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The Girl Who Would Not Die

It was a simple mission, really.

Shinso had really been screaming for blood lately, and Gin was fully prepared to deliver. Complete with cunning scheme, concealed reiatsu, and zanpakuto, he was ready to leave Hueco Mundo.

It was truly simple, Ichimaru Gin's mission.

The beauty of it was that it would be a surprise to Aizen. Of course, he might be upset, was he to discover Gin's missing presence, but Gin did not plan on being gone for two long.

After all, his mission had two key points.

One: Kill Momo Hinamori, Two: Sex up Matsumoto Rangiku

He was certain his abilities were adequate to perform the duty he had taken upon himself.

The thrill of getting out of the place for once was enough to entice him to go forth. That, and the fact that Aizen would be greatly pleased with his successful mission, and would most certainly reward him.

He opened a garganta, his fingers dancing on the air. The rift formed, and he found himself looking into Seireitei.

"My, my, it hasn't changed a bit." He remarked to himself, patting Shinso's hilt almost affectionately. "No worries, you'll get your blood." He said reassuringly, stalking through Seireitei silently.

Luckily, it had just grown dark. It was early enough for some to be about, but late enough for others to be in bed. He could feel Momo's reiatsu moving around, and he knew where she was.

She was walking from Squad 5 to her own dormitory. His smirk widened, and with a quick shunpo, he was standing on a nearby rooftop, watching her as she walked, her hands clutched to her chest. He jumped down, landing neatly beside her.

"Ichimaru—" her voice seemed close to breaking, and he knew that she was reliving memories of Aizen.

"Momo, I have a proposition for you." Gin began. Why not string the girl along a bit before he killed her?


"No need for words, just hear me out. Aizen's not on your side anymore, and you want to save him, right? Well, I could help you out there." Gin told her.

"You can? How?" she frowned, and Gin smirked.

"Easy. I know how to get to Hueco Mundo now. I'm sure a few words from you would bring him right back here!" Gin exclaimed.

"Really?" she asked, and he nodded reassuringly. "Oh…okay." She smiled. "Thank you, Ichimaru-san."

"Please, it's Gin." His ever-widening grin only served to conceal the mirth he experienced at this interaction. He could clearly hear Shinso screaming for her blood, and Gin sighed regretfully.

"Hnn…" she kneaded her hands against her chest, frowning lightly.

"Really, I hate to cut this short, but…" Gin's blade was suddenly impaling her chest. Her hands fluttered helplessly to her side, and her pupils widened in pain.

"I thought…" she murmured, as she lost consciousness. Soon, she would be dead, and knowing Seireitei, they wouldn't know she was even injured for a while longer. He fully intended to bring the body back to show Aizen, before letting it dissipate.

First, he had other matters to attend to.

He had felt Matsumoto's reiatsu at her quarters, and he knew she was drinking. He expected her to be, for that was a habit of hers.

With a quick shunpo, he was standing at her door, knocking lightly. She answered, and he realized she was alone, which he had not expected.

"Gin?" she frowned in confusion; trying to recall just how many cups of sake she had. She attempted to count it out on her fingers, and Gin chuckled.

"No, you're not quite that drunk, Ran-chan." He grinned, and she motioned him in.

"Have a drink with me!" she bubbled enthusiastically, and he frowned slightly.

"Really, I shouldn't. You know how I get, and I simply cannot justify it." He said with an inward laugh at his personality shift.

"Oh." She pouted, and then her arms were wrapping around him. "I know why you're here!" she grinned. "So…let's go to my room!" she said, and he nodded. He hadn't expected her to go along with his wishes so willingly, but there they were, crawling into her bed, fully nude.

"It's been…such a long time…" Rangiku murmured, lying back on her bed.

"That'll just make it even better." He said.

"And you'll come back again?"

He answered her with a kiss. He fully intended on never coming back to the place, but he wouldn't say it.

She whimpered, the fact that she was drunk very clear in her actions.

Gin didn't mind. It only made things easier, for she wanted his firm manhood inside of her, and he was willing to oblige.

She was ecstatic with their sex, as was he. Though, his was masked. He also knew that he could experience this high with any other woman.

Just because perhaps once he had loved her…

His thrusts resulted in two releases, and two satisfied sighs.

Then, Gin was clothing himself, and preparing to leave. A very naked Rangiku rose in the bed. "You're not going to stay and cuddle?" she asked.

"Really, I must go. Time is of the essence. I had a great time." He said as he left.

With a quick shunpo, he was standing before the nearly lifeless body of Momo. She'd be dead soon enough. He flung the body over his shoulder, and, turning, opened a garganta.

Hitsugaya Toshiro happened to walk up just in time to see an almost dead Momo disappearing on the shoulder of his archenemy, Ichimaru Gin.

Gin slunk through the halls of Las Noches until he reached his lord, Aizen.

"I brought you a gift." He stated with pride, flinging the now-dead body of Hinamori onto the ground.

"Hmph, so you killed her." Aizen smiled at Gin, nudging at the body with his toe. "Why, I think this deserves a reward!" he clapped his hands together.

"A reward?" Gin smirked, and watched as the body dissipated, once Aizen's toe had left it.


Three nights later, Gin decided his new pet, a female arrancar of his choosing, was a most fitting reward for his dirty deed.

There! I killed Momo! Now don't kill me!

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