Son of a Hokage

Author's Note

Hey everybody, CaptainPrice here with both good and bad news. Good news, I'm fixing the story. Bad news is I'm stopping the story after this authors note and it will be difficult to update. I want you to read this since it's an announcement which is important, it's also an omake. I know a lot of you who read this story like it, but I can't even read it anymore without wanting to press my face against an activated gas grill. (Sweatdrops) Okay, maybe that was a little too extreme there, but my point is that I fucked this story up so bad I can't bear to read it or write it anymore. So to help me explain this, I have Naruto here. If you have any questions, PM me and I'll be more than happy to answer them as soon as I can. In the meantime, enjoy the CaptainPrice Office omake!

CaptainPrice: Okay Naruto, I'm going to my office to get the required tools so inform them of my intentions.

Naruto: Okay. So while my partner in crime is getting stuff from his office, I'm going to tell all of you readers CaptainPrice's future plans for this story. After reading this multiple times, CaptainPrice has decided to put the story on temporary hiatus. (Glances around) Anyway that's why his attention is devoted to 'Shinobi of the Ebon Blade' and 'Resident Edville' at the moment. This was his first story and it was more of a warm up to him when he first joined Fanfiction. So he knows he made a clusterfuck of mistakes. And he…oh here he comes now.

CaptainPrice: Okay I'm back, (Sets down axes, flamethrowers, and C4) So I have decided to re-write this story. I plan on fixing a lot of things, but I will probably change some of the story as well. And I plan to start by the end of this week hopefully. (Hands Naruto an Axe)

Naruto: Sweet! (Hacks the axe across the first chapter room)

CaptainPrice: While he's hacking up the rooms, I'm going tell you guys this right now. I know you have asked me to update this, and I know a lot of you like it. But please understand that I am doing this to save the story while I have the chance. It will take time to get it back up to where it was but it will hopefully be worth it. So if you want to take me off your author alerts or favorite's list go right ahead, I'm not putting a gun to your head and making you keep me in there, it's cool. Anyway, I will do the best I can to get the story up and moving again, but it will be difficult since I'm college and that is my main priority, okay? I'll probably get the first chapter corrected and up by this Friday, so that's something to look forward to. The story's title will remain "Son of a Hokage" and it will have the word 'Revamped' in the summary to signify it's the corrected one. Now I'll…(Looks at the room and turns pale) Naruto, what the fuck are you doing!

Naruto: I'm hacking each chapter room apart, what does it look like?

CaptainPrice: That was one of the chapters that was supposed to remain the same you stupid git!

Naruto: Well I'm tearing this place down to rubble!

CaptainPrice: (Looks around) Place is torn up pretty good, dude. Time to give it a rest.

Naruto: No, it must be destroyed! (Continues to hack at the chapter room. CaptainPrice turns to face camera/audience and chuckles)

CaptainPrice: Naruto, that's enough. Give me the axe. (Walks over to Naruto and grabs the axe)

Naruto: Hey, let go, it's mine! (Tugs on the axe)

CaptainPrice: Naruto, give me the axe. (Pulls on axe)

Naruto: Give it back! (Tugs back)

CaptainPrice: Let go of it! (Pulls again)

Naruto: No! (Tugs harder)

CaptainPrice: Come on, let it go! (Pulls the axe too hard, blood splashes on the camera)

Naruto: Captain? Captain? Oh crap.

Anyway, yeah that omake speaks for itself and I hope it was at least somewhat entertaining to you guys. I know a lot of you will hate me for this, but I'm sorry, it needed to be done. So keep your eyes peeled and I will hopefully have the revamped first chapter up on Friday. (CaptainPrice notices his decapitated body and Naruto hacking at the wall again).

CaptainPrice: Oh you son of a bitch!

Naruto: (Screams and runs down the hall)

CaptainPrice: I swear to god your ass is haunted, Naruto! (Picks up the bloody axe and flies after Naruto laughing maniacally)