James Sirius Potter is… weird

Title: James Sirius Potter
Author: missmusic666
Summery: James Sirius Potter is weird. (Teddy tells us a bit about James).
Rating: PG-13 for mentioned sexual situations
Characters: James, Teddy
Pairings: Teddy/James
Bandom/Fandom(s): Harry Potter, next gen
Disclaimer: it's JKR's.

A/N: This is sorta a companion piece to Teddy Remus Lupin, but it's in my "The Second Marauders" series, while the Teddy story is not.

James Sirius Potter is… weird.

Really, there's four kind of Jameses. And he barely ever ventures from those four Jameses.

The first is happy James (or Jamie). He immediately finds me, no matter what he's doing, plonks himself in my lap takes a book out of his pocket and starts reading. That's it. Just sits there and reads massive books that he later talks about in French to my pére. (But really it's okay, 'cause now a days we always end up snogging.)

Then there's angry James (also known as JamesMyLoveIDidn'tMeanTo). He barges into the room (once I was doing something no one should see unless they ask) and stands two feet in front of me and just stares. He just looks at me with cold brown eyes, his hands on his jutting hips, until I break. I immediately confess every little thing I've done bad since the last time he was angry. Then the muttering starts. It's usually part French, part Latin (yeah, what the fuck?) and part English. Then he looks up and smiles at me, and then it's over.

Next is sad James (see: Jamie-Poo). This is the only time he knocks on my door. He knocks and says, always in the same wounded voice, "Teddy-Bear, can I come in?" I always say, "Yes Jamie-Poo, why'd you knock?" And he settles himself in my lap, presses his face against my neck and tears slowly slide down into the collar of my shirt. I then carry him to my bed, lay him down and go over to my stareo, and turn on his favorite mix. Then we cuddle and gently kiss his lips until he falls asleep.

And last is content James (a.k.a. Luv). He's pretty calm when he's content. And amusing, he always has a witty anecdote to supply in every conversation, always willing to supply sarcasm and a snarky additude. My dad says he's like an odd mix of pére and James's ganfather, except he's never been pompus. And, whenever he can, he holds my hand, rubbing his thumb on my knuckles, and whispers little comments, whether it be a mean comment about some whore-ish girl walking down the street or a random song lyric (whether he wrote it or not).

So yeah, James is weird with his quad-emotional span, but oh well.

Because I'm in love with him.