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Resistance was just a pretense for indulgence.

"No." Gasp. "Don't." Pant. "This is wrong." Moan.

It was as if she "resisted," just so she, during her self-righteous moments, could argue that she had tried…had tried to stop this heavenly sin. She weakly "denied," just so she could give into the sweet temptation before her. And how wonderfully sweet it was. How wonderfully sweet he was.

How could she deny what he offered…how could she even think at all for that matter.

The way his lips trailed down the smooth column of her neck, leaving fire in its wake. She tilted her head up further, offering him as much untouched skin as she could…untouched skin that was meant only for him to touch, meant only for the red-purple marks he left with his hungry sucks and bites.

"Unnnhh…stop," she said, in what she hoped was a stern voice, but what sounded more like a sigh. A predicted masculine chuckle came from the man in front of her. Glazed, green orbs looked up to see an arrogant smirk, making that beautiful face sexier by the minute.

She hated how he could do this to her, could make her actions and body betray her words. She hated how he knew where to touch, where to kiss, where to make her melt. But most of all, she hated how he knew the meanings behind her words.

Long, elegant fingers slowly pushed the straps of her white tank top down her shoulders, as his mouth placed open kisses on the newly exposed skin shown smooth and pale from the moonlight thorough her bedroom window.

Her small hands tightened their grip on his broad shoulders.

"Touya, no." Please, more.

"We shouldn't be doing this." Touch me more.

"It's wrong." Relieve this burning ache, I beg you.

"Still playing this game, Sakura?" he asked in a silky tone, one that was too low and velvety to be that of the one who ruffled her hair and poked fun of her on a daily basis. His hot breath and teasing tone upon her ear allowed her only to shiver and whimper in response.

He knew this game too well.

How had it come to this? Sakura couldn't remember, couldn't think, couldn't do anything. She needed time to comprehend all that had happened, needed to get away, namely from the delectable sight in front of her.

She stepped backwards, only to have the cool, solid, blue wall stop her, reminding her of the predicament she was in. She blushed, not knowing which was worse, the fact that she was sandwiched between her brother and the wall, or the fact that she wanted to be in such a position. (Although later when she looked back on the whole ordeal, she would say that she had had no way to escape.)

A wandering hand worked its way down her body, brushing against the underside of her breast in the process, causing delicious little tingles that went all the way down to her toes.

"Nii-chan!" the young girl gasped out as his fingers reached her inner thighs, rubbing in teasing, circular motions. She clung onto her brother's shoulders desperately, her trembling legs threatening to collapse at any moment. As if sensing this, Touya hooked one leg, then the other around his waist.

"Touya, what are you-" but before she could finish, a pair of soft, firm lips crashed hungrily onto hers, conquering her wholly as he demanded entry into her mouth (not that she minded). It was only when she felt she might pass out from lack of oxygen, did they part. She looked up, a pink shade on her lovely cheeks as her eyes looked away from shame…and arousal.

Strong fingers pulled her cheek up to force eye contact with him. "You think too much," he said huskily.

"Touya," she whispered weakly, as she felt her sense of guilt and resistance dwindling down to nothing, "dad's home…he…could…hear us," she reasoned with him, trying in vain to ignore the fiery kisses that were reaching closer and closer to her breasts.

"I guess we'll just have to be quiet then," he retorted, claiming another kiss and swallowing her moan as he pulled her hips up to meet his in a sharp thrust.

And just like that, Sakura snapped.

Screw the morals that had been embedded into her head since she was a child. Screw her conscience for condemning this taboo she was committing. Forget them all.

At that moment, all Sakura wanted, was to screw Touya. And she would be damned if she were to walk away from this now, especially in her aroused state (not that she had enough will-power anyways).

As if she had been sitting on the sidelines and was missing out this whole time, she shakily wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and slammed her mouth against his, releasing the pent-up frustration from trying to "resist" him.

The coppery, bittersweet taste of blood (whose, she wasn't sure) and the intoxicating taste that was uniquely Touya's kept her wanting more. Their tongues battled for dominance until she gave in, shivering when his tongue caressed the roof of her mouth.

Long gone were the soft, light touches and gentles kisses. There was now only raw passion and need in its most primitive form.

Sakura pulled back from their kiss, her head leaning heavily against the cool wall. Her chest rose and fell as she harshly panted for air, her eyes half closed from the overwhelming kiss.

"About damn time," he chuckled, licking his bloodstained lips and giving her yet another smirk. In her vulnerable state, she could only glare back angrily, wanting so much to wipe that stupid smirk off…or kiss it.

Not giving his sister time to recover, Touya roughly pushed her into the wall, feeling the puff of air she gave out from the impact. He growled softly in her ear, hardening even more at their intimate embrace, her soft curves molding to his own body.

"Fuck, Sakura," he moaned in her ear, "Do you have any idea what you do to me?" he whispered hoarsely, thrusting softly against her to emphasize how much he wanted her and to relieve some of the ache. "You…feel…" Thrust. "So…good…" Thrust. "Against me." Thrust. "Do I make you feel good too, Saku-chan?" Thrust.

"Touya," she mewled, pleasure spreading throughout her body. She held onto his shoulders, using them as leverage to bring her hips up to meet his. Both moaned aloud as she met him thrust for thrust, each one leaving Sakura more breathless than the last. Through her thin sleeping shorts, she could feel his hard length rubbing up and down between her legs, causing a delicious friction that she couldn't get enough of.

"Nii-chan….please…I….unnnhhhh." She didn't know what it was, but she needed him to make the throbbing ache between her legs to go away, an ache that only seemed to heighten with pleasure-pain as he rocked against her. Her head now lay against his shoulder, her face buried in his neck as she tried to quiet the sounds she was making.

"Nii-chan…" she tensed as she felt his fingers brush gently between her legs.

"Shhh…trust me, Sakura," he shushed her quietly, rubbing her slowly through her underwear.

Eyes wide open, the younger girl before him bit down on his neck to stifle the scream that had threatened to break out, her arms pulling him closer to her, hard nipples brushing against his chest. He let out a hiss of pleasure and continued rubbing her as she rode his hand.

"More, Nii-chan….harder," she begged, feeling herself coming to some kind of end, but not sure what.

His loins burned with need and desire at the sound of her calling him brother in such a twisted, wanton tone, the jeans doing nothing to ease the pain of his excited state. A surge of masculine pride went through him at the knowledge that it was he that was making her all weak and needy. He could feel her coming close as she bucked wildly against his hand, desperate to reach completion. No, he would control himself and have her begging for more first. It would be worth it. Touya could practically feel…taste the victory…literally.

Half-lidded, green eyes saw mocking eyes look into her own, and a smug smile that deceivingly angelic face of his.

"I win, Sakura," he said darkly, firmly pushing his fingers onto her bundle of nerves and biting down on the junction between her neck and shoulder.

That was the last thing she heard, before she tensed up in pleasure and blacked out.

Resistance was just a façade for lust.

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