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He that is strucken blind cannot forget The precious treasure of his eyesight lost.

Thou canst not teach me to forget.


This has to stop Jacob Black! I'm tired of having my thoughts filled with this leech lover. Its making me question whether I'm the one in love with her. Leah's voice echoed in my head.

For weeks every time she turned I'd have to hear of her remarks. Most were incredibly sarcastic. She annoyed me to the point where I thought of running back to just bite off her head.

The rest of the pack had thankfully chosen to leave me alone. Sometimes they would think of me though, they missed me. Occasionally I would hear interesting things about her. The blood sucker had brought her some kind of expensive Mercedes that Seth was fascinated with. His thoughts constantly went to how he pictured himself one day getting one for himself. A childish fantasy of his. He was almost old enough to have his license so a boy his age can only fantasize about cars I guess.

At least my brother only fantasizes about cars.. Leah hissed in my head.

I never responded directly to her I just ignored her hoping she would soon weary of being completely irritating and continued running.

She turned back a few minutes later.

Silence no one in my head but me and the constant flow of thoughts of her…

Her wedding had gone great I had seen it through Seth's mind a couple of weeks ago.. He heard me whimpering like the dog I was after word.

Anyone in the forest would've of thought I was injured or dying.

Maybe I was dying, there was nothing but an empty black hole in the pit of my soul .

Never I of all people thought I would experience what it was to love someone and then to lose that person to the walking dead... She was probably already a leech herself.

I howled into the cold night tortured by the grief of a broken heart…..

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