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The sounds of an ice cream truck play in through the screen on the window and they bring me back to consciousness. I wake slowly, first opening one eye, followed reluctantly by the other. I have to give myself a second to adjust to the lights of the afternoon, and when I do, I see a bedside table that isn't familiar whatsoever.

And those definitely aren't my curtains. In my sleepy state, it takes me a second to arrive at my question. Where am I?

After a few more glances around the room, the events from the early morning come rushing back to me.


"Hey. What are you doing here?" she asked me as she came to take a seat next to me. An involuntary smile crossed my lips and I looked down at the screwdriver in my hand before awkwardly presenting it to her as some sort of evidence.

"Getting a drink after a long day at work. You?" I lifted the glass to my lips to take another short sip before I set it back on the coaster in front of me.

"Same." The bartender made his way down to us and Sara gave him a nod which he returned, then handed her a beer, giving me the impression she was a regular.

"You been here before?"

"Uhm, yea. A few times. Steve knows me," she answered, indicating the man who just handed her the beer.

I leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially, "You might not want to let people know that you're on a first name basis with the bartender." Her eyes locked with mine and I gave her a sexy grin, which she quickly mimicked with her own.

My fingers went to the rim of my glass and I played with it, weighing my thoughts. Sara's eyes were still on mine, neither of us daring to break the gaze, and she pursed her lips. It wasn't until the bartender came back to ask me if I wanted another drink that we broke the eye contact. I looked briefly at him, before glancing back at Sara.

"Sure," I finally answered and Sara's smile grew as he walked away.

"Feel like staying, huh?" She cocked an eyebrow as she spoke. Touché.

"Well, it seems like things might get interesting here." I punctuated my flirtation with a quick raise and drop of my eyebrows.

She nodded slowly, and dropped her eyes to her beer. "Yea, seems like."


Coming out of my memories, I lift the sheet that is draped over my body to confirm my recollections and a smile instantly grows. I can almost still feel Sara's lips on me.

At the thought of Sara, I turn over, hoping to get a glimpse of her sleeping form, but my eyes are met with her side of the bed, empty. My arm flies out and hits the sheets, and I find that they are still warm. She must have just gotten up.

"Sara?" I call out tentatively, and when I get no response, I sit up and call out her name again. I am about to slip out of the sheets and get dressed when I hear her bedroom door swing open.

"Hey! Good morning. Coffee?" I look to her hands and see that she has two mugs filled. But from there, my eyes trail up her body, and I take in the sight of her. She has on a tight white tank top, which, much to my amusement, leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, along with a pair of striped purple shorts. Her hair is pulled up into a very messy bun and I am certain that she's never looked more beautiful to me.

I suddenly realize that I'm staring and I snap my eyes back to hers. "Oh, yes, please." I reach out and take the cup from her and quickly bring it to my lips. She lifts one of her legs and sits on the bed, also putting her cup to her lips. A moment of silence passes between us and we each take another long sip. I look over at her and find that she, too, is looking at me and simultaneous smiles grow on our faces.

She shifts so she's facing me and reaches out to put her mug on the bedside table, and I know that it's coming.

"So..." she starts, tentatively, and I lean over to place my cup next to hers.

"So." I say, not sure exactly what she's going to say. I almost feel afraid, but I don't let my mind run through the masses of what-ifs.

"Catherine, I just wanted to tell you..." she starts, but trails off again, and suddenly my nerves are flaring.

"Oh God, you don't regret what happened, do you?" I ask, and my voice comes off much more earnestly than I would have hoped. For a solitary moment, it seems as if the world has paused; like time has suspended. Then, just as quickly, it all speeds up again.

"No! No, no. Not at all!" Sara drops her head to a hand and wipes at her forehead before looking back up into my eyes. "I was worried that you did." I look on as she plays with her fingers, something I had never noticed her do before, and she is so adorable that I almost don't want to say anything for fear of not getting to see this endearing quirk again, but I know, from the look on her face, that she needs reassurance.

