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Title: The Intern

The group of interns gathered for their first day of E. R. rotation; a day Allison Cameron did not look forward to. She absolutely hated Week 1 interns. Half would be gone by the end of the week, and half the remaining by week 2. Cameron reminded herself that in three weeks, she'd be down to 6 or 7 good doctors.

Cameron looked the group over carefully with her two best doctors waiting behind her for their groups. It was a large group of 30 interns this time around. "Welcome to my ER. I'm Dr. Cameron," she said, smiling. "Dr. Cuddy, our hospital administrator, will be down tomorrow to meet you; she's in a conferences all day because of...well...forget who has in in conferences all day; you'll meet him soon enough.

"When I say this is my ER," she continued, leading the group through the large unit. "I mean I'm head of the department, and will be the one who decides who stays or goes."

"Unless we decide ourselves," a young man piped up. He was British. That was all Cameron could tell, as he was close to the back of the group.

"Dr. British-accent, you might want to try for Diagnostics, we have a doctor there who would really appreciate your sense of humor...much more than I do." A near-by nurse chuckled. "Okay, I'm going to split you into three groups. Dr. Henson will take The following interns; K. Anderson, F. Atkinson, C. Banta, R. Caldwell, N. Davenport, R. Dalby, F. Farris, S. Fredricks, Q. Garner, and L. Garver." The ten people followed the tall man away from the the admitting area. "I'll take H. Gillory, G. Hou..." She stopped and looked up from her clip board. "House, get out of my E. R." she groaned.

"What'd I do?" the British man ask. "Was it for that cheap shot earlier? I am terribly sorry. I get it from my father- at least my mother says. I haven't seen him since I was 6." Cameron shifter through the interns toward the voice and met with blue eyes that looked deep in thought. "Or was it seven."

"G. House?"

"Gabriel Patrick House, at your service. Everyone calls me Gabe." All doctors and nurses in the general vicinity stared. "What'd I do?"

"Dr. Pierson, can you take over? Assign my interns to Dr. Guidry." Cameron dragged the young doctor by his arm through the hospital, and tossed him into the elevator. "Whatever he's paying you to spy on me, its not worth it."

"No one's paying me! I just want to be a bloody doctor!"

"What's the joke? Out with it now, and I won't have you arrested."

"Arrested!? For being top in my class? Is it a crime in this country to become a doctor? Or just a non-citizen. I'm a full-blooded American citizen, if that's you problem. Just raised...elsewhere." The elevator stopped and Cameron dragged the man down the hall and stopped at a door. Gabe didn't think to look at the name.

"House, get your stooge out of my ER."

"I don't know-"

"Dad?" Gabe's jaw fell. "What the bloody hell are you doing here?"

"Gabriel." House went completely white.

"So this is where you've been the last twenty years. You left me to rot in London after telling me you want me to live with you in the states, and fall off the planet for 19 years? No wonder Mum hated you."

Gabe stormed out of the office and made his way quickly to the lift, followed closely by Cameron. "Dr. Cameron, I'd like to quit, but I've a family to support, and would like to ask for your understanding. I meant nothing of my joke earlier. I'm sorry. I understand why any comment from me would come out sounding a million times worse that it actually is, simply by knowing my father."

"Don't worry about it."

"I'd like to return and complete my rotation in your ER, if you'll allow it."

"Of course." There was a long pause as they stepped into the elevator. As the doors closed, Cameron gazed over at the young man. "Did you say you have a family?"

"I have a 1-year-old son, Garrett." Cameron noticed there was no ring on his finger. She decided not to pry. "Do most people around here hate him, too?"

"Pretty much."

"What about you?

"I don't hate him!"

"How can you not!?"

"He's...sort husband."