Oh Gosh No! Not Another Dance Story was made because of all the stories about dances in the DP fandom. Now there is an epidemic of DP chat room fics, so I have decided once again to parody and make fun of their clichés. I am not in any way mocking those who have written chat room stories; I am simply making fun of the idea.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Danny Phantom, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley or anyone else like that. Butch Hartman does. If I owned them, there would be a lot more episodes involving random things and Sam would have a pet ectopus named Benedict.

Notdannyfenton: Danny… or is it?!

Technogeekguy: Tucker

Chaos: Sam

Grammarfreak07: Jazz

Notdannyfenton has logged on

Chaos has logged on

Technogeekguy has logged on

Notdannyfenton: Hai boyz, duu u think schmoopiezz pwwwwnnzzz?!111

Chaos: Yes

Technogeekguy: No.

Chaos: Yes.

Technogeekguy: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!1 Mike is g4y111

Chaos: I don't care but yes and g4y is Mike

Notdannyfenton: Who is Mike

Chaos: Mike is g4y :) lololol I mean Mike is g4y

Technogeekguy: lol another optshion

Notdannyfenton: What r u talking about

Grammarfreak07 has signed on

Grammarfreak07: This place is a terrible cesspool of bad grammar. You three should be ashamed!

Technogeekguy: Ligthn up Jazz. We r just typing stuf

Chaos: Yeah, its not liek we need 2 spell right

Notdannyfenton: lol, u r teh gramur lord

Grammarfreak07: Well fine then! Go ahead and act like uncivilized barbarians! I will have my revenge some day! And grammar will rule the world! Muahahahahaha!

Grammarfreak07 has logged off

Chaos: Well time 4 Danny and me's nightly make-out session!

Notdannyfenton: by

Chaos has logged off

Notdannyfenton has logged off

Technogeekguy: Aww, now im all alone…

Technogeekguy has logged off

Theevilvillainofthestory has logged on

Theevilvillainofthestory: Ah yes, soon my evil plan will be complete! Mwuahahaha! (Checks e-mail) No I do not want a free I-pod or pictures of my teacher's "sex leg"!!

Uh-oh, there's an evil villain! Who could it be!? The question about Schmoopy is from Unforgotten Realms and "sex leg" is a joke from the World of Warcraft forums. This chapter parodied the random conversation cliché of chat room stories. The next chapter will bring up the oft used school survey, with an insane guy of doom style twist.