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The girl groaned at the sound of her name. She drowsily opened her eyes, squinting painfully as bright lights burned into her pupils, intensifying her already splitting headache.


She closed her eyes again, burying her face into something cool and plushy, unaware of her own pillow. The pink bed sheets ruffled beneath her as she turned to lie on her back again.

The glass of water made a small clinking sound as Touya placed it on the night stand next to Sakura's bed.

The younger girl was burning up, cheeks flushed with fever. A light sheen of sweat glistened on her body, her skin hot to the touch as he slowly undressed her.

He took in a sharp intake of breath as the pink, satin material slid off her delicate frame, revealing white, creamy skin. He ignored the burning sensation building up in his groin as he quickly wiped her down with a cool towel then dressed her in her sleeping shorts and shirt.

His face shone with sweat as he fought his desires, feeling a pang of guilt that he was having such lewd thoughts when his sister was in such a sick condition.

"Oi, squirt, get up for a sec, you need to take your medicine." He shook her a bit, but she laid still, ignoring him completely.

Sighing tiredly, he picked up the round, white pill. "Why do you always prefer doing things the hard way?"

He cringed slightly at the powdery bitterness of the cold medicine as he popped the pill inside his mouth. Ignoring the repulsive taste, he picked up the glass of water and drank up a generous amount before placing it back down.

He quickly kneeled beside his sister, lifting her head up and transferring the dissolving medicine into her mouth with his own.

Through the haziness of her mind, Sakura felt warm lips on hers as a trail of cool liquid rushed into her mouth. She obediently swallowed the medicine, not knowing what was really going on.

He laid her back down again and within moments she dozed off, rolling to the other side of the bed until she hit the wall. He observed her for a minute, wiping away a few drops of water off his face with the sleeve of his black dress shirt.

It wasn't until Touya sat down on the edge of the pink, girly bed that he realized how worn out he was, fatigue spreading to every part of his body. Too drained of energy to change, he simply shrugged out of his dress shirt and pants, dragging himself up the bed. Within moments he collapsed on the bed beside the dreaming girl and let sleep take him as well.

The sense of being surrounded by warmth and an earthy, musky smell stirred Sakura from her dreaming state. Smiling contently, the girl snuggled up against the source of warmth, not noticing the small sound of pleasure that resulted from her actions.

Sunlight spilled through the bedroom window, waking up the reluctant girl. Sleepy, green eyes half opened to greet the morning as its owner stretched her body, yawning lazily as she did so.

"Eh?" The brown-haired card captor tilted her head slightly in curiosity when she felt something rather hard poke her bottom.

Thinking that she was laying on one of the stuffed animals that she owned, she moved her hand behind her and reached under the covers to pick it up, not bothering to turn around.

And that's when she realized that she didn't have any stuffed animals that were this hard…or this long…

Completely awake now, green eyes widened in shock as she turned around to find someone lying next to her and just exactly what it was that she was holding onto.

Touya murmured happily in his sleep, expressing his pleasure when something warm and cushiony rubbed up against his length. He welcomed the sensation, relishing in his "dream" further when something warm gripped him.


A deafening shriek rudely roused the older boy from his sleep.

"Oi, squirt, what's with the ruckus so early in the morning. Some people are tryin to sleep ya know?" He winced as he covered his ears.

"T-Touya…how…when…what are you doing in my room?" She shot up like an arrow, holding tightly onto the hand that had touched him as if she had been burned.

Making a disgruntled sound, he reminded her of the previous night's events, not bothering to open his eyes as he spoke.

Embarrassed and guilty for her behavior, she stayed still, not knowing what to say. Although she desperately wanted to shoo him out of her room so she could pull herself together, she didn't want to seem so heartless, especially after he had watched over her all night.

Nonetheless, she was uncomfortable having him in the same bed as her, lying so calmly with his shirtless chest, while she was doing her best to keep her composure (although she was grateful that that the rest of his body was hidden beneath the covers).

"Wh-where are your clothes?" she asked in a rather shrill voice, the sudden realization hitting her at full force.


The question seemed to catch him off guard. Green orbs silently trailed brown ones as Touya began looking around her room, his view finally landing on the wrinkled dress shirt and pants that had been thrown carelessly onto the plush carpet.

