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All was quiet in the village of Konahagakure no Sato, but this night would become the night a legend was born. The Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze and his wife Kushina Uzumaki would have a child that would have the fate of the world on his shoulders. Minato stood with the retired Third Hokage, and his teacher Jiraiya inside the Hokage's office. The silence between the two men was broken when Jiraiya spoke.

"Minato, you know it's coming and it won't show mercy right?" asked Jiraiya.

Minato was silent until he nodded,

"Yes the scouts sent me a message that its arrival will be here with in the next hour," Minato spoke.

"Minato," the Third Hokage began.

Minato looked up at Sarutobi.

"You don't plan to use, 'That' jutsu do you?" asked Sarutobi. Minato was silent before he spoke

"If it comes down to that as a last option. I won't have a choice now will I?" Minato said with a grimmace.

Jiraiya sighed "But Minato, if it comes to that you will have to seal it into a newborn because it's chakra coils aren't fully grown,"

"I know. I will have to use my son. I couldn't ask a family to just give me their child and use it as the vessel." Minato replied leaning on his desk.

"I see what you're saying, but if you use that jutsu you will die. You won't be able to watch your son grow up into the Hokage like you want him to be," said Sarutobi.

Minato frowned, and knew it was true. Minato was already stressed out as it was. First off he was told his wife might not survive giving birth to his son. And last but not least was that the strongest tailed demon of the world was on its' way to Konoha.

"Well, if worst is to happen Sarutobi. I want you to watch over my son. And I want him to be seen as a hero if I have to seal the demon into him," said Minato standing up.

Sarutobi nodded, "It would be wise to do so. The villagers may think of him as the demon itself instead of its jailor," Sarutobi said.

Minato sighed heavily, but remembered something.

"Sarutobi, I want you to read my will if I die tonight. It will tell what I leave for my son and instructions on what will happen to him if the villagers treat him poorly," said Minato pointing to his desk.

Sarutobi nodded, "I will do so Minato," Sarutobi answered.

Jiraiya put a hand on his students shoulder, Minato looked up at him.

Jiraiya smiled "Minato, should anything happen to you I will train Naruto when he comes of age. And since I'm his godfather I think I will keep an eye on him" Jiraiya said.

Minato smiled at Jiraiya, "Jiraiya thank you. I always thought of you as a father I never had," Minato said shaking Jiraiya's hand. "And I always thought of you as my son Minato," Jiraiya replied.

At an outpost along the south side of the village wall stood two Anbu black ops watching for the demon. One had dirty blond messy hair, blue eyes, white skin, and was wearing the standard uniform with a hawk mask. The second Anbu was the captain age thirteen, Itachi Uchiha. Itachi was no taller than his companion, he had long black hair which was tied into a pony tail, a tight face with a line on either side towards his nose, he was wearing a white robe with a cat mask on, his sword strapped to his back. The one beside him also had his sword tied to his back as well.

"Itachi, what do you think is going to happen when the demon comes?" asked the blond.

Itachi thought for a moment before he spoke.

"I don't know Link, but I know that a lot of fellow shinobi will die tonight when it comes," replied Itachi.

"Yeah no kidding, but if a lot of people die I hope we can still save the village," said Link.

Itachi only nodded in agreement, but something caught his eye. Itachi lifted a pair of binoculars to his eyes. "Well, I think we're going to be in one hell of a fight," Itachi said.

Link looked at him puzzled, Itachi sighed at his young friend and placed his hand on Links head. Itachi turned Links head to the south and held the binoculars up to his eyes.

"Oh well, lets warn the Hokage," Link said.

"No you will do it I will get the Anbu rounded up and get the villagers to shelter, you go tell the Yondaime," said Itachi as he shunshined out of sight.

"I really need to learn to do that," Link muttered. Link hopped on the rooftops towards the Hokage tower.

Minato heard a knock on the office door

"Enter" said Sarutobi.

The door opened to reveal an Anbu with a hawk mask standing in the door.

"Yes Link what is it?" asked Minato.

"Yondaime-sama the demon is here," Link said walking into the office.

Minato put on a serious look, "How far away is it? And is Itachi gathering up the Anbu?" asked Minato.

"About seven miles away. And Itachi went to round up the Anbu," Link replied.

Minato nodded, "Good, I need you to get the shinobi of the village ready. And I want Itachi to have three squads of Anbu to get the villagers to shelter," Minato instructed.

"Copy that Hokage-sama!" Link said.

Link vanished, "That boy is an odd one. I'm surprised that he managed to keep his sanity for not having parents or friends," said Jiraiya.

Sarutobi, and Minato nodded in agreement. "Well I'm going to go check on Kushina, I'll be back soon," Minato said as he shunshined.

Minato appeared outside the operating room, as he entered the room he saw Kushina going into labor.

"Ah! Hokage-sama!" said a nurse.

Minato wheeled round and came face to face with nurse. Minato let a grin cross his face and he rubbed the back of his head. "Oh hello!" said Minato inwardly punching himself for not knowing her name.

The nurse blushed at the grin of the Hokage in front of her. Not that she would flirt with him because he's married, it has been known that a lot of fangirls would chase him in the past.

