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"stay...i'm not asking for anything more than company, no expectations. please."

Wendy could hardly believe he just asked her to stay. Her heart stopped and her face must have reflected that because Hodges began apologizing.

"Sorry forget I ever asked. I'm such an ass. Here you are in my house, which is more than I could ever have asked for..."

"David." She stopped his embarased rant. "It's okay. I'd like to stay." She said with a small smile.

"You would?" He whispered. She nodded. "Oh." Was all he could manage in response. For what seemed like forever neither moved. Hodges paralyzed with fear, Wendy just plain confused.

"Hodges? Okay. I don't know about you but, I generally like to sleep in something that's not a skirt. So if I could..."

"Oh yeah right." He startled out of his trance. "I'll...I'll um, find you something." He said as he headed off in the direction of his room. "I set out some stuff on the bed, if you want something different just let me know."

"Okay." A few moments later she emerged in one of his grey t-shirts and a pair of coca cola sleep pants, her hair was down. Hodges stared at her for a few moments unsure of what to say. Then finally he came up with something.

"Wow." was all he could say.

"Oh come on, you've go to be kidding me." Wendy was surprised he was impressed by her in pajamas.

"No, really. I think you should come to work like that; or maybe you shouldn't I don't know if I could resist coming over to touch you." He explained as he came over and took her in his arms. "Now gimme a second to get my Pj's on and then we can get comfortable."

"Alright you can come in" he called to her when he was finished changing. "Um, do you sleep on your side or stomach, or your back?" He winced slightly at his lack of eloquence.

"On my side usually. Well any way but on my stomach, I always wind up choking on my pillow."

"I'm a back or stomach man myself so I guess it'll work out. Do you have a side?"

"Either one."

" Okay, ah well make yourself comfortable." He said gesturing to the bed. After a moments shuffling the pair got comfortable. Hodges on his back, Wendy tucked at his side her head on his shoulder. One of his arms was around her waist the other played with her hair. He wound a shiny black lock around his finger and sighed. Life is good.

"Comfy?" he asked his guest.

"Yeah." She mumbled and draped an arm across his chest. They lay for a moment in a state of drowsy content, well Wendy was content. Hodges was wound like a clock.

"You comfy?" She asked.


"You're not relaxed though."

"I'm relaxed."

"No you're not." She propped her self up on her elbow to get a better view. "You're tense. I can feel It. Not to mention your heart is racing. What's up."

"Well, honestly it's been a long, long time since I have had a woman in bed with me let alone a woman of your caliber." He confessed. "And I'm a little...nervous."

"How long is a long time? If I may be so bold."

"How long have you been at the lab?"



"Was it my fault?"


"Sorry. I didn't mean to dent your machismo." She said playfully.

"No, ah far from it it's just...when you find exactly what your looking for nothing else can measure up, and when you know you can never have it, it's not even worth trying."

"Wow." it was her turn to be speechless.

"Yeah. See at first it was purely physical, you made even those awful lab coats look good." She smiled a little. "Then I got to know you, I got under your skin, I learned all the right buttons to push, and I was hooked. You're like caffeine, you get into my blood and I'm wired and jittery but I just can't function without it." Wendy responded the only way she could think of. Within moments she was on top of him kissing him senseless. I was all Hodges could do to not pass out. Instead he actually dislodged himself from the object of his affection.

"Wendy wait. You know if we start this we won't be able to stop, and I have no protection." She growled softly and sat back.

"Damn." she breathed. Wendy attempted to think but her lust addled brain would have none of it.

"Um, Wendy. I hate to bother you but you're straddling me and well it's not helping the situation." He hesitated to call attention to the fact that he was stiff as a board, but then again she had probably noticed, considering she was sitting on it.

"Well." She said having finally come to a conclusion. Then next words out of her mouth practically sent him over the edge then and there. "Nothing says we can't make out until we can't stand it and grope like teenagers."

"Dirty." He smirked

"Nobody's perfect." She shrugged and leaned down over him again.

"You're damn close." He panted between kisses. He moaned softly into her mouth and traced the lines of her body with eager hands. Wendy responded by gently rocking her hips into his. He gasped and pulled her closer arching into her increasing the friction between them. She whimpered and slid her hands under his t-shirt. She began at first to run her fingers over his taunt chest, but as the pace of the rocking increased she gripped his sides hard enough to make him gasp.

"Sorry." She squeaked.

"S'okay." He assured her. Taking advantage of the moment he rolled her to her back and began nibbling at her neck. She fought not to dig her nails in again. She lost the battle as he nuzzled down her chest and ghosted his mouth over her breast.

"Of course you're a scratcher." He teased as he kissed her again.

"Can't help it."

"Oh, don't worry I'll get my revenge." He said mischievously as he slipped his hands under her shirt to slide it off.

"My god you're beautiful." He said causing her to blush. The moment was cut short however as he leaned down and bit her rather hard on the collarbone.

"Ouch! That hurt!" she protested, he smirked. "I bruise easily, now I can't wear those v-necks you like so much." she informed him as she smacked him playfully.

"I guess I'll have to leave them where they don't show then." He said with a glint in his eyes. Starting at the red mark on her neck he traveled down her chest and stomach to her hip. Taking advantage of the ill fitting sleep pants he lowered a portion of the waistband ever so slightly. She sighed wantonly as he first covered the patch of skin in kisses then bit down again.

"There" he said his voice thick. "that one won't show."

"David." Her voice was husky to match his. "You have too many clothes on." She informed him. Just her tone made him shiver as he removed his shirt.

"That's all that goes sorry, I have nothing on under the bottoms." He said as he lay down beside her again.

"That's okay, neither do I." She whispered causing him to shudder yet again.

"Naughty minx. And this is the one time I don't have protection." He growled.

"I guess that means I have to come back some time." She said as she slid her hand down his athletic frame. "Until then we have to take care of this another way." She said as she palmed him through the thin fabric. He moaned and kissed her voraciously. She continued to rub through the pants driving him up the wall.

"Please" He begged desperate for skin on skin contact. She obliged slipping under the waistband and wrapping her hand around the slick member. She grinned as she watched his eyes roll back in his head. She continued to stroke, making him arch and pant. She leaned forward and kissed him gently, his mouth was cold.

"Gosh, I think this is the first time I have ever seen you without something to say." She said kissing him again.

"Very funny." he groaned. "I'm so close...please. Just a little more." Wendy increased the pace of her ministrations. Hodges tilted his head back and bit his lip. "Ohgodyes." He slurred as he came into her hand. Both of them lay motionless for a moment until Wendy needed to wash her hand and Hodges needed to change his pants. She returned from the bathroom to find him in a pair of boxers.

"Come here." He urged and patted the bed space next to him. "Thank you." he said as he kissed her and wound his hand through her hair. "I haven't done that since I was a kid."

"So, a long long time ago?"

"You think you're so funny."

"You wouldn't want me any other way." she reminded him.

"Very true. Wendy," he said after a moments pause, "would you want to go out with me?"

"I thought you'd never ask." She grinned from ear to ear.

"Perfect! now, I don't know about you but I'm exhausted."

"Me too." she agreed and soon the lovebirds were fast asleep. Wendy nestled into his neck, and Hodges with a smile on his face.

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