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Kenpachi and Yachiru: Straw Hat Pirates!?


"The second I see Kurotsuchi I'm gonna make him reveal his bankai just so I can shove it up his..." "Up his what Kenny? His nose?" "Exactly Yachiru right up his nose." Kenpachi Zaraki said however his thoughts were a bit nastier but he didnt want to really put those thoughts into his lieutenent's head. 'Whoever gave that maniac the idea to build that trans-dimisional whatchamacallit needs to be my sparing partner for the next ten years.' Kenpachi thought as he and Yachiru walked through this unknown town. Okay so he was walking through the town while Yachiru was hangng off his coat. He replayed how the two of them ended up here. It all started with a demostration Kurotsuchi was giving to the other captains and their lieutenents. He said it was a device that could see into alternate worlds. Suddenly there was an explosion and a beam of light engulfed the two of them and apparently brought them to a different world. Thankfully Kenpachi had a couple of instant gigai with him though he couldn't remember how or why he had them with him. He gave one to Yachiru and used the other to form a artificial body that look just like he did complete with captain's robes. He saw that Yachiru did the same thing. He figured if people gawked at them it was their funeral.

Kenpachi then noticed a bar to his right and figured that would a good place to find out exactly where they were and also maybe start a bar fight. Kenpachi smirked at that thought. As he walked in he noticed a fight was already happening. Well a one-sided fight that is. Almost everyone in the bar was attacking a trio of people. Well two of them actually a man with green hair and carrying three swords which peaked Kenpachi's interest. The other was another young man wearing a straw hat . Behind them was a young woman with orange hair hiding behind the other two. 'Those two could easily beat everyone here. Except for me of course. Guess these fools are too weak for them to even bother fighting with.'

Suddenly the trio started walking past both him and Yachiru who waved to them only to get a wave back from the girl. "Oi, can any of you losers tell us where we are?" "Why don't you get out of here asshole before we kick your ass too?" One guy said thowing a glass bottle that would have hit Yachiru if Kenpachi hadn't caught it. He walked to the man who threw the bottle and smashed it over his head. "Keep a better grip on your alcohol. Otherwise the next thing to slip will be your head from your shoulders." As Kenpachi turned to leave one man said "Do you know who we are, you bastard?" Kenpachi responded by releasing a small amout of his spirit energy which made everyone suddenly fall to the ground. "All I need to know is that none of you are worth my time." When they got outside Yachiru asked "What now Kenny?" "I'm gonna find that kid with the straw hat and that guy with three swords. They looked to be a challenge." "Yay!!" Kenpachi looked around and realised something. "Where did they go?"


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