Summary: "Now, I already figured out why the word 'lovely' exists. It exists so I can describe you, Ms. Lovely." SaiIno.

Lovely. Such a beautiful word with a striking meaning. She was lovely, of course. She was Yamanaka Ino, only stupid people wouldn't say she was lovely. Even most girls in Fire Country envied her beauty. It was one of a kind. Was it because of her baby-blue eyes that were just like the smiling sky? Maybe because of her long and well-shaped light-blond hair that classified calmness? Perhaps, those curves in her body that every man would bother to look at? Who knows?

"Ms. Lov--"

"Don't start," Ino angrily stopped him as she clenched her fists tightly. "Go away."

"I'm sorry," this was the first time he saw a lady this mad. Sure, he had seen Sakura mad but this was different, really different. "I… I really am."

"Go away," Ino repeated her words again. She was mad, really mad. At their first meeting, he actually thought that he was the opposite of the word lovely? She couldn't believe this. "I hate you."

"It wasn't like that, Ms. Lov—Ino-san."

"Then what was it, Sai?" she looked at him in the eyes. He could see the anger in her eyes. "Tell me."

"It was true that I didn't find you attractive," he admitted. Her blood boiled even more. How dare he? "But that was just at first… it was because I didn't really have women friends before. I didn't know how to judge anyone besides their jutsus…"

"Sai, I had enough," Ino's eyes landed on the ground. "Just go away, if you think I'm ugly then it's fine with me! What pisses me off is you lied to me, you told me that you found me attractive but it was just a complete lie."

"Ms. Lov—Ino-san, let me finish first," he looked at her sincerely. "After pissing Sakura-san when we first met, I researched in the Konoha's public library how to interact with women. And the book said that you have to compliment them…"

"Sai, that's a bullcrap," Ino wanted to slap him real bad. "You called me 'lovely' because the book said so? What kind of shit is that? If Sakura wouldn't slip her tongue, then I wouldn't find out that you find me ugly."

"Ino-san, I don't find you ugly," he tried his best to convince her. "I don't, really."

"Yeah?" Ino rolled her eyes. "Get lost, like I would believe you."

"You have to believe me," he stepped forward and put his hands in her shoulders. "Trust me, I'm saying the truth."

"Stay away!" Ino pushed him away. "If you think I am that ugly why you bother persuading me that you don't think I'm unattractive."

"Cause the time passed by, I realized that you are in fact lovely, very lovely," Sai turned around from Ino, ready to leave. His words were serious and it didn't sound like he was lying. He started to walk off, but then he stopped on his track. "Now, I already figured out why the word 'lovely' exists. It exists so I can describe you, Ms. Lovely."

He continued walking off, those words were such great words. The last statement he said was breathtaking, sure, a lot of people had told her that she was lovely, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, attractive, etc. but no one had ever said to her those words before. It sounded great to her ears that she couldn't say anything and just watched him leave.

A/N: Yay! SaiIno! This couple is really amazing to me, it is one of my top pairings. Sorry, if this is really short, this is just a one-shot. What do you think about this fanfic? Criticisms are utterly accepted. Honestly, since this pairing is not really popular, I am not expecting so much reviews. Did I make any grammatical errors? If I did, then, don't be shy to point them out. Reviews?