Perfect harmony.

That was the first thing that came to mind when Joseph saw Yami and Raven. Every graceful movement she made, he moved with her in his own way. It was like they were dancing subconsciously. There was something about Raven that was supernatural, and that was saying something when it was coming from a Vampire who lived forever. Kaiba's clan and Yami's had come together to celebrate the five year anniversary of the defeat of Marik, and everyone seemed to be in high spirits. It wasn't often that anyone had a bad day, although sometimes he wondered if Seto was still all there. After finding out Tea had left, Joseph expected Kaiba to fall apart, but remained unchanged, as if he knew he'd be seeing her again.

But then there were moments when Seto would simply leave and not return. It was during those times, that Joseph wondered where Seto went, and what he was up to.

The celebration continued in the castle that Kaiba resided in, everyone was laughing and smiling. Joseph himself could not help but smile when he saw Tristan making a failed attempt to flirt with a few of the vampire girls. The poor guy had no shot of winning them over.

A hand touched his shoulder, and Joseph nodded at Seto. "How are you doing?"

"Fine," Seto stated, "I think I am going to take a walk. Can you manage things in my absence?"

"Of course."

Seto nodded and slipped away down one of the corridors. Joseph doubted that anyone would notice, but then he caught a glimpse of Raven with an all knowing look on her beautiful face. She smiled to herself and wrapped her arms around Yami in a way that seemed natural and perfect.

He leaned against the wall, and felt a shuffle in his pocket. Frowning, he pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. It hadn't been in there before. With his fingers he opened it gingerly, and silently read the words to himself.

Joseph, my companion, my brother. I leave our family in your hands, as I am no longer fit to guide. My mind is somewhere else, and my heart is following it. Farewell, I hope that you will take good care of them, better than even I could. I will not forget you - Seto Kaiba

Numerous emotions ran through his body, but the one that surprised him the most was the happiness he felt. Kaiba was finally doing what he should have done years before. It brought great joy to Joseph that Kaiba was going to follow his heart. He looked over the happy crowd, it seemed wrong to tell them of their leader's departure. But Joseph felt sure that he would be able to lead them, with the help of Yami, to a bright and long future.

A lone lake was situated in the middle of the wasteland. Surrounding it was a few dead roots, and an animal carcass Seto looked at the murky water and took a step forward. He was not entirely sure what Joseph would think once he read the letter, but he was overly confident that Joseph would do a good job, maybe not as good of a job as him, since he was Seto Kaiba, but a good job nonetheless.

After living for numerous years, Kaiba had decided that it was enough. To live forever, was not something he looked forward to, so he decided to end his life. Many of the things he had done, or witnessed in his life had been horrible. Although, some had been good. He was determined to focus on his good memories as laid back into the water and let it consume him.

Vampires didn't breath, but the intake of water into his body, would over take him.

He felt someone's hands wrap around his waist and pull him up. With an angry sigh he opened his eyes, to see who refused to let him die.

"Falling into a lake...a little cliché don't you think?"

Seto wondered if this was heaven, or maybe hell?

"What is this?"

She smiled at him, "It's me Seto."

His ice blue eyes looked into hers. "I know who you are, but am I in heaven or hell?"

As she pulled him close to her, she whispered, "Neither."

"Where am I?" he's eyes took in everything. And that wasn't much. It was like being in a see of white, the only thing being them. In this world, she was more vibrant, as if in an anime cartoon.

"You're in between."

"In between where?"

"The realms."

"Then are you real?"

"Seto, I am as real as I have always been."

"Really Tea?"

The brunette looked at him with eyes filled of understanding. "Why did you go to the lake that night?"

"I was in the area, and I felt like I had to be there."

"And you found me."

He nodded. "Yes. I found you."

"And now you've found me again. For the last time. It all comes full circle." For the first time he noticed the beautiful flowing silver dress she wore. She reminded him of an angel. "How do I prove to the great Seto Kaiba that I'm real?" In an instant she threw herself at him, her lips smashing against his, and he pulled her close He ran his hand through her hair and felt the warmth of her body.

