One Look

Inspired by Jack's words in Utopia.

Lines from the episode Utopia shown first.

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I figured out that if Jack went to visit Rose in the nineties he still wouldn't yet know – or rather believe – that she is dead (he told the Dctor in Utopia he read her name on the list of the dead). He was around in the nineties, but because the battle of Canary Warf was in 2006 he still wouldn't think she's dead… just that she goes on travelling with the Doctor.

Note: He's talking about Rose.

I went back to her estate, in the 90s, just once or twice. Watched her growing up. Never said hello, timelines and all that.

He watches from a distance, staying in the shadows and dark of the flats, refusing to be seen. He can't be seen. It was the first time he watched her, and she was just a child. Seven, maybe eight. Laughing and joking with a friend in the autumn dryness of her estate. Keeping away from the gangs and bullies around the corner; just trying to enjoy life. A run, hop and skip full of life. Still doubtful in the back of her mind, he could tell though. Even at this age she was lost, and afraid. Unknowing it will take the tender age of nineteen until she can find herself. Find out that this , this isn't just it...

He wishes nothing more than to just say hello. A friendly wave even. That wouldn't effect the timeline, would it? In his heart he knows it's impossible though. He can't and he won't, because that's not the way things are supposed to be.

He watches her flick a strand of blonde hair away and grin gladly at her friend. They play together, running and skipping, getting closer and closer to where he's standing. He knows it's time to go now. He can't help smiling at her face with sparkling eyes one last time. "See you soon Rose," he whispered, before turning away. He left, the shadows still dancing on his face, and refusing to look back at his lost friend. She'll have a good life… a life well lived, with the Doctor.

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