sam and Dean were in the room, her hunter senses could be put to the back of her mind. There were other things to think about.

Dean's last suggestion to her the previous night had left all kinds of thoughts running through her brain. If she asked, if she could work up enough courage or whatever to say 'hey, I know you guys are screwing, mind if I join in?'. She didn't know what would cause more embarrassment, telling them she'd watched them and enjoyed it, or asking to join in. It wasn't like she knew how she'd fit in. It was up to Sam and Dean, and really she couldn't picture it any different.

Her dreams had no such limits. She'd been between them, Sam's hands on her breasts, his head burrowed in her neck as he licked and suckled on her throat. Dean's chest pressed to her back as his fingers pressed into her, rubbing over her clit and teasing her slowly.

"Dean, stop it." Sam's voice was low and hushed; clearly the early morning brought more awareness to him now. Jo couldn't see them, Sam's back to Jo's front and Dean hidden by Sam's body. A slight chuckle from Dean was pressed against Sam's shoulder and suddenly Jo's eyes met his. Dean just smiled further, hand trailing down Sam's body and pulling the sheet just a little away from them. "Dude, enough. Jo's sleeping."

"You weren't worried last night." Dean said, eyes still on Jo as she watched, his hand hidden from her view but she knew exactly what he was doing by the steady movements of his arm and Sam light gasps. "God, you moaned like a whore, all eager and willing, what about Jo? She was sleeping last night."

"God Dean, you hadn't even looked at me for hours." Sam moaned slightly, rolling onto his back as Dean pressed over, lips moving down Sam's chest. "Besides, I didn't get - holy shit Dean!" Jo nearly moaned herself, watching Dean take Sam's cock in his mouth, hollowing out his cheeks while bobbing his head. Sam's hand fisted against Dean's head, fingers gripping at the short hair. Dean continued to suckle for a moment longer, by Sam's reactions, knowing exactly what Sammy needed.

"Come on Sam, would it be so bad if she woke up?" Dean commented with a smirk on his face as he continued to tease Sam. "What if she woke up? What if she figured it out?"

"What if she threw that knife in your throat?" Sam glared; Jo had a feeling he was a little frustrated.

"What if she liked it, hmm? What if she thought we were hot?" Dean asked, spreading Sam's legs and fitting between them, mouth moving up Sam's body, kissing at his stomach and moving up. "We are hot, Sammy. Maybe Jo would think so, what'd you think she'd do?"

"Kill me?" Sam whimpered as Dean nipped at his nipples, teasing the skin before licking over the hurt. "She wants you." Sam's breath was laboured, his hands running over Dean's back, moving back to cup his head. "Want to see you fuck her." Dean glanced up at Sam and Jo felt herself go stock still, holding her breath.


"Yeah, wanna see you drive into her so deep, make her blush. She's got such a pretty face." Sam sighed, Dean's lower body rubbing against Sam's, both getting some enjoyment from the movement. "You'd pin her to the bed, fuck her hard and deep, and she'd scream your name. Your name falling from those pretty lips while she lost it." Dean groaned, lip between his teeth as he thrust against Sam's hip, Sam's cock getting the same attention from Dean's body.

"And what are you doing while I'm fucking Jo?"

"I'm fucking you." Sam whispered, leaning up slightly to bite at Dean's lips himself. "We'd have you between us, and you'd just need to take it. I'd be fucking you; I'd be controlling the pace. You'd get Jo there; feel her clamping around your dick, her lithe little body all yours. And I'd pound into you, make you see stars and forget your own name." Sam's voice was low and husky, his body moving in time with Dean's and Jo felt the sensations start up again. The sheer need and want for these men.

"You think we should find out how it goes?" Dean asked, one long hard thrust silencing them both with a groan. "Should we find out what she thinks?"

"What?" Dean slowly pulled away from Sam, looking straight over at Jo. She felt the apprehension coil in her gut, tingles running down her spine. Her heart started pounding in her ears. Because Dean was naked, and moving towards her bed. He slowly pulled back the covers and Jo saw Sam sit up in the bed, looking over that the pair of them with lust and arousal evident in his eyes. Jo knew that Dean was giving her the opportunity to say no. To pull the covers over herself and they'd all forget this happened. But how could she even contemplate turning this down?

