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Chapter 2: Ice cream and jello.

"Y' wanted t' go home, didn't y'? Well, dat's what we doin', so cut off de poutin'."

Ah can't believe he's talkin' to me like that! Who does he think he is?

They'd just reached second floor already, and he didn't look tired at all and hadn't sweated a single drop.

Ah'd wish they'd been eighty floors instead; yah wouldn't have that smirk in your face by now.

Finally, they reached first floor.

"Aw! You don't see this kind of gentlemen these days" said a lady that was about to take the stairs up: "You both look so cute."

"She's right, chere" he carefully allowed Rogue to stand on her feet again: "We'd make a really cute couple; y' should think 'bout it."

Giving him a furious glare, she straightened her shoulders and started fast walking towards the parking lot.

Yeah, yah'd look way cuter on a coma… where's the freakin' key?

She kept rummaging through her bag, until she heard the familiar beep, beep.

"Lookin' for dis?"

He was holding and shaking the keys to her car in front of her face, but when she tried to grab them, he instantaneously pulled them away:

"My turn t' drive, so get y'self comfortable" and then, he jumped on the driver's seat.

Damn thief!


He knew chocolate ice cream was her favourite, so he filled the basket with loads of it.

"Let's see: jello, juices, soup, ice cream… an' cigarettes." Those weren't on the list, of course, but he got himself a couple of boxes anyway.

As he stood in the line to pay for the groceries, he recognized he'd never done this kind of things before, and he wouldn't do it for anyone else: only for her. It was a special thing they shared, and he knew that underneath the fights and the huffs, she could feel it too. And it felt good.

She was supposed to wait for him in the car; but it's Rogue we're talking about, so he shouldn't have supposed she'd do it. As he approached, he realized she wasn't in there.

Poor Remy would have liked to smack his own head against a wall; couldn't she just do as she was told for a second?

Looking around on every direction, he right away spotted her auburn hair and green coat, walking down the street a few feet away.

"Mon Dieu, cherie!" he exhaled when reached her: "I'm gonna have t' tie y' next time! Where y' goin'?"

Sorry, Ah'll let yah know next time Ah wanna breathe.

Raising her gaze to the sky in complete irritation, she handed him the recipe they gave her back at the dentist's place.

"But why…?" he stared at her face and noticed something he hadn't: "Why can't y' wait for me an' we both can go buy this?"

He couldn't take his eyes away from it; would she be mad if he told her?

'Cause Ah'm a big girl an' Ah can do it mahself, mistah. An' there's a pharmacy two blocks from here… What yah starin' at?

"Dere's somethin'…"


"Chere, I know y've got a very handsome Cajun in front of y', but y' don't have t'… drool."

Rogue stayed paralyzed for a few moments, taking in the new. Next, she touched her numb chin and…


When seeing the ashamed look in her eyes, he swallowed hard any attempt to laugh, and hurried to say: "Hey, no worries, cherie! It ain't big deal. Come on, let's go back t' de car, oui?"

Rogue felt kind of defeated, like this is exactly what was left to prove she actually needed Remy's help. When she let herself fall on the seat again, she took a look at herself in the rear view mirror: her cheeks were a little swollen, like she stuck too many marshmallows inside her mouth; and yes, she needed a tissue too.


Snuggled on the passenger's seat, she felt her head was a little lighter now; it was just so comfortable being like this, not thinking about anything precise, not worrying about a thing, just letting everything around go by. She had finally resigned herself to her vulnerable condition, annoyed and warily at the beginning, but then, being able to rest this way started to feel good.

She opened her eyes for no particular reason, to find Remy was attentively staring at her.

"How y' feel?"

She was already tired of playing the mime, so she searched for her cell phone inside her bag and typed a few words.

"Don't feel half of my face an' must look like hell. But I'm okay" he read loud. "Y' could never look like hell, y' know? Y' just have a different type of beauty t'day."

She typed in her cell phone again:

Good try.

The line of cars waiting in the drivethrough pharmacy advanced a little. He thought it was better off this way, because it allowed him to keep an eye on her. Was he overacting with this? Maybe, but… he just wanted to make sure she was all right.

He watched her closing her eyes again, hiding her gloved hands inside the sleeves of her coat.


Hands on her hips and eyes narrowed, Rogue grumbled something no human being would have been able to decipher.

"Desolè, chere, but I didn't understand a word" he let her know, sauntering in her bedroom. She watched him placing the groceries on her dressing table, the medicines somewhere else, and then sitting comfortably on her couch; all he'd have to do to make it look like a nice family scene was to take off his shoes.

Then, she gesticulated something he pretended he didn't get either, but once she went inside the bathroom he could hear it clearly; or almost clearly:

"Who said yah could come into mah bedroom, ah?"

"Don't worry, Remy's company won't hurt any more dan it already did" he could so picture her rolling her eyes at this. It was the first time he entered to her room (that she was aware of) and he thought it was a good step.

A few moments later, she came out wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt, and then jumped on her bed; in spite of what she'd just said, she didn't look angry, like she was already used to his presence.

"Finally…" she could speak easier now, but not normally yet; go stick in your mouth two of those big marshmallows we were talking about and you'll see what I mean.

"So, what y' prefer right now?" he displayed the different items: "Chocolate ice cream, chocolate ice cream an'… chocolate ice cream?"

"Any suggestions?"

"Oui: dis one's good."

He handed her one of the containers and then observed how she difficultly tried to use the spoon and swallow with her cheeks like balloons. She kept herself busy with that, while he checked on which medicine she should take first and which one tomorrow. After that, they watched tv for a while and laughed at one of those absurd reality shows.


She was all tucked in her bed when abruptly woke up. Her jaw still felt weird, but a feeling of being protected totally hit her when she saw Remy, who'd fallen asleep on the couch. Deep inside, she dared to admit it: he looked so kind of strong, but yet caring, lying there…

"Why are yah doin' this, Swamp Rat?" she muttered to herself. Internally, she tried to justify their early fights with the fact that she wasn't used to this kind of things, that he was wasting his time with her. But she couldn't rip her heart off and stop thinking this was… nice. Yes, it was a nice, relaxing feeling.


No answer.


Not yet.

So she grabbed a pillow and tossed it against him, hitting him right on his face.

"Qu'est- ce qui se passe?" his hair was a mess. "Y' okay?"

"Yeah, Ah just wanted…"


She took a deep breathe and said it: "Thanks. For everythin'."

And then he knew it: he didn't really want her to thank him for anything; he just wanted to be with her.

"Don't, chere."

The lights were off, and it all was silence around.

"An' Remy?"


"Can Ah have more ice cream?"


Note: I wanna give special thanks to Rockel, for giving me the drooling idea, and to SPARK187, for helping me with a couple of things with the English. And gigantic thanks to everyone who reviewed this little piece! Btw, I don't know if I went too far with poor Rogue drooling on herself, but I guess I wanted to portray that the trust between her and Rems is growing, so it's no trauma if he sees her like that. Well that's it for now. I've got another idea for a crazy 1-shot, let's see if it works ;-)