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Kenpachi and Yachiru: Straw Hat Pirates!?

The animals and giant insects of the forests of Jaya were witnesses to one of the most unusual sights ever. A huge man with a little girl clinging to his back racing through the forest smashing through everything in his way. "Which way did they go Yachiru?" The man asked the girl. "Hmm...They're that way Kenny." Yachiru said pointing in a random direction. The man raised an eyebrow and asked "Are you sure?" Yachiru nodded and a second later he ran in that direction hoping to find his quarry. After searching for over an hour they arrived at a clearing. hey also saw that they were not alone. There were three humans and what looked liked a small raccoon wearing a pink hat. Immediately Yachiru jumped off of Kenpachi and walked up to the raccoon. "I've never seen a raccoon wearing a pink hat before." "I'm not a raccoon, I'm a reindeer." The 'reindeer' said. "Wow and you can talk too that's cool." Yachiru said. Suddenly the reindeer started doing and happy dance and saying "I'm not happy that you think I'm cool." Yachiru smiled and said "He sounds happy, doesn't he Kenny."

Kenpachi wasn't looking at Yachiru but rather at the three humans. One was a young man with curly black hair underneath a bandanna and goggles. he also wore brown suspenders and boots. He also had a long nose. Kenpachi could tell that this guy was very weak. In Soul Society he probably would have been an unseated shinigami. The other man wore a dark suit and had blond hair that fell over his left eye. The eyebrow over his right eye looked weird in Kenpachi's eye. He was definitely more powerful than the other guy. a 4th or 5th seat that's for sure. Finally there was a young black haired woman who Kenpachi could tell through probably his warrior's sense had killed before. She was definitely a 3rd seater.

Suddenly the raccoon/reindeer transformed and became larger. Yachiru looked impressed while Kenpachi looked im over once. 'The small form had barely any power now he is probably as strong as the blond guy. "Yachiru stop bothering the gorilla and come on. We have to look for that green haired guy and the kid with straw hat." Suddenly the blond stepped forward and asked "What do you want with our captain and the marimo? You'd better not have hurt Nami-san." Kenpachi smiled and said "If this Nami-san is the orange hair girl then I have no quarrel with her. The others I plan on fighting them." Suddenly the large furry animal shouted "WHO'S A GORILLA?" "You're pretty slow." Yachiru said. She then turned and yelled "There they are Kenny." She then pointed right behind Kenpachi and he turned around, his grin threatening to split his face.

So will Kenpachi fight?



Luffy then Zoro

or Zoro then Luffy