"I love you," he whispered into her ear.

"I know." She placed her hands on his face and looked into his eyes. "Seto, I have something to tell you." He kissed her cheek. "You are going to die." He froze for a second. "And I am here because just like that night years ago, I felt drawn here. With my magic, I made it to the realm in between, never able to fully crossover to see you. Although, I have wanted to all these years. The passage between our realms is closing, and the only place we can meet, is in between. I could have stayed with you Seto, but I couldn't stand dying one day as you live on, or becoming a vampire myself. Neither of those things are what I wanted, or want now. Now the worlds are separating and we won't ever be able to see each other again. Except for this moment that was have now." She looked around at the never-ending white. "The only place for you to go is back into your realm, where you will die in that lake."

"And eventually you'll die in your world."

She nodded. "Old age leads to death. It's the downside to being a mortal."

"Or the benefit." With a gentle kiss, he pulled away from her. "Who says that Death is our only option?"

"If anyone could out do death it would be the great Seto Kaiba." Gently she placed her hand on his. "I'm afraid of never seeing you again. As the realms drift, I forget more about you. It's like they don't want me to remember, but you're always in my heart. I'm just afraid." A tear ran down her cheek. "I'm afraid I won't remember the most important person in the world to me."

He laughed. "Tea, you're the most powerful person I know. You have magic that no others possess. " He coughed and water left his mouth. "My body is still in the other realm Tea."

She covered her hands with her face, "NO!"

"I'm dying Tea, it's okay. It was the reason I came to the lake in the first place. I wanted a relief from this life I have lived for so long."

"You can't die," she cried out and he pulled her close.

"How do you think I felt when I watched you leave, knowing one day you'd grow old and pass away."

"If your body is in your world, then I'm talking to your soul."

He nodded and pulled her close.

"You two need are making me sad," a voice cut in. They both looked up abruptly.

"Raven?" Tea asked.

The beautiful vampire smiled. "You're not the only one with spunky powers Tea. I'm from your realm too. And I have always been special, like you've noticed." She turned to Kaiba. "Seto, as one of my makers, it's hard to see you like this. Teetering between life and death. Some souls don't deserve this kind of torture. So I have come to help you. Tea, you didn't want to live forever, and become a vampire. Kaiba do you care whether you're a vampire or not?"

"I've never known anything else, but I have no particular attachment to it."

Raven smiled, her long blue dress seemed to flowing on it's on. "Well then, the solution is simple." She gestured for the two to stand up. With a gentle shove she pushed Kaiba backwards, and he fell into the white as if he would never stop.

"SETO!" Tea screamed.

Raven smiled, "Tea, my best friend, don't worry." She placed a hand on Tea's stomach. "I know why you want to be a human. You'll make a great mother one day." And with the same gesture as with Kaiba, she pushed Tea back, and Tea fell.

A gentle tear of happiness for her friends rolled down her cheek as Raven went to return to the Vampire Realm. The Vampire Realm had gained one vampire when she had arrived in it and was turned, and to maintain a balance...

When Tea opened her blue eyes, she was laying by the lake she had traveled to so long ago. The trees enclosed it as it had years before, and she was drenched in water.


Her eyes shot up to the man holding his hand out her, she took it, and stood. "How is this possible?"

Seto shrugged, "she has made me human."

Tea felt her eyes water and he pulled her close. His body radiated with heat, and it caused her to involuntarily smile.

"It's okay Tea. I love you."

. "This is impossible. You're here, in my realm, with me."

"Wait, didn't you say there already was a Seto Kaiba in this realm?"

She looked at him and laughed. "Yeah, I guess we're going to have to keep you a secret. Maybe we'll move to, Australia."

He smirked, "I could just assassinate him."

"NO! No assassinations," she laughed. "I've always wanted to live in Australia."

"As long as we're together, I'm complete."

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