Chapter 7: The Battle for Power and Life

Shelia and Mist stared each other down both with hate for the other in their eyes. "Mist, since you die by things, maybe you will by my power." Then Shelia jumped at her from above with two black orbs in her hands that appeared to be flames.

"Mom, get you and dad out of here, I'll be fine so don't worry." Mist said as she dodged Shelia's attack. Mist didn't know what to do. The only powers she had were the ones she practiced using and her new power which she isn't even sure how to use yet. There is no point in healing herself since she isn't hurt and turning invisible would allow Shelia a clear target on her parents. At this point, Will and Matt had just reached the door and Mist is standing between Shelia and them. Shelia threw both of her black balls of fire harder then usual. Mist dodged again but this time the balls kept going and headed straight for her parents. "No, mom, dad; look out!" Mist screamed as she stretched out her hand toward the two balls. Will and Matt turned around to see the black balls stop a few inches from there face. The black fireballs seemed to be retreating backward.

Everyone watched to see where the ball was going to and a few seconds later, it ended up in Mists hands. "No way!" Shelia screamed as Mist turned around. "You don't have that many powers, you can't have that many. I figured you had powers after you lived through everything I did to you but you have got to be kidding me." Shelia asked infuriated.

"It seems that the queen, sorry me but same dif, have the powers of my father." Mist said as she threw the two balls at Shelia who jumped to the side to dodge the two black fireballs. Mist really wanted more fireballs but wasn't sure how to get more by just creating them herself when two more appeared in her hand. 'That's it, the secret to getting these powers to work. It's wanting them bad enough and I have plenty of that.' Mist thought about the last few days and about what happened. She didn't want to be seen in the hospital, she wanted to be healed, she wanted out of the things that kept her chained to the ground underneath the big block with spikes. Mist got a big smile on her face.

"I assume you figured out how to use your powers. No matter, I can still take you down. Try dodging four fireballs." Shelia said as she threw all four at Mist.

Mist dodged left, then right and then did a flip into the air and both the top and bottom fireballs went above or below her. Mist quickly thought and mentally slapped herself then brought the fireballs back in her direction and combined all four into one big fireball and threw it at Shelia.

Shelia dodged out of the way of the big fireball and moaned angrily. "You little pest." Shelia turned invisible and then Mist decided to do the same thing. Shelia ran toward Mist not realizing that Mist had turned invisible as well. Mist then created a fireball in her hand and looked around for a second. When Shelia got close enough, Mist threw the fireball at her which Shelia barley dodged. "How can you see me? I'm invisible and your not, so there is no way you would be able to see me even if you were invisible." Shelia said angrily.

"Shelia, I am invisible to and I guess what, I can see things that are also invisible." Mist said as she threw some more fireballs at Shelia. Shelia dodged and then the two turned visible again and they both continued to throw fireballs at each other. "Just for the record, we aren't getting anywhere doing this." Mist pointed out.

Shelia then decided on something. "Fine then, what do you say we duplicate the power then." Shelia then duplicated herself and made twenty of her and then surrounded Mist. Then all twenty attacked one after another with fireballs. Mist was able to dodge some of the fireballs but most hit her dead on. Shelia laughed and then at one time they threw forty fireballs, two for each Shelia.

All the fireballs hit and made dust fly up into the air and Shelia made herself one again and smiled evilly. When the dust cleared Shelia looked in shock. "You made a shield of fire around you?" Shelia said unbelieving what she saw and yet how could she not believe it.

Mist looked around herself and smiled. "Well what do you know, I guess I did." Then Mist decided to try something and make the shield into one big fireball. Then Shelia did the same but from scratch and few seconds later, both giant fireballs were fully made and neither girl could hold them for much longer and so they threw both fireballs and then covered their faces knowing the explosion is going to be huge. Once the balls hit, they exploded and the whole ware house had been blown to pieces and dust and dirt went everywhere. Both girls fell to the ground.

A few miles away, Will and Matt were talking to Kyle and his family since they had woken up from the police sirens after a call was made by Matt. Then they all heard an explosion and looked in the direction of the blast and saw that it came from the old warehouse. Everyone got into their cars and rushed out there.

