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"So gakis. Now you all have zanpakutos that actually suit you," several guys looked down shame-faced that they'd gone for the most masculine looking sword instead of the ones that they could actually use. "I'm gonna teach you how to use them. First of all you're gonna show me what you know. So pick up your swords pair and then try to impale each other. Got it? Good, go." The group looked at each other dubiously then reluctantly paired up, obviously not wanting to hurt the other.

The three members of the Gotei 13 watched them with grins on their faces. They were more likely to hurt themselves than anyone else and only then through sheer misfortune.

"Uhh…shirou-chan?" Kaiia asked the tall captain, hesitantly pulling on his captain's haori. Because everyone had been too scared to ask her to partner them they'd ended up leaving her alone.

"What is it Ka-chan?" He scanned the room then saw that she'd been left partnerless. Always fun to be the odd one out…not. "Do you need a partner?" Just then a girl up the back of the hall stuck her hand up. It was the same one who'd explained about the zanpakutos. She was quite tall 180cm at the least with chestnut hair and green eyes. Slender rather then slim but rather pretty in a young way. She'd have the men of her division under her thumb as soon as she graduated Juushirou thought.

"