Hey guys! I'm back, but now with an Ace Attorney story! I sorta lost intrest in Naruto (sahhh-weee) Oh well, it has enough people to write fanfics for it! N-not that Ace Attorney's doesnt!

...Well, onwards toward the story!

Title: Chicen Soup For The Heart
For: Fun, of course!
Rating: T
Why?: Sexual hints, gestures, and innuendo later on, along with some language
Pairing: TrucyxApollo (I like it, sorry if you disagree)
Summary: Apollo has to go pick up Trucy up from school due to a sudden problem. The small task seems to turn into something much more than just curing a simple fever...(Trolly! TrucyxApollo! Spoilers for 4-1?)

This takes place a few years after the end of the game. So, Trucy is 17 and Apollo is 24.

This is also my first Ace Attorney fanfic, so I am still trying to get used to the characters personalities and how to portray them in certain situations/with words, so please! If anyone seems OOC, I'm real sorry! D:

Right now, SPOILERS for the the first case I guess you could say? It mentions a hint of it. And LATER ON SPOILERS for the whole game. But for right now, there really aren't any yet I guess.

Apollo sighed as he put the papers down on the desk and spun his chair around, stopping it in time to look out the window. While he was a few floors up, the window provided a pleasant view of the part of the sky that had not been eaten up by the huge figure of the hotel across the street. A stray bird would pass by every now and then, and the sky that showed was usually filled with clouds. While this was better than nothing, it wasn't like the offices he worked at with Mr.Gavin. They were pleasantly furnished while the atmosphere radiated with a sense of peace no place he had worked (let alone really been) ever had. Even though there were no windows with the happy sight of stray birds and new developments, it was much better than having that sight at all. Although Apollo slightly shuddered at the thought of ever working for, let alone trusting, Mr.Gavin, he would always considered Gavin & Co. Law Offices his home away from home.

'Not so much now…' He thought closing his eyes, remembering the last time he had seen Gavin & Co. Law Offices (it had been put up for sale) and the ridiculous inauguration event that had taken places when he decided to stay at the Wright Anything Agency. Trucy had taken this news as though she had won the lottery, laughing, singing, and constantly hugging Apollo, telling him all the amazing adventures they would go on. Phoenix had just smiled and chuckled at Trucy's antics, telling Apollo that it was a good choice and he was happy he was staying also. It had been a few years, and Apollo had never been happier.

They had accepted and liked him, and he felt as though he was part of a family for the first time. 'Mr. Wright's sorta like my dad…' Apollo thought with slight embarrassment, '…and Trucy…' Apollo stopped.

'…what is Trucy?' Apollo came up with various answers. 'A human being. A magician. A student. A girl.' Apollo shook his head. 'To me! What is Trucy to me!' He asked himself more specifically, hating how his mind worked at times. 'She should be like my little sister, maybe even mother…but...I-I shouldn't…' Apollo opened his eyes, knowing what his thoughts might spit out next. 'I shouldn't be feeling this way towards her. I shouldn't love her this much.' Apollo was slightly shocked, knowing that love was such a strong word. Yet, he could not find any other word that summed up how he feels about her.

'I love Trucy!?'
'I love Trucy?'
'I love Trucy.'

His mined repeated this phrase over and over, sounding more confident with each repetition.

Apollo's thoughts were stopped short as he jumped in his seat at the sudden sound.

He twirled around in his chair and picked up the phone, not bothering to look at the caller ID.

"Wright Anything Agency, you've come to the 'Wright' place. How may I help you?" Apollo answered quite unenthusiastically. Most phone calls they received were usually telemarketers or someone had dialed the wrong number. Sometimes it was a client, but after they had received a good number of them a month back (Apollo's good reputation and record had been leaking out around town, which he was very proud of) there had barely been any calls.

"Yes? We are with the local High School, calling in regards to a Miss. Trucy Wright?" A lady said very formally on the other line. Apollo perked up as he had heard 'Trucy' and 'school'.

"Is everything all…right?" Apollo did not try to hide the obvious concern in his voice (though he did try to stop the more obvious pun, much to his displeasure, and failed).

"Is this a family member or guardian?" The lady replied, a hint of caution in her voice. Sure, Trucy, Mr. Wright, and Apollo all considered each other family (Apollo's new feelings just coming into light) it was probably not what the school wanted to hear. 'What do I say? If I tell them the truth, they'll probably not tell me what's happened to her. Do they even have Mr. Wright's cell phone? I can't lie, I-I just can't….'

"I'm her boyfriend." He blurted out, not realizing what he was saying. His eyes grew wide as he clapped his free hand over his mouth. 'WHAT!? Her BOYFRIEND!? I doubt she'll believe that, I mean, come on! Boy-'

"Ms. Trucy did mention you! So I guess it is fine that I tell you…" She started to trail off, completely unaware of his lie. He seemed to still be stuck on the fact that she believed him. 'Trucy….mentioned me? As her boyfriend?' His mind could not grasp the concept as the lady started to tell him what had happened.

"Trucy here seemed to get into a little bit of a tiff with some of her other classmates. She didn't start it, of course, but once the first fist flew she was stuck in the middle of it. Poor girl…" The lady on the other end sympathized with Trucy. "They tease her a lot because of her magic. Sometimes they even go as far as to taunt her about her about her father!" The lady sounded shocked, and it seemed that all this was news to her. Apollo couldn't believe what he was hearing. 'How come she never told me? I would have listened….' He felt a pang of guilt go through him, recalling all those times he had been to busy with work to really talk to Trucy when she came home from school. 'I can understand her magic, but to go as far as to taunt her about her Mr. Wright? Even start to physically harm her over it, it's, it's…' Apollo felt anger rush through him as he balled his hand into a fist.

"Trucy also seems to have a slight fever. She has been looking a little flustered the past day or two." How Apollo never noticed this shocked and angered him even more.

"I'll come and pick her up." He said curtly to the lady on the other end. He could practically see her nodding.

"That'd be best. She has all of her homework for the week so she…" He didn't pay attention as she trailed off. "Good-bye, see you soon." He put the phone down as soon as he heard 'good-bye' and swiftly ran to grab a light jacket and his cell phone. The weather outside wasn't too cold, but it had started to get more windy out. Luckily, her school wasn't very far away. It was an easy fifteen minute walk from the agency, which was lucky because it saved Mr. Wright the cost of buying a bus pass for her.

Apollo, being a miracle maker that he is, turned that nice fifteen minute walk into a nice five minute dash.

Just what a suspenseful ending, huh? Sorry if things seem rushed or anything, also. This story is going to be at least 6 or 7 chapters long, so I hope you all like it!

I guess this first chapter is dedicated to my friends, seeing as they are getting back into writing also. Much thanks to TheMysteriousAuthoress for helping with some spelling and giving me the kick-in-the-butt to update! She's in my favs, so go check her out! :D

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