"I don't like sleeping with clothes on." She was almost annoyed at how nonchalant he sounded.

"Relax squirt, It's not like I'm completely naked or anything, I still have my boxers on," he smirked, amused at the horrified expression on her face.

"THAT'S ALMOST THE SAME THING!" She yelled, flustered at his statement.

A sudden wave of dizziness rushed through her, quieting her as she clutched her hands to her head.

The older boy looked at her with concern, stretching out his right arm just as she fell back down on the bed.

To distracted with everything spinning around her, the girl used his arm as a pillow, completely unaware.

"Idiot, getting all worked up when you just got over your fever," he said, pulling her to him again.

"He-hey," she started to say when she felt him behind her again, one hand hung loosely around her waist.

He held her close against him, placing his face in her hair as he breathed in her peachy smell.

"Stop...I'm fine…so you can leave already." she tried wiggling her way out of his grasp but the hand on her waist tightened its hold on her, consequently pulling her bum roughly against his erection.

"I…wouldn't do that if I were you," he said, straining to stay still.

Sakura let out a surprised "Eepp" when she felt him on her again. She tried moving out of his way, but he stubbornly moved forward with her until she found herself smushed tight against the wall, her forehead leaning on the blue wallpaper.

What was it with her and walls? She thought a bit peeved...though perhaps not entirely...

"Touya, Iet me g-mmph!"

Before the retired cardcaptor could finish her protest, a large, masculine hand clamped over her mouth.

Startled, emerald eyes widened at the unexpected gesture, causing her body to instinctively go into panic mode.

She reached up with both hands to pull his own away.

But he was stronger.

In a few, swift movements, he had somehow managed to pull one hand behind her back, trapping it between their bodies, while using his free hand to clasp tightly onto her other wrist and pinning it to her side.

"Stop, Sakura."

The words were spoken with such a commanding tone that she immediately stilled.

For a brief moment, the only sounds made were the heavy breathing coming from the two figures on the bed, both catching their breaths from the earlier struggles.

In her mind, Touya was always the silly, lazy older brother, nothing more, nothing less. Sure he was bossy and a bully, but at the end of the day, he was still her nii-san.

But this…this was different. Why had she not noticed it sooner?

The boy, no man, currently holding her trapped was different. His aura was enigmatic…dominant…and masculine in every way. The Touya right now made her feel and do things that made her blush with shame and embarassment. The Touya now made her tingling, sinfully delicious feelings with his words and feelings.

She mentally scolded herself for thinking such a thing when she was supposed to be mad at the predicament she was in. And why did it feel like she was the only one still breathing heavily?

Well if you hadn't been thinking about him and his-

She quickly squished the thought, focusing on the current problem and trying to muster enough breath to speak. Although for some reason, it was only becoming harder and harder to take in air.


She jumped a bit when he broke the silence, not sure how to handle this…or even what in the hell was going on for that matter.

"Why…can…I never get enough of you?" He whispered to her in a dangerously, low voice. He shifted so that she could feel his warm breath on her neck, lowering his head to taste her delicate skin.

An involuntary gasp came from her, the sound muffled by his hand. The feel of his lips on her neck stirred up that all too familiar feeling in her lower abdomen and she knew that he had already begun unraveling her. Forgetting her pride, she tilted her head, exposing as much skin to him as possible.

"I know it's wrong, but I want you. I've always wanted you." He told her with almost a hint of desperation in his voice. He began alternating between kisses, sharp nips, and little licks on her abused neck, the combination causing her body temperature to rise.

Not understanding where this sudden confession was coming from and with her mind so hazy with lust, she could only moan weakly, further encouraging his ministrations.

Forgetting the hand behind her, she arched against him, bringing her hand into direct contact with his hardened rod.

"Ugh…" He reflexively thrust towards her hand, biting down on her neck as he did.

"Such a tease," he said huskily into her ear, taking the hand that he was still holding onto and moving it onto her stomach, controlling her every movement.

Half-opened eyes watched as he moved her hand in mesmerizing patterns on her own body, working his way lower and lower.

Through his guidance, she was touching herself, and though she would never admit to it, this turned her on to no end.