"Can I help you Hokage-sama?" asked the Nurse.

"Uh, yeah I was wondering if I can go into the room to see my wife," Minato said remembering why he was there in the first place.

"Oh! Of course Hokage-sama! And call me Hitomi" Hitomi said. Minato nodded as Hitomi opened the door, Minato stepped in and walked over to his wife.

Kushina looked up at Minato, "Hey honey" said Minato sitting at her side.

"Hey Minato" Kushina smiled.

Kushina screamed in pain, Minato clasped her hand as she squeezed it hard. Minato began losing the feeling in his fingers as they turned purple.

"Come on honey! Push!" Minato said with encouragement. Kushina screamed again as there came a new scream of a baby.

"Oh congratulations!" Hitomi said wrapping the baby in a blanket and bringing him over to Minato and Kushina.

Minato now cradled his newly born son.

"Hey little guy!" said Minato tickling his sons stomach. The baby giggled as it was tickled, Minato felt his sons hands wrap around his finger.

"Whoa you got a pretty strong grip there buddy!" Minato laughed. The baby gave another heart warming giggle. Minato gently handed his son to Kushina. Kushina held onto her son as she cried with joy, "Oh Mama's little boy is so cute!" Kushina said hoarsly. Minato chuckled as he wrapped his arm around his wifes shoulder and put his free hand on his sons forehead.

Jiraiya poofed into the room and walked over to the pair of them.

Jiraiya looked down at his godson, "Wow Minato he looks just like you, same hair, same eyes, same skin," Jiraiya said patting Minato on the back.

Minato grinned up at Jiraiya, "That means he's got Kushina's attitude," Minato chuckled.

"Oh ha, ha, very funny Minato!" Kushina grimmaced.

"How about you go see your godfather?" Kushina asked her son.

Jiraiya took the boy out of her arms gently, "Oh I can't wait to train you little guy!" Jiraiya beamed.

"Jiraiya if you make him a pervert I swear I'll kill you!" Kushina hissed.

Jiraiya paled instantly and gulped, "Heh, heh, don't worry Kushina I won't," said Jiraiya.

Kushina began coughing badly, blood trickled from her mouth a little.

"Kushina!" Minato shouted.

Hitomi rushed over and examined her, "Oh no, she's hemorrhaging!" Hitomi said running towards the door.

"I need assistance now!" Hitomi called down the hall.

There came hurried footsteps, as a doctor and a nurse came in. The doctor ran over to Kushina and felt her pulse it was fading rapidly. The doctor frowned and stood up slowly, this was impossible to save.

"I'm sorry Kushina we can't stop the bleeding, if we did, we would do more harm than good," the doctor said sadly.

"Can't you at least try?" Minato asked with tears builing up in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Hokage-sama, if we did it would lower her heart rate," said the doctor.

Minato felt tears fall down his face, there was an echoing rumble. The demon had arrived to the village, Minato cursed angrily. Kushina lifted a hand up to Minato's face and smiled at him.

"It's okay Minato. I will be waiting for you when your time comes," Kushina said as she coughed again.

"Please make sure you don't have to use 'That' jutsu unless it's necessary," Kushina pleaded.

Minato nodded and knew that Kushina's final seconds were upon her. Kushina looked at her son after he was back in her arms.

"I will be watching over you Naruto," Kushina said with a tear falling from her eye. Minato took Naruto from her arms, he looked down at his wife. Minato leaned down and kissed Kushina one last time, Kushina stopped breathing and died with a smile. Minato now held his son in his arms as he cried for the loss of his mother.

Jiraiya put his hand on Minato's shoulder, "Come on lets go," Jiraiya said as he shunshined out of the room.

Minato shunshined out of the room and appeared back in the Hokage's office. Sarutobi looked over at Minato but frowned seeing his face was full of grief and joy.

"Sarutobi, please look out for Naruto for now. I'll be back!" Minato said as he hopped out the window.

Minato landed on the ground and bit his thumb hard enough to draw blood, "Summoning Jutsu!" Minato shouted. There was a large poof of smoke as a giant toad with a pipe and a katana at his side stood above the village.

"Minato why is it you have summoned me at this hour?" asked the toad. Minato hopped onto his head and pointed to the south end of the village.

"That is why Gamabunta!" Minato said. Gamabunta looked in front and saw the nine tailed demon fox, Kyuubi no Kitsune in front of him.

"Minato you do know that this demon can't die right?" Gamabunta asked. Minato nodded, "Yeah, but we still need to try!" Minato said. Gamabunta nodded and hopped toward the south wall of the village.

Back at the south wall the shinobi of the village were trying to their fullest extent to stop the demon from entering. Link and a couple of shinobi were throwing some kunai, and shuriken but none were piercing the body of the demon.

"That won't stop me you stupid fools!" Kyuubi shouted.

Kyuubi swung its' tail at an outpost that was holding five shinobi. The tower exploded showering the area with wood, and blood.

"We gotta get out of here!" shouted a frightened shinobi.