The girls finally got up off the ground and pieces of Warehouse came falling down to the ground around them. Both were bleeding from their noses and mouths from using too much energy at one time and bleeding from the blast. "Enough play." Shelia said getting tired of the fight. Shelia flew into the air and fired down toward Mist. Mist ran around trying to blast Shelia out of the air while dodging. "Can't do much can you Mist. It's kind of hard to hit something that is above your head huh." Finally Mist got hit and fell to the ground but Shelia didn't lighten up any, she just kept throwing the fireballs at her just to make sure she died. She didn't even notice Matt transform and shoot at her. Shelia fell to the ground but still kept hitting Mist as she fell. After another few attempts to stop Shelia she finally stopped to look. Dust was everywhere and nobody could see anything. Once the dust cleared, they could see an extremely bloody Mist on the ground. Shelia laughed and started to walk away.

Will and Matt ran over to Mist. Then Mist moved a little and just as she moved that little bit Shelia had turned around and threw another fireball at her but this time it stopped. Mist then threw the fireball back at Shelia who forgot to dodge since she was too shocked to move. Mist got up off the ground slowly. "This isn't over for me Shelia. I still have one last trick up my sleeve." Mist said breathing heavily. Mist stood straight up and ran at an extreme speed and then pulled out a whip that looked very much like the one that Will had when she was in the underworld.

"You can't possibly be alive still; you can't heal yourself fast enough. You're bleeding from every part of your body. How could you even run at that speed? Your legs are broken and so are your arms." Shelia just didn't get it.

"Because I can't allow you to live. You have hurt too many already and you almost hurt my family so I can't allow you to live." Mist said in a very evil voice that scared everyone. She pulled out her whip and started whipping Shelia very quickly beyond any normal or even abnormal person with powers could go. In just a few seconds, Shelia looked worse then Mist but Mist continued to whip her over and over. Shelia couldn't move or even scream. After a few more seconds, Mist stopped when a hand was placed on her shoulder. Mist looked to see who placed there hand on her shoulder. "Kyle?" Mist said in her normal tone of voice. Then she looked at Shelia and her jaw dropped. Shelia had bones sticking out of her body; her left arm and right leg are completely disconnected from her body. Shelia is now swimming in her own blood. Mist fell to the floor and pain shot through her body and she fainted.

The cops checked out the girl's pulses and Mist still had one but Shelia was far gone. They picked up Shelia and put her in a body bag and then called the ambulance to come pick up Mist. By the time Mist got to the hospital, her bones where no longer broken and her internal bleeding had stopped but she had a lot more wrong with her. Mist had woken up to find her parents there. "Mom, dad; I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to kill her so brutally. I'm sorry, so sorry." Mist said crying. "What do you think of me now?"

Will and Matt looked at each other and then hugged Mist gently and kissed her forehead. "We will always love you Mist and besides, I blame your biological father. I guess you have more then just his power." Will said smiling

Then the cops came into the room. "Matt, considering the circumstances with your daughter and knowing who she really is and who Shelia really was, Mist can go back with you. Nobody is allowed to know any of this other then those that saw everything, got it." Matt nodded and then his fellow cops left.

A few days later, Mist was allowed to go home in a wheelchair. Luckily the doctors said it wouldn't be permanent. The damage to Mist's bones was sever enough that she needed a wheelchair anyway.

Mist got a little sister a little bit after the incident at the warehouse. Six years later and Mist got married to Kyle and then both where summoned to live in the underworld to rule as King and queen. Mist found out that she had become pregnant shortly after she married Kyle. Will and Matt are proud grandparents and are taking care of there daughter. Will gave the heart of Kandrakhar back to the Oracle so that she didn't have to get into anymore trouble with it. The other guardians are also proud grandparents and every now and then they get together with Will and Kim and Ron who moved there. They all got together once just them, their children and grandchildren and took a picture. Everyone has a copy of the picture and keep it on their wall to remember all that they went through together.

The End

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