This is the prequel to The Death of a Lover. This is the Genma/Hayate portion of the fic pretty much just showing what happened the day before Hayate died. This should be read AFTER your read The Death of a Lover. (weird huh?)

Hayate groaned as he felt his lover slide his fingers into him yet again.. It was always the same when Genma came home from a bad mission. The Tokubetsu Jounin would transport into Hayate's apartment, throw his senbon into the wall and attack the sickly man before even saying a word. Not that Hayate minded the attention or the attacks. Quite the contrary, he reveled in it, he reveled in the safety and security of the well ingrained routine. Hayate was only confused about one thing, one hitch in this well ingrained routine that was carried out day in and day out.

Genma hadn't been on any type of mission, good or bad, for weeks.

Hayate felt another groan wrenched from his throat when Genma thrust three fingers into his body stretching him almost to his limits. The dark haired shinobi wondered why his lover was acting like this after a seemingly normal day but couldn't bring himself to ask as Genma pulled him forward into a bruising kiss. He felt Genma's strong tongue push into his mouth and he raised his hands, tangling them in honey hair as he opened himself for his lover. Normally he was reluctant to let anyone taste his mouth, he was always so worried that he tasted like sickness and death, but at times like these with Genma, he would let the senbon user do whatever he liked. Genma had never complained about the taste of his mouth and by the way that he could feel his fellow Tokubetsu jounin sucking on his tongue he never would. Hayate let a disappointed whimper out when Genma pulled away from the heated kiss only to be silence by an amused chuckle.

"Are you ready, 'Yate?" Hayate nodded and saw that fierce determination once again take over Genma's features before his legs were spread and he felt a slick hardness being pressed against his entrance. The sickly man took relaxed his muscles for the oncoming intrusion as well as he could. He then took in a deep breath and slowly released it as he felt the pure pleasure of Genma sliding into him, touching places that no other person had ever touched before. He moaned as the honey haired man hilted inside him before stopping to give him time to adjust. These sessions may be started hotly and passionately but no one could fault Genma on not being a very careful lover. No matter how bad the mission was or how urgent his need was, Genma made sure to never hurt Hayate in any way.

Hayate could tell, he was head over heels in love with Genma.

Then he felt Genma start to move, slowly pulling out of his still tight body the thrusting back in. It was absolute heaven for the dark haired man. He could feel every inch of Genma's burning erection inside of him and he couldn't stop the moans and cries from coming out of his throat. He loved the feelings and emotions that Genma could evoke in him. He just wished that he could evoke those same emotions in the other man. He had never even come close or at least he thought that he had never come close, Genma had never once said that he loved him.

Genma didn't love him back.

Hayate cried out as the increasingly hard thrusts of the honey haired man stabbed directly into his prostate. He felt his thoughts drift away as his hands came up to grip the shoulders of the tanner man. When it got to his point in their sexual experiences all Hayate could do was hold on and hope he didn't break. He felt his nails scratch down Genma's nearly flawless back when the senbon user abruptly wrapped his hand around Hayate's weeping erection and began to stroke it in the rhythm of his thrusts. Hayate knew he would last long with the dual stimulation…he never did.

Hayate felt Genma's strokes and thrusts increase in speed and strength, the tan mans thumb rubbing teasingly across the head of the sickly mans cock each time he impacted his prostate. The stimulation on his two most sensitive parts threw Hayate over the edge and had him orgasming violently. Hayate felt his hot come splash down onto his stomach as Genma's thrusts became harsher and his hand stroked Hayate's sensitive cock almost painfully. He felt that hand clench as his lovers body tensed and he felt himself being filled. He heard Genma's low moan of completion before the senbon user collapsed over him still breathing heavily. Hayate felt Genma's and his own breathing slow before asking the question that had been burning in his mind.

"What brought this on, Gen?" Hayate almost laughed when Genma's expression changed from almost relaxed to exasperated again.

"That fucking Hatake and all his…damned games." Hayate smoothed his hands over Genma's back soothingly as he chose his words carefully. He knew from personal experience just how perverted and wrong and plain out annoying Kakashi's games could be.

"Just think of it this way, Gen, one day…you might actually like Kakashi enough to socialize with him." He felt more then heard a harsh laugh come from Genma before he heard the senbon user mumble something else, almost too soft for him to hear.

"Had a bad feeling too, just wanted to be with you." Hayate just nodded at the words while running his hands up his lovers sides. He would let Genma stay as long as he wanted, he needed Genma to stay but he wouldn't stop him when he left. The two men laid in comfortable silence before Genma spoke again.

"Heard the prelims for the third test are tomorrow and your in it." Hayate felt himself nod again before answering.

"Yeah, the Chuunin Exams are almost over, I can't wait to see who makes it this year." Hayate saw the agreeing node from Genma before the other man began to speak again. Genma was cut off, though, when a messenger bird came in the window and landed on the middle of his back. The senbon user somehow managed to wrangle the message from the bird before he was up and dressed in less then a minute.

"I'm sorry, I gotta go, the Hokage wants to see me. I'll see you after the exams tomorrow, take you out for lunch or something." Hayate smiled as the other man hurriedly kissed him before leaving.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

AN: Ok, the prequel, I wanted to write it to show why Genma was so sad in The Death of a Lover. And some people wanted Gen/Haya smex coughs but doesn't say any names I hope these points got across to you in this drabble but if they didn't I want to point them out here.

1: Genma never told Hayate he loved him so Hayate died thinking his love was one sided when we all know Genma loved him enough to want to die. (you would know this if you've read The Death of a Lover.)

2: Genma hated Kakashi because of games he played (you decide what type) but got very close to him in The Death of a Lover. Hayate's line "Just think of it this way, Gen, one day…you might actually like Kakashi enough to socialize with him" was spose to help with this too, I guess.

3:Also, Genma said, "Had a bad feeling too, just wanted to be with you." So…did he know something was going to happen? Hmmm, I just thought it would be cool for him to say.

4: It's meant to be sad and ironic. Genma and Hayate make plans for the next day but we all know they don't happen.

Ummm…I hope this stuff got through in the story, I mean, it was the major point of the story so if it didn't please give me hints on how to fix it.

Well I hope you like it and thanks so much for reading!