IThey'll be the death of me/I she thought idly. IBut what a way to go./I Decision -if you'd call it that- made, Jo leant up to Dean as he met her half way, one hand tangling in her hair as he kissed her, lips parting and his tongue all but invading her mouth. Claiming and owning, and Jo felt like she was in heaven. Extra weight caused the bed to creak, and Jo felt hands at her shorts, sliding them down her hips. Sam's hands, Sam's huge hands on her skin, running down her legs with her shorts. Dean pulled away from her mouth, tugging at the tank top she wore. Jo assisted in the removal of her top, then lifted her legs as Sam discarded her shorts. Dean's hands moved to her breasts, gentle at first before rubbing at her peaked nipples, mouth moving to encase one while his thumb teased the other. Jo arched into the touch, head falling back as she let the moans tumble from her throat. It was good to let it out, to let both Winchester's hear her appreciation.

Sam's hands ran up her legs, fingers stroking against her thighs. When one long finger slid past her folds, slowly thrusting into her tight pussy, a thumb rubbing over her clit, Jo bucked into the touch, moaning and writhing. Her hands gripped to Dean's arms, her body vying for more attention.

"God, she's so wet Dean. Hot and ready." Sam's tongue trailed a blaze of heat up her thigh, his hands withdrawing to spread her legs as Dean moved between them. Both pulled back, Dean resting on his knees, Sam behind him. Both gazing down at her with something akin to adoration. She'd never felt this wanted, even if it was just sex, even if neither of them thought of her again, this moment would forever be etched into her mind. Sam reached around Dean, slowly rolling a condom over his hard cock, making Jo bite her lip in anticipation.

As Dean leant down, slowly pushing into her, Jo rose up to meet him, his name falling from her lips like a sigh. He smirked at her, and Jo felt herself smiling back, before he snapped his hips all the way in and she moaned at the full feeling. He started a steady rhythm, pulling out and pushing in with enough force that Jo felt it each time. Sam had said he'd take her hard, and he was, and Jo loved it. She reached up to touch but found her hands pushed down, Dean holding to each wrist above her head. She was pinned.

When Dean suddenly groaned, hips shuddering and pushing in off rhythm, Sam's head appeared beside Dean's head, his voice whispering to Dean's ear, "Oh, I'm sorry, didn't you expect that?" There was laughter in Sam's voice, and Jo would've shared in it if she wasn't aching so deeply for some movement. Sam pulled back out of Dean before thrusting in quickly, his movements dictating Dean's thrusts and Jo just rode it out, thrusting up to meet Dean and letting every sound escape her throat, tired of not being able to make a sound and needing to get it out there.

A hand pressed between her and Dean's bodies, rubbing at her clit and Jo knew it had to be Sam, her arms still held in Dean's grip. Moaning uncontrollable and torn between the sensations Jo felt her climax building. Nearly screaming both their names Jo let it all flood over her. Dean filling her, Sam fingering her, Dean's lips on her neck, teeth biting gently, Sam moaning into Dean's neck above them both.

Dean continued to push into her, moaning against her skin while Sam kept his pace, eyes locked with Jo and a smile gracing both their faces. Sam was flushed, muscles pulled tight and Jo could imagine her own flush, the exhaustion and bliss etched on her face. Biting her lip she concentrating on her muscles, clenching her vaginal muscles as much as possible, causing Dean to groan loudly, eyes shut tight and mouth open. She leaned up, kissing his neck and jaw, mumbling against his skin until she felt his hands tighten on her wrists, his body going rigid. Her name was on his lips, followed by the whimper of I'Sammy'/I, he found his release, Sam closely followed, his cry completely incoherent against Dean's throat.

Sam slumped against Dean's back, and Jo felt Dean trying to hold his weight off her body. After a few seconds Sam withdrew, followed by Dean. Condoms were discarded before Dean pulled Jo to the middle of the bed, Dean on one side before Sam settled on the other side.

"I think we've got another hour or so before anyone needs to get up." Sam said, a hand trailing up Jo's thigh to rest on her hip. Jo glanced back at him, something crossing her mind suddenly. Moving just ever so slightly Jo placed a kiss on Sam's lips, slightly pleased when he kissed her back, pressing his tongue to hers and just lazily stroking at her mouth. When they fell apart Sam moved closer, his chest pressing to Jo's back and hand tightening on her hip. Dean's fingers trailed over Jo's breasts, drawing patterns before his hand moved to rest over her rib cage, his legs tangled up with hers and Sam's, chest to her chest.

Jo placed her head on his shoulder, feeling Sam and Dean's fingers intertwine against her skin. Sam's head was rested against her shoulder blades, no space between the three of them at all. And Jo fell into a peaceful sleep wondering what the day would bring.


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