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Chapter 1: Pins and needles.

"So where're we goin' t'day?"

Rogue gasped when she heard Remy's voice behind her back.

"Ah don't know an' don't care where yah're goin'" she zipped up her dark green coat: "But me, Ah've got stuff t' do so, if yah excuse me..."

But he wouldn't either move away from her way or stop smirking:

""Yer car, my bike?" He was already an expert on ignoring her push away statements: "Or we can borrow Logan's jeep since he's outta town, 'cause y' know chere, knowin' y're misbehavin' always spices things up."

How in the world could someone be so utterly persistent?

"Which part of get away from me yah didn't get? 'Cause Ah can make it clearer if yah want; Ah could even draw a little diagram for yah t' figure it out."

"Keep on tryin', Roguey" he seemed very amused, which pissed her off even more: "But yer sarcastic comments do nothin' but makin' y' more appealin' t' Remy."

Plenty of clever shot backs came to her mind, but she refused to encourage him to any further pointless conversations:

"Ah've really got no time for this right now, so why don't yah go argue with yahself, or bug someone else, or whatever. Bye bye."

"'Cause dis is way more fun!"

Sure Remy would never let a girl walk away just like that… wait: girls did not walk away from him, except for Rogue, of course. There was something about her that, no matter how many times she sent him to hell, he always came back for a little more of it.

So he followed her to the garage.

"Why don't y' just tell me where we gonna go, chere?"

She just rolled her eyes as an answer and jumped on her black car. It only took the blink of an eye for him to do the same.

"All right, let it be a surprise, den" he winked, adjusting his sit belt.

"Are yah…?!" she could hardly find the right words to express so much annoyance: "…deaf? Or what's wrong with yah? Get the fuck out of mah car!"

"Hey, no need t' get all aggressive!" he lifted his hands in surrender.

"Remy… Ah'm in a hurry right now" she sighed, intending to reason with him: "So get off, please."

"Bien: I'll get off if y' tell me where y' goin'."

Rogue gripped tightly the steering wheel, attempting not to explode again:

"Yah promise?"


Something told her this wasn't a good idea:

"Ah'm goin' t'… Ah can't believe Ah'm actually sayin' this, an' t' yah."

"Come on, y' know y' can trust me."


He stared at her expectantly, until she finally said it:

"Ah'm goin' t' the dentist. Yah happy now?"

"Dat's it?" he shrugged.

"Yep, now get off mah car."

"An' why didn't y' wanna tell me?"

All she wanted to do now was leaving, no matter what it took:

"'Cause Ah'm getting' mah wisdom teeth out. Get off."

"Really?" he did seem a bit concerned this time: "Uh, dat's gotta hurt, cherie."

"Oh, it won't…" the garage door automatically opened when she pressed a button: "…if we keep doin' this an' Ah miss mah appointment."

"Bien, let's go."

She was right: it wasn't a good idea.

"Let's go? Yah promised…"

"Yeah, yeah, I think I did, didn't I?" he frowned melodramatically: "Too bad I've never been any good at keepin' my promises. But don't worry, we can work on it later on."

He knew this was a risk, but they didn't call him Gambit for nothing. Either he ended up with his ass kicked, or he succeeded on achieving his goal: spending the afternoon with her.

"All right" she finally nodded, as the car started to go by: "If yah wanna spend the next two hours sittin' on a couch, borin' your head off, perfect: your call."

"Bored is de only thing I'd never be if I'm with y', y' know?"

Pretending she was focused on the road, she didn't answer to this.

"Why didn't y' tell anyone, hein?"

And here she was again, starting a civilized chat with him; she didn't know how, but he'd lately been managing to put her into it more frequently:

"'Cause… Ah don't wanna bother anybody. They've got stuff to do. Yah've got stuff to do, Ah'm sure."

"Nothin' more important dan takin' care of ma belle chere."

"One of these days, Cajun… Ah'm gonna start bein' nice at yah; an' then yah'll probably leave me alone."

"I extremely doubt it: y'll never get rid of me; y'll see."