"Sara. Come 'ere." I flirtatiously reach out my pointer finger and motion for her to join me. When she gets closer, I lay back down, and she understands what I'm doing. She moves over me and crawls up my body. When her eyes are level with mine, she dips down and catches my lips in a slow kiss. I open my mouth just a bit, momentarily giving her control. She takes it as she dips her tongue into my mouth. I can taste coffee mixed in with, what I discovered last night is, something uniquely Sara. Her tongue lazily dances with mine, and I realize that I have never kissed anyone quite like this before. It's slow and not entirely exploratory, and it completely takes my breath away. Before I can ponder our kiss any longer, she throws my entire thought process out the window by taking my bottom lip between her teeth, and I moan.

A familiar tension is building between my still naked thighs, and my hands go to Sara's waist, and I bring her down until she is straddling me. When we finally break the kiss, Sara looks down at me and without a word, she reaches down and pulls up at the hem of her tank top, then she flings it to the side of the room.

One of my hands leaves her waist and I palm her breast, teasing her nipple with a pinch of my forefinger and thumb. At the contact, she arcs her chest out, and whether she intends to or not, she grinds herself down on me at the same time. It immediately elicits another moan from me, which I respond to by bringing my other hand up to mimic the motions of the first.

Feeling the sheet between us still, I drop my hands from her chest and bring them to her ass, gently pulling up until she allows me enough room to kick it all the way down. When she finally settles on me again, the length of her shorts allows for the skin of her inner thighs to touch that of my outer thighs. I know she can feel the heat radiating from me, because in the next instant, she is grinding down on me again, this time there is no mistaking that it's on purpose.

This grinding is driving me insane, and when I simply cannot stand it any longer, I hook my fingers into the sides of her shorts and groan out "Off!" She obeys, lifting to her knees and lowering the shorts as far as her current position will allow, and I see that she has nothing on under them. When she realizes that she won't be able to remove them any further, she stands, feet still on either side of my hips, she begins to seductively pull them down. The sight is mesmerizing and I'm torn between wanting her to slow down to give me a show and wanting her to go faster, so I can feel her back on me.

The shorts finally pool at her feet and she kicks them off in the general direction of her forgotten tank top. She lowers herself back to her previous position and I can instantly feel her wetness on my skin, which serves to add fuel to my own flames. As she, once again, grinds her wetness down, I bite my lip, knowing that if I don't, I will let out a scream.

I can't take this teasing anymore, and so I bring my right leg up until it slips out from underneath Sara's left one and I put my foot flat on the bed, over her leg.

For a moment, Sara almost looks confused at my action, but when I grind up into her, she realizes, which an obvious shudder, that our clits are touching and our eyes lock. She tentatively rocks against me and I hear a loud moan in the air that I realize is a mixture of both of our voices.

With my hand gripping the right side of her waist, she starts to grind down into me again, this time, adding a rocking motion. She slowly starts to pick up her pace and her hand comes down to where mine is on her waist and she takes it, lacing our fingers, and then she does the same with the other.

Her teeth are firmly pushing into her bottom lip, and even then, I hear the high pitch moans escaping her throat with each and every thrust of her hips. I can feel my orgasm building, and in an attempt to fight it off, I close my eyes. But even then, the sight of Sara Sidle riding me is too much to take, so I open them again. I can see in her face that she, too, is fighting off orgasm.

I squeeze her hands in mine and muster enough strength to speak. "S'ok, baby." I manage, and it takes two more deep breaths before I can continue.


With no more resolve, I let myself go, and I can feel Sara's motions above me matching mine. My toes curl under as I lose all control to the orgasm now ripping through me.

When I'm finally able to catch my breath, Sara has stilled above me and our hands are still firmly clasped together. I look up at her, and that sexy grin I've fallen in love with is spread on her lips. She rolls down and off of me and is still for a second before she scoots in close to me. I wrap an arm around her and pull her in closer to me as we finally return to normal breathing.

"Christ, Catherine." She mumbles and I smirk "I guess that means you don't regret what happened, then." She lolls her head over and we're able to make eye contact.

"Not in the slightest." I kiss her forehead and pull her tight to me for a moment before releasing."In fact, I think repeat performances at regular intervals are a necessity." Her hand on my stomach is tracing lazy shapes and the comfort of it begins to lull me to sleep. She's silent, and I assume that she's fallen asleep.

"I love you, Sara." I whisper, and press another kiss into her forehead. Just as I'm about to slip completely into sleep, I hear a mumbled "Love you, too."

I pretty certain that all through my slumber, the smile never left my face.


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