Just a cute one-shot thought was okayy enough to post.

Yes I know it's a femslash and that the two characters HATE each other, but I had writters block on a different story and this is sorta what I made in spare time.

PLEASE don't bash me Gwen/Trent fans! Tey're a cute couple too, but yea...

My first femslash

"You weird gothic freak!"

"You stuck up bitch"

"How dare you! You're so going down!"


Gwen and Heather had droven the remaning Screaming Gophers out of the cabins with their consistent screaming and fighting. They were moments from ripping each others heads clear off the others body. They had resumed their fight, mere inches from contact with the other.

"I can't stand you"

"Good, I can't stand you either"

Their faces got closer and closer by the statment.



"Atleast i'm popular!"

"With that attitude, I HIGHLY doubt it"

Their cheeks were rubbing against each other. It soon became a glaring contest between the two teamates.

Heather finally scoffed and broke the staring compitition between the two. How she hated that Gwen.

Gwen rolled her eyes and felt herself heat up as she relized how close they were two each other.

Heather also noticed how they we're too close for enimies.

Tense silence broke through the air for what seemed like hours, but was only really seconds.

Heather looked over at Gwen, just as Gwen looked over at Heather.

Their eyes locked.

And they stared.

It was a moment that nothing should ruin. And as much as her mind was against this, Gwen's feet moved froward toward Heather.

And Heather waited for her to come near her again.

They closed their eyes and counted to ten. 1, Their lips met, 2, 3, 4, They began to get into the kiss, 5, 6, Heather deepened the kiss a little, 7, 8, Gwen's heart started fluttering like it did when Trent was around, 9, The moment felt sinceer, as if they we're once lovers reunited and deeplyloving for the other, and 10, the magical number that brought relization and confusion at once.

They broke apart, wondering what in the world controled them to do that.

As they babled on through their minds of what could be the explanation of their sudden intrest in eachother, they had began to piece toether a slight conclusion.

And neither of them liked that conclusion.

Chris stood outside the Gophers cabin with the camera crew behind, in pure awe of the event they intruded in on.

"That's gonna be major ratings!" a pleased Chris had walked away, sure of two things.

1) That when this premired, he would get angry emails and have lawsuits filed against him, and might have to go into the witness protection program

And 2) The world's coming to an end soon, or maybe even the apocolypse

Still he didn't care for this was going to make a wad of cash in his pocket soon.

The next day, in the Mess Hall, the Gophers we're both suprised and scared at the weird behavior of Heather and Gwen. The fact that they haven't gone at it was the begining of the thoughts that somehow we're all the same.

Did Heather and Gwen make up?

Soon laughter that wasn't heard by human ears was sounded from the Gophers.

Yea, that'll happen when pigs fly!

But Heather and Gwen knew that somewhere pigs were flying along with their common sence from yesterday night.

Well I guess it wasn't that bad

But still i'd like to know your opinion!

This is just a one-shot, but I might make more of this couple.

They're pretty interesting to me.

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