Ok, first Bleach fanfic about one of my favourite taichous-Zaraki Kenpachi

Ok, first Bleach fanfic about one of my favourite taichous-Zaraki Kenpachi. If only for his fantastic ability to kill almost anyone and not know his zanpakutoh's name. Really it's about him and an OC BUT…it features my favourite division!! The 11th and who could possible resist that? Except Hitsugaya…and Yamamoto…and Nanao…and Ichigo…and the rest of the Ryoka…and anyone who wants to live…

Disclaimer: If I owned bleach Orihime would be in love with Grimmjow and wouldn't have her ridiculous infatuation with Ichigo so Rukia could be free to love him but we all know how much I DON'T own Bleach so there…damn it! The only things I own are Kaiia and my computer…

A/N: This takes place before the Hueco Mundo arc but after the Soul Society arc. The bount arc is not and will not be mentioned purely because I got bored and skipped it in the anime. I'm a manga girl through and through. However, I've only read up to chap. 297 in the manga coz it's blocked at home…My apologies for any OOCness. Mostly on Ken-chan's part.


"Hey, hey! That's her! That's the girl I told you about! You know, the freaky one with the eyes…Gah! She's looking at us now!"

Kaiia frowned at the people whispering at her as she walked down the street of Rukongai dressed in army pants and a grey skin-tight t-shirt with a black jacket over the top and her sword swinging by her side. Her golden eyes narrowed and she raised her reiatsu a little to stop them from talking about her. It pissed her off when the idiots who lived in Sector 80 of Rukongai talked about her as if she couldn't hear them.

"I told you! She's barely 15 but she has that freaky reiatsu." They shivered as she approached, her reiatsu rising even more. It wasn't even noticeable to her and yet they were flattened to the ground, panting and trying not to stop breathing. She snorted, then walked off. Her eyes picked up on a solitary food stand in the market place.

Almost hidden amongst all the weapon stores, it sold stale bread and meat almost off. She would usually eat something from the trees near the outskirts of the sector but lately shinigami had been visiting there and she stayed away from shinigami as a rule.

"Hey, brat! Are you going to stand there all day or buy something?"

"I'll take the newest stuff ya got." She answered shortly. Kaiia didn't speak as a rule. It was…unlucky to speak around the people in Sector 80. The more you spoke the more people could remember you by and she didn't want to be remembered because if she was found with the amount of reiatsu she had...well, she didn't want to think of the consequences. Suffice to say that having reiatsu was a bad thing.

"Ooh, pricey brat, ey? Do you want lamb or beef?" they both laughed dryly. This meat wasn't either and they knew it. It was rat, caught fresh off the street. The animal by Kaiia's side started to sniff around.

"Whaddya smell, Kage?" she addressed the fox by her side. He shook his massive head and leant forward to place his nose right next to a package that was hidden next to the worst meat. Kaiia raised her eyebrow.

"I'll take that." She said definitely.

"You don't want that! It's old meat, tough. You know?" He started to sweat as her reiatsu rose for the third time in as many minutes. Damn, she was overusing it these days.

"I want that meat, now. Ya get my drift idiot?" The idiot looked over her shoulder and suddenly stood up straighter.

"I get your drift young lady and I'm sure that the captain standing behind you will help me get mine across." Kaiia turned around leisurely and took in the sight in front of her. A man in a taichou's robe towered over her by nearly two feet. Her lowly four feet and nine inches meant that most people towered over her, though. He had a scar over his left eye and an eye patch over his right. His hair was stuck up in spikes with bells on the end of each spike and as he moved they shimmered. His captain's haori didn't have arms and was ragged at the bottom. He raised his eyebrow at her then looked at the man standing behind her.

"Why should I help a lowly commoner like you?" The man growled.

"N-never mind. I-I'm sure the brat learnt her lesson." Kaiia raised an eyebrow then slapped down some money on the table and picked up the meat that the man had been trying to save for himself.

As she walked past the captain, however, he grabbed her arm and wouldn't let go. She frowned and pulled on it. He frowned and tightened his grip. She frowned harder and pulled harder. He frowned harder and tightened his grip even more. This continued on for a few minutes until she wrenched her arm out of his grip and glared at him whilst rubbing it furiously.

"Whaddya want, taichou-sama?" She made the honorary sound like dirt. His mouth slowly twisted into a grin.

"I want to know what a kid like you is doing with a reiatsu the size of a shinigami's and an appetite that hasn't been filled." He grabbed her arm again and started to drag her towards sector 79.

"Hey! Let go of me!" Kaiia yelled at him to no avail. She raised her reiatsu but he barely blinked. Damn, she was going to have to actually use some of her proper spiritual energy instead of whatever was floating around her at that moment. The captain saved her the trouble.

"Don't try it, kid. I'm way above you so just shut up while I treat you to a meal." She shut up. Hey, if you were given an offer of free food without anything expected in return wouldn't you give in quickly? She could always just run for it anyway.

"…fine. Come, Kage!" The captain responded by pulling her faster.


"Eating that much will make you fat, you know." The captain observed lazily over a bottle of sake.

"I'll deal with it." Kaiia said as she picked up her fourth box of sushi and glared at him, challenging him to take her food from her. The wise man simply picked up a different box and dug in.

"So, back to my question before. Why is a girl with as much reiatsu as you hanging around sector 80?" Kaiia glanced up at him before looking at the sundial nearby.

"Well, would ya look at the time? I reckon that I should get back to what I was doing before I had the pleasure of meeting your wallet. Bye bye, taichou-sama!" Then she made a run for it. Suddenly she had the unique sensation of being lifted up by the scruff of her neck and running on thin air. Damn being short to Hueco Mundo! Kage growled at the tall captain. For a fox he sure was brave.

"Not so fast, kid. You're gonna tell me who you are and why you're not at the shinigami academy or I'll drag you into Seireitei myself and give you to Mayuri, got it?" Even Kaiia had heard of the experiments that he got up to. She shivered. Kage whined. He didn't like it when Kaiia was scared.

"Alright, taichou-sama." He tilted his head to get a better look at her. He grinned. Her face was scrunched up and her eyes were literally shooting sparks at him. That's what happens when somebody's reiatsu overflows. It shows their emotions clearly from their eyes. He was willing to bet that when she was sad it rained.

"I'm here 'coz some idiot with feathers coming from his eyes sent me here when I was over in Japan visiting from Australia. I came out in Sector 38 then was chased all the way to here when no one could understand me. Ever since I've been learning Japanese and figuring out how to defend myself with this here sword I stole from some idiot. The captain sweatdropped.

"That guy with the feathers from his eyes…was one purple and the other yellow?"

"Yeah, how did ya know?" Kaiia crossed her arms as the captain put her back onto the ground and started to laugh.

"Coz I was the guy who ordered him to seal you." Kaiia kicked him where it hurt the most. Except it didn't hurt him.

"Bastard." He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Sorry, brat but the only person who's been able to hurt me in the past hundred years was way taller than you and had a Zanpakutoh as big as he was." He grinned.

"So what do you want with me anyway?" Kage started to paw the ground nervously. Kaiia was starting to get pissed off and that meant she'd start shooting fireballs at something and that wasn't a good thing.

"Ever thought about becoming a shinigami?" He asked her, looking her straight in the eye. "Answer me quick coz my head hurts when I look down this far." Kaiia glared at him.

"Why would I?"

"Free food."

"Where do I sign up?"


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