He bit back a moan as he used her hand to touch herself, still thrusting against the hand in between their bodies as he did his best to keep control of himself.

"It's…wrong…I know it's wrong," he spoke in a strained voice, "but I honestly don't give a damn," finishing with a slightly loud moan as she suddenly gripped onto his cock at his words.

His velvety words only seem to egg her on more as she felt him massaging her abdomen with her own smaller hand. When their hands made their way to the hemline of her sleeping shorts, he halted for a second and let go of her hand.

"Won't you help me get rid of these, Sa-ku-chan?" He asked almost mockingly, nibbling at her earlobe as he did so.

Too caught up in lust, she obediently complied, pulling the troublesome cloth down to her knees.

As soon as she did so, he immediately took hold of her hand again, this time moving her hand up her smooth, creamy thigh in small, circular movements as he got closer and closer to his goal.

Grabbing hold of one of her fingers, he used it to lightly trace the outline of her core against the flimsy underwear, rubbing the finger back and forth against her slit.

She rolled her eyes and closed them shut in pleasure, mewling against his hand.

The brunette almost cried out in protest when he stopped and brought her finger closer for his inspection.

"My, my, Saku-chan, you're already so wet." She could hear rather than see the smirk on his handsome face.

Lust-filled, brown eyes took in the proof of desire on her finger, pulling it into his mouth and sucking on her sweet essence.

She moaned at the gesture, the flames inside her getting higher and higher. As if to match him, she ran her tongue across his palm, earning a pained groan from him.

Catching him by surprise, he let go of her mouth. This only prompted her to move her head forward, catching one of his fingers in her mouth, and repeating the treatment that he had given to her own, delicate one.

"Ugh, Sakura."

"Please, Touya, I need more…I need more," she pleaded, as she swirled her tongue around his finger, sucking it in a maddening way.

Not waiting any longer, he impatiently moved his hand down and pushed her panties to one side, exposing her folds.

Before she could say anything, he thrust a finger though her wet slick, both parties moaning aloud as her tightness sucked him in.

"Fuck, Sakura." He winced at how painfully hard he was and how much he wanted to be inside her right now.

But not before he made her come apart first.

"Yesss…" She moved her head side to side, reveling in the feel of his finger.

She was so wet and so ready for him. Adding a second finger, he pumped her faster and faster.

He growled when she mimicked his actions with her mouth, using her now freed hand to pull his finger in and out with the same speed.

"Unnggh" The moan sent vibrations against his finger, sending jolts of pleasure down his body.

"Touya…I'm close…" she said breathily to him, reaching closer and closer to the precipice.

As he observed the squirming girl next to him, eyes glazed over with want and face flustered to a perfect pink, a powerful desire to claim all of her overtook him.

His little sister. So beautiful, so pure. He thought he could protect her forever, shield her from the world's cruelty…but he had failed…had failed to protect her from himself. She was the light that his bitter and dark soul could not resist from.

It was he who had started this and it was he who had corrupted her. He had accepted way back that he was going to be damned for this, but he sure as hell was going to finish what he started. If he was going to go through with this, then he would claim all of her for his own.

Leaning close to her ear, brown bangs covering the fire and possessiveness in his eyes, he softly kissed her earlobe, licking her outer ear before whispering to her in a deep, silky voice,

"Come undone for me, Sakura."

One, two, three pumps and she was there, arching against him, her mouth in a perfect "O" as she clutched tightly onto the pink, cotton sheets, the white, raw pleasure devoiding her of movement, sound, or air.

And just like that, she crashed back down, the aftermath leaving tingles throughout her now tired body.

Panting heavily for air, she weakly turned over to face him, barely gathering enough strength to rise up to give him a chaste kiss on the lips before lying on his chest and drifting off.

"Hey…" He shook her lightly, but all he got in response was a quiet sigh of content and the mess of brown hair making slighly movement as she made herself comfortable.

He sighed in defeat and gave a small smile. His erection was still very much prominent and in need of care, but the sight of her asleep on his chest was so cute that he didn't want to be selfish.

Trying to forget his own pain and needs, he swung his arm over her and pulled her close to him.

He breathed in the mixed scent of peaches and the beach and slowly drifted off.

She always leaves me wanting more.

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