Weeeelll, because they tied, Neliel and Mayuri. But this is the ONLY time I am doing this. Two separate chapters in one, let me know if I should split them into two stories or if it's fine this way.

Science Fiction Double Feature


Metal clashed upon metal. Sweat cooled on her body. She grunted and cried out in turns, yelling to release pressure.

"C'mon, Nel, this is lame."

"It was your idea to fight, and I'm not giving it my all until you do, Grimmjow." She muttered. It obviously wasn't a good thing to say because the next thing she knew, her blade was before her eyes.

"Utae, Gamuza." She heard explosions, but not ones caused by her unleashed reiatsu. Then, she heard Grimmjow swear.

"Fuckin' bitch! What the hell is your goddamn problem?"

As the smoke cleared, Neliel caught sight of Grimmjow struggling against some kidou spell, his tail lashing around wildly until that too was caught. She then saw the binding spell creator.

"Who are you?" the shinigami asked.

Neliel wrinkled her nose. The audacity of the girl!

"Neliel Tu Oderschvank, former tercera Espada." She smirked. This girl was already standing on her last nerve. After all, Grimmjow had severed many of those during their sparring session. And the audacity of the shinigami struck Neliel as horribly rude.

"Momo Hinamori, Fifth Squad Fukutaicho." The shinigami introduced. Neliel could have done without that bit of information. "And I am here to kill you."

"Under the orders of whom?" Neliel demanded.

"That doesn't matter." She seethed at the arrancar. Neliel sighed and ran her hand through the back of her hair.

"Of course it does. I'd like to know which captain I should make my appeal to this time." Neliel smiled accommodatingly. Momo's hand tightened on her hilt, and Neliel sighed again. "Perhaps I'll make this quick, if you're really going to be that stubborn."

"You'll make this quick? I'm gonna kill you! Bitch!" Momo sneered. "Then, I'm gonna kill your boyfriend, too!"

"Boyfriend?" Neliel shook her head. "I think you might have stepped way too far into the realm of insanity."

"That's a fucking understatement, Nel." Grimmjow muttered. Neliel sent him a silencing glare.

"Tsk. Normally, I would not do this, since you are not a warrior. But, I feel that your life needs to be ended because you are a disgrace to shinigami." Neliel cocked her arm back. "Lanzador Verde." She called, her voice husky and tough. The lance hurtled through the air toward Momo.

She held up her blade at the last moment, but Neliel's zanpakuto was stronger. The steel gave way, and the blade penetrated Momo's chest. Neliel moved to the girl, and picked up her lance. She held it perpendicular to the ground, and the point pierced through Momo's back.

Tears streamed down her face as she pushed desperately on the blade for any kind of release. "Please, please don't kill me." She sobbed. "I just want Aizen Taicho—I just want to save him."

"A warrior doesn't beg for her life." Neliel smiled again. "But I was right in assuming that you are not one." She thrust her blade upward, and then Momo was dead at last. The binding spell dissipated, and Grimmjow pointed his claws at Neliel.

"Don't think this is over, bitch." He growled.

She threw Gamuza at him to continue their fight.



Maniacal laughter could be heard all the way across the street from the building Kurotsuchi Mayuri occupied. Still, Hinamori Momo slunk nearer to it. What was the scientist doing? She wanted to know—and her insanity ruined her logic.

She pushed the door open and her eyes met a horrendous sight. It wasn't his lab, but he had Ashisogi Jizo in shikai state. What was he doing?

"Ah, girl, I've been expecting you." He cackled, rolling a syringe across his fingers. She backed against the door, realizing she had shut it.

"Please…don't hurt me."

"Oh, this isn't a big needle. It'll only hurt until the serum kicks in." He grinned as he moved closer to her. She shuddered and began edging away. He shunpo'd to her and jammed the needle into her neck, pushing the plunger down all the way.

The spongy orange liquid entered her blood stream, and she screamed at the pain. It was clogging up her arteries, making everything so hazy. She clawed upward into the blackening air as she fell onto the floor.

"That didn't take long at all." Mayuri chuckled, beckoning to Ashisogi Jizo. "Go on, then, devour her if you will."

The giant baby-like Shikai moved forward, opened its mouth and swallowed Momo. She struggled to move, to do anything to escape, but she could hardly even breathe.

"No! No! No, please!" She screamed, her voice only echoing within the Shikai's cavernous stomach. She was already covered in the stomach acids, and her clothes were beginning to sear away.

She screamed and clawed at the sides until the liquid managed to puncture her lungs. She lost her energy, and within seconds of that, lost her life.