"What is it

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"What is it?" Cleo asked, gazing down at the orange star shape Lewis was examining on the shoreline. A large wave began to build and she took several steps back. Lewis didn't notice.

"It's a common starfish, Cleo," He told her in his 'superior-smarty-pants-I'm-a-brilliant-scientist' voice. He suddenly gave a surprised yelp as the wave crashed down on him.

Cleo bit her lip and giggled as Lewis stood up and shook himself like a dog, squealing as she dodged droplets of water heading her way. He stopped moving and glared at her.

"You knew that was going to happen, didn't you?" He said, accusingly. She merely shrugged and giggled again.

"Maaaybe..." She grinned teasing out the word, before running away shrieking as Lewis ran at her.


"Keep your back straight, Emma," Ash warned her gently, as they started to descend a steep hill.

"Yes, Ash," Emma muttered, rolling her eyes. She couldn't help but grin though; he was paying more attention to her riding than Elliot's, and it was his lesson! It was...flattering, in a way.

She twisted round and grinned at Elliot, who was riding immediately behind her. He returned her smile, looking excited, and she faced forward again, smiling.


Rikki came to a stop outside her caravan, and turned to face Zane. "This is me. Do you want to come in?"

"You're actually inviting me in?" He asked, with mock amazement, earning him a slap on the arm. "Nah, got to meet my dad, help him with a bit of work and all that,"

"Sure? Ok, then. Um, bye..." She began to walk up the steps when Zane grabbed her hand.

"I think you're forgetting something," he told her, and she reached down and gently kissed him, leaving him with a small smile lingering on his lips as she went inside her home.


Nothing is ever so good that it lasts forever. So, while the girls were enjoying their mornings with the boys, sinister threats were about to break free and turn their world upside down...

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