He left me, he left me, the words fly through my head. I can't stop them no matter how much they are hurting me. He left, he left. He's never coming back.

I continue to run in the direction he went, desperate to catch up.

He's gone, gone, gone.

I stumble of a tree root. It doesn't really hurt me, but I begin crying louder anyways.

I'm all alone.

I curl up into a little ball, unable to move. I'm not sure how long I lay there on the ground, but after a while people begin to call my name.

I don't care; let them look.

"Bella,"Victoria says from behind me, "You're finally all alone. I've been looking for a way to kill you. I really don't have anything against you, but your Edward needs a good dose of pain for killing my James. So...um..." she trails off, "I expected you'd run and scream."

"Nope," I say, barely understandable through all my sobbing, "I'm not going to run or scream. Go ahead and kill me now. Please."

Anything to stop the pain.

"I-I'm afraid I don't understand," Victoria says.

"H-he left me!" I sob, "Please, please kill me. I don't think I can live without him."

I close my eyes and brace for the pain of her bite.

When it doesn't come I look up at her in confusion.

"You poor thing," she whispers. She sits besides me and pats my shoulder, "It'll get better."

I can't help myself, I throw my arms around her and begin to sob.

"Hush. It'll be alright," she says softly. She begins singing a lullaby which reminds me of Edward so I begin crying evn harder, "It gets better; trust me."

Huh. I never would've pegged her for a kind person.

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