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Lenalee sighed

Lenalee sighed as she was led, yet again, to Hevlaska to get her innocence tested. They had been doing that every other day ever since she was six. But no matter how many tests they did, they could never get her to activate her Dark Boots properly or get satisfactory syncronisation rates. While the Scientists are baffled over the figures and the results and are trying to find the reason for her poor performance so they would not anger him, Lenalee knew the exact reason why there were no results.

She disliked the Dark Boots, hated it even. She hated it for coming to her so that she had to be separated from Komui nii-san. She could never forget his face as she was taken away by the priests. He looked like his world had collapsed. He wasn't alone, so had hers.

But after she reached the Order, no matter how much she pleaded, they wouldn't listen to her. They ignored her when she cried, and continued doing more tests on her. She hated the tests. During the tests, she faced the discomfort of being observed, like she was a test subject, a white mouse. And there was him. He always stared at her with such intensity, like she was a naughty child, when she couldn't produce any results. And the cloaked things around him didn't make things better. She always ended up being nervous when he was around, which did not help with her feeble efforts to activate Dark Boots. As always, after some time, the Scientists would give up, and she would be brought back to her room.

Watching the Scientists pack up, she realized her other fear besides him. Seeing all the adults around her made her feel so small and helpless. Being so much bigger than her, she constantly felt threatened when they approached.

If only there was another child I could talk to.

She dismissed her wistful wish almost immediately. It was impossible, no other child exorcist came ever since she did, making her the youngest exorcist in the order. Two years have already passed, what are the chances? She would probably grow up, lonely, never seeing her brother again.

"General Tiedoll, I see that you are back. I'll be expecting your report. And the new Exorcist?"

Lenalee turned at the voice. Ever since she came to the Order, whenever he spoke around her, it was always directed at the Scientists, Finders or herself. Who is this General Tiedoll? Turning around, she saw a rather old person, with a beard. However, what struck her as strange was the kindness and gentleness reflected in his eyes. She never thought anyone in the Order would be able to look like that. All the people around her were always aloof or cold, just like prison wardens.

"I left him with Marie. Both of them should be coming over once Marie showed him around the place." The one named General Tiedoll answered.

As if on cue, the door to the lab opened. Lenalee looked towards the door to see Marie. She saw him around the Order, but never talked to him. He was big, which sort of frightened her. There was someone following him. A child with beautiful long hair, just like her. Her heart skipped a beat. Did someone actually hear her wish? It was a child her age.

General Tiedoll turned at Marie's entrance and acknowledged both Marie and the younger child with a smile. Lenalee wished that someone could smile at her like that.

"Come here, Yuu-kun. We have to get your innocence tested." General Tiedoll said. The younger child paused for a while, rather overwhelmed by the facilities of the place.

"Don't be shy. It'll only take a short while." Tiedoll said warmly. The younger child scowled a bit before walking up to the General. Meanwhile, he looked on with such a disapproving face. Lenalee couldn't tell if it's because of the fact that another child got brought in, meaning more trouble, or if he was unhappy with the way the General treated his disciples. Because disciples aren't meant to be protected. He said it over and over again, so many times to the nurses, that she could memorise it.

Kanda decided that he disliked the person in front of him. The person had a look which told others that he looked down on them. It was very different from Tiedoll's gaze, which always held kindness and respect. Not that he liked Tiedoll a lot either.

As the person discussed with Tiedoll about his innocence, Kanda took the time to look around the room. It wasn't long before he spotted a small figure in the middle of the people in white coats. It was a girl. She looked younger than him.

Lenalee shifted her gaze to the child, and at that moment, Lenalee's and Kanda's eyes met. Violet met Blue as they stared at each other. One held hope, the other curiousity.

Finally, another child, I want to make friends.

Who is she, another Exorcist?

Tiedoll tapped Kanda on his shoulder, "We'll bring you to see Hevlaska, come on." Kanda turned towards his Master, and the eye contact broke. Lenalee too, was now surrounded by Finders, ready to bring her back to her room. She stood up and followed the Finders.

I want to meet that child again. Hopefully, it will be soon.

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