"No we need to hold out long enough for Hokage-sama to arrive!" Link shouted.

Itachi appeared by Link, "What's the situation so far? I just finished getting the villagers to safety," Itachi asked.

Link pulled out a bow and arrow, "Well we have lots of damage done here, and we have about 30 casualties," Link replied firing the arrow.

"I see. I will go and get the injured to cover," Itachi said as he vanished. Link fired another arrow, this time in hit the Kyuubi between the eyes.

"Yes I got a hit!" Link said in triumph.

"You little brat! Eat this!" shouted Kyuubi. Kyuubi swiped at Link extremely fast. The wall Link was standing on with five other shinobi exploded. Link shot up into the air, with one thought on his mind before he flew into the ground from 300 feet.

"Oh shit!" was all Link managed to get out before landing on the ground and blacking out.

Itachi came back to the wall were Link was earlier only to find it destroyed. Itachi's eyes widened in fear as he began looking around for his blond friend.

"Link! Link!" Itachi called out running along the destroyed wall. After three minutes Itachi found half of a hawk mask on the ground in front of him. Itachi looked around and found a body about 20 yards away.

Link opened his eyes and found Itachi running towards him before he blacked out again. Link heard Itachi's voice when he reached him.

"I got you buddy hang on!" Itachi said shaking Link to wake him up. Link opened his eyes again his vision blurry and felt darkness cover his eyes.

Link opened his eyes again and saw Itachi standing above him, "Stay with me Link! I need you to stay awake!" Itachi yelled slapping his face lightly.

"Hey! Where's that medic?" shouted Itachi. That was the last thing Link heard before he blacked out. The medics ran towards Itachi with a stretcher, "Get him to the hospital now!" Itachi barked.

The medics put Link on the stretcher rather quick, "Easy! Easy!" Itachi said angrily.

The medics ran out of sight, just as they did a whole block of houses exploded behind Itachi.

"Damn-it!" shouted Itachi.

The explosions engulfed Itachi as he was slammed into the remains of the south wall. Itachi felt his vision go blurry, he tried to walk but was stopped from all the pain in his ribs, and his leg. Itachi heard himself breathing heavily as he limped to the park ahead of him. Itachi heard screams and a kid crying for help. Itachi looked around looking for the kid, he turned his head and saw another building 500 yards away collapse. The cry for help died away, Itachi continued limping to the park but fell on a pile of rubble. With the last of his strength he looked around the area, the entire area his squad was to protect was destroyed comepletely engulfed in flames. He felt angry that he failed to protect this part of the village, but was sad knowing his entire squad excluding Link who was badly injured and himself were dead. Itachi's head fell to the ground the last thing he saw was the Kyuubi slowly going into the village deeper before his vision went white.

About three hours had passed since the Kyuubi entered the village, Minato had tried everything and every jutsu he learned on the demon but to no avail.

"It looks like I don't have a choice," said Minato.

"Gamabunta get us to my office quickly! I need to use that jutsu!" Minato ordered.

Gamabunta hopped into the air and landed at the Hokage's office. Minato stepped off Gamabunta and entered through the window to see Jiraiya and Sarutobi waiting for him.

Minato looked up at them, "I tried everything. Every jutsu I know it hasn't made a dent in the Kyuubi," Minato said.

Sarutobi and Jiraiya knew what had to be done, Minato looked like he went through hell and back. Minato's clothes were ripped and torn in places, he had minor cuts on his face, and some blood coming from his stomach.

"Minato, I'll look forward to taking care of Naruto in the future," said Sarutobi handing Naruto to Minato.

Naruto had a seal drawn on his stomach to where the Kyuubi would be trapt. Minato nodded and jumped onto Gamabunta.

"Alright, Gamabunta lets finish this!" Minato said strongly.

"Right!" Gamabunta replied. Gamabunta landed in front of the Kyuubi, the demon laughed.

"Back for more? You can't even kill me what do you plan to do?" asked Kyuubi.

Minato glared at the Kyuubi, "I'll do this!" Minato shouted. Minato gently set Naruto down on Gamabunta's head and placed his hands together. "Sealing! Reaper Death Seal!" Minato shouted.

Kyuubi's face which held amusement now turned to pure horror.

"What the hell?" shouted Kyuubi being drawn into the air. Kyuubi turned into a sphere of red chakra.

"Damn you Yondaime!" bellowed the Kyuubi. Kyuubi was absorbed into Naruto's stomach, Minato fell to his knee's and smiled. Jiraiya and Sarutobi landed on top of Gamabunta's head, "Minato you did it!" Jiraiya said ruffling Minato's hair.

"Yeah. I did." Minato said. Minato fell on all fours and coughed out blood quickly.

Minato looked over his son, "I'm sorry Naruto. It looks like I won't be able to watch you grow up to be Hokage. But your mother and I will be watching you from above. We will meet you again someday, and when it comes we can be a family again." Minato said kissing his sons head.

Minato let out a cry of pain and fell backwards landing spread eagle. It was over, the Kyuubi was sealed into it's jailor. But the greatest ninja of the world gave his life to save the village he loved. The Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze was dead.

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