"Yay!" she added sarcastically, furrowing her nose in a way that made her look even prettier, if it was possible. it was great to have this chance not only to spend time with her, but also to help her out with something; she was so self sufficient all the time, and he loved that about her, but it wouldn't hurt to hear a "thanks, Remy" instead of a "disappear, Remy", at least once.

He knew her attitude towards him was all about her power, but he couldn't help himself. He couldn't just decide not to be into her.


There were other five or six people in the waiting room, reading a magazine, looking blankly into space or playing some game in their cell phones.

"Y' 'kay?" Remy asked again in a low voice.

"Ah'm fine, Ah told yah already; it's not like Ah broke mah ass in pieces."

He nodded, leaning back on the chair; but a few seconds later, he spoke again:

"Y' don't need anythin'? Water, or somethin'?"


"Y' don't want me t' talk t' de doctor?"

She stared at him like he was insane, running her finger through her hair:

"Now, why… on… earth would yah do that, ah?"

"Dunno… t' tell 'im t' treat y' right."

"Thanks… from the bottom of mah heart, but Ah'm sure the guy can do his job without your supervision."

Right then, the door to the doctor's office was opened, and a nurse called Rogue by her name, that is, Marie. It always felt weird to be called this way, but Remy actually kinda liked it.

"Ah don't wanna keep yah here this whole while, yah know?" she let him know: "Really, if yah need to leave, Ah know the way back home."

He couldn't believe she really thought he'd just leave her there like that; but it'd be fun to prove her wrong:

"Well, good luck in dere, den" he simply said, and he could have sworn he saw a little hint of disappointment in her eyes, right before she turned to go inside what looked like a torture room, with all of those equipments and needles and stuff.


When she left the dentist's office and found herself again in the waiting room, she not only had four molars left, but also this it strange sensation in her cheeks and jaw caused by the anaesthesia; it felt like her chin was gone and there was only empty space there; really weird. All she wanted to do was to crawl into her bed and sleep for hours.

"These are the medicines you need" the nurse handed her two pieces of paper: "And this is the list of food you can eat during today and tomorrow, okay?"

Speaking wasn't a choice for Rogue, since she couldn't even open her mouth; so she just nodded. With a quick look around, she noticed Remy wasn't there.

Ah knew he'd leave.

"All right. Oh, your boyfriend said he'd wait for you outside" the nurse concluded.

Rogue's eyes widened.

He ain't no boyfriend of mine!

"But I'm back already" Remy grinned contently, hearing what the lady had just said: "Don't worry, I'll take good care of her" he passed her arm over her shoulders, making Rogue cringe and give a step away.

Yah'll pay for this, Cajun.

They walked out of the room.

"So… how are y' feelin', cherie? Everythin' went well?" he carefully scanned her face, like he hadn't seen her in years.

Ah'm thriving.

She had no option but to shrug; the pins and needles sensation in her chin continued.

"Ah, so cat got Rogue's tongue, eh?" he smirked, as she narrowed her eyes: "This is gonna be interestin'."

Ah should have asked Kitty to come with me.

They got to the elevator to find there were a few men working on it:

"Sorry" a security guard told them: "The elevators were having a few problems, but they'll be ready in about a half hour."

A half hour?! Ah ain't gonna stay here starin' at this Swamp Rat's face a half hour.

It was easy to guess her thoughts, giving the look on her face:

"Desolé, but y' can't go down de stairs like dis; y' gotta rest an'… hey!"

She was already on her way.

It's only eleven floors, Ah'll live.

"Wait, chere! This ain't good for y' right now!" he tried to stop her while she started to go down the stairs, but she didn't even turn to look at him: "All right, y' wanna play dirty?"

And saying this, he carried her in his arms, giving her chance to do nothing about it.

Damn it, let me go! Ah hate yah!

She repeatedly punched his back with a fist and shook her legs, but he wouldn't put her back down. It was so frustrating not being able to talk, to protest, to insult him!

"Remy's in charge now, like it or not."