As a whole, Earth's human population usually would not notice an elephant in front of their face if the elephant was in Times Square. They wouldn't notice because, in their mind, there is no reason for an elephant to be in Times Square. Essentially, humans only see what they want to see. -Thoraxe357


Smoke billowed into the sky, mingling with the thickening storm clouds steadily forming between the earth and her sun. It rolled up as if the bowels of Hell had come forth, spewing its noxious contents in the hopes of tainting Heaven.

If there was actually an outsider within five hundred miles of the smoky pillar's base, they would have heard the screams of a dying village. Doomed innocents ran hither and yon, trying to escape their potential murderers. Men and women alike sent forth their agony-induced wails as nerves flared, sending signals of absolute pain to withering brains.

Streaks of vibrant green and sickly yellow light flashed through out the village, granting some blessed relief and extending the pain of others. The throwers of these lights found sadistic pleasure in the reverberating wails of the village.


A boy of four was being dragged by his frantic mother in hopes of finding some kind of shelter from these evil men. The child, being incredibly intelligent for his age, did not resist his mother's tugs because he knew the danger they were in. He knew that these skull-faced men intended to kill them like they had done to so many of their neighbors, even if he didn't know the reason why.

As the pair rounded into a deserted alley, one of the men stepped from the shadows impeding their path. As they turned to run, another man blocked their escape. The boy heard evil laughs escape both of the hidden moths as two sticks were raised. Twin yellow beams erupted from the sticks, striking the boy and his mother simultaneously.

Pain beyond any of his imagining erupted along the boy's every nerve. His body began to quake violently as he valiantly held back the scream threatening to tear his throat to shreds. His mother, however, did not succeed and her scream filled the alley.

The boy looked at his mother with watering eyes. As he watched her writhe on the ground, the words his father spoke on his death bed passed through his mind.

"Son... your the... man now. I... know that you're... young, but... it's up to... you to pro...tect your mother. You have... to be strong for... her."

As he heard the words again, a new strength flooded his system, disintegrating the scream boiling just under the surface. To the men's shock, the boy crawled closer to his mother and, upon reaching her, placed her head in his lap and softly began to comfort her even through his own excruciating pain.

"Mommy its... hngh... gonna be okay. I'm here."

Unnoticed by the boy, both men gestured their sticks. The boy did notice, however, when the pain in his body seem to elevate to a level inconceivable by even the most high himself. His mother's screams increased in volume until he felt his eardrums rupture. The boy wrapped his hands around her chest as he felt the trickle of what he suspected was blood flow down both sides of his neck. He could feel her heart beating so fast it was almost a steady hum against his pain-wracked body.

The boy glanced at his mother. The men once again gestured and the child once again felt the pain increase. He felt his mother's heart increase to a pace higher than physically sustainable. Holding her tight he felt a dull thump resound through her chest. The screaming died away, taking his mother with it. As her body stilled, she gave her son one pain-free smile as her eyes closed for the last time.

The pain wracking the boy's body flared, then he went numb. With no apparent thought, he rose and stared into the suddenly terrified eyes of his assailants.

"Why?" was all he said as he advanced. "What did we ever do to warrant this attack? Why did you do this?"

A deep blue aura erupted into life around his small body. An indescribable energy boiled just under his skin, begging and pleading to be unleashed. He saw the men begin to spin on their heels and felt them seeping into some kind of invisible vortex. He gestured and the fleeing men were stopped by an immense force.

"There is no escape." came the boy's statements, laced with a strength not even witnessed in the men's heartless master. "Today is the day the calls of the innocents will be answered." The boy's voice resonated with an unearthly presence that sent a deep fear into the men's hearts.

The intense gaze shifted to his torturer. The man froze as if his whole body had locked up. His collegue looked on as the man's body began to shake violently. A gurgling scream erupted from his throat as he imploded.

As the fleshy mound that had once been a man fell to the ground, this... monster, this... devil in the form of a child turned his glowing blue eyes onto the remaining man. Seeing the supernatural gaze swivel to his horrified eyes, the second man fell to his knees.

"What... are you?"

"I? I am the living embodiment of vengeance. I have been tasked with your destruction. I am the equal and opposite culmanation of the evil of you and your ilk. And I... am he who is going to kill you."

With an unforseen burst of speed, the masked man tore away from the ground and out of the alley. His terrified screams tore through the village as the last innocent passed, calling the attention of his comrades. With deafening cracks, all of the assailants appeared around the man.

What is the meaning of this?" demanded one of the masked murderers, a strand of platinum blond hair slipping from his hood.

"H-h-hor-r-rrible... d-demon... dead." he looked toward the alley as blue light, glowing like an approaching spirit, began flooding the road. "By the Gods! Flee! Flee for your very lives!"

The rest turned to see a four-year- old child stride confidently from the alley, surrounded by an intense blue aura. He stopped as he became aware of the other men. Turning his eyes back to the original target, the child gave an evil smirk.

"I thought I told you that there was no escape." he stated with a small jerk of his hand. A beam of pure energy surged forth from his aura, straight toward the frantic man.

"NOOOOO!" he screamed as the beam struck and vaporized his body.

Silence reigned as the dust settled. Every one of the masked figures stood shocked at the power and ruthlessness they had just witnessed. Finally, gripping a pendant around his neck, the white-haired figure screamed at his men.

"Kill the brat!" resounded throughout the now silent village as he disappeared.

A volley of green lights surged forth from twenty sticks. To the continued shock of the men, every single light impacted onto the aura and was promptly absorbed. As each shot hit, the aura grew brighter and brighter. A lone tear slid down the glowing child's face as the distraught orphan slowly cracked through the visage of the cold killer.

As the arua brightened to a blinding level, the group heard one last thing, once more in a child's voice.

"W-why did you kill my mommy?"


Hundreds of miles away, in a grand castle, several tiny glass instruments shattered and three people screamed in agony until two dropped into unconsciousness. The door to their chambers burst inwards and five figures hurriedly strolled in. They approached the one member of the sensitive trio that remained awake and inquired as to what they had felt.

"Power! Power the likes of which has not been seen since Merlin himself. The second heir of magic has been awakened by the forces of death and balance. He has been tasked with the annihilation of the snake in God's garden."

The five turned toward each other and, after gaining the location, vanished.


Within the boundaries of Britain, a child of seven with shockingly pink hair woke up gasping.

"What was that...feeling?" she asked the darkness.


Elsewhere, a man with unruly black hair cradled a child with identical hair was he screamed. The man looked up as an elegant woman with crimson locks and a worried expression strolled into the nursery.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know, luv. He just won't stop crying. I've tried everything short of a silencing charm.

They both looked to the small child cradled in the man's arms as a glowing image of a lightning bolt appeared on his forehead. The bolt glowed brightly before breaking in half and fading away. Staring at each other, the same idea rolled from their tongues...

"Call Albus!"