Harry looked over the top of his dingy glasses at the mounds of gold in his vault, having a brief burst of insight.

"Hermione will know exactly what to do."


The raven haired lad and his best friend sat down and made a shopping list, deciding on most everything Harry was going to need to completely divest himself of his old life with the Dursleys. There was only one place in London where they figured they'd be able to find everything they were going to need.

"Harrod's!" they exclaimed together.


Four hours later, the both of them were exhausted, not having bought a single thing outside of an absurdly overpriced sandwich and fizzy grapefruit drink. They sat outside the monolithic department store, munching and going over their list.

"Harry, I hate to say it, but I think we're going to have to shop somewhere else." said the brown haired girl.

Nodding over a mouthful of food, Harry ran his other hand through his permanently messy hair, considering the situation. While true that Harrod's had everything under the sun, the products were all marked up in the extreme - and most of the sales staff wouldn't give the two teens a second glance without a sniff of distaste to go along with it. Regardless of the amount of money sitting in Harry's vaults, the simple fact is that if he tried to kit himself out completely inside the walls of Harrod's, that amount would shrink to almost nothing.

"I mean, did you see that trunk upstairs? Sixteen thousand pounds? Ludicrous!" ranted Hermione while Harry watched her, a bemused smile on his face. She was correct, of course, but before they left the place he had one last idea.

"Hermione," he began slowly, "you did see they had a Godiva chocolate bar in there, right...?" said Harry, a devilish smirk working its way onto his face.

Hermione's eye's fluttered shut for a moment, and she just hummed in response while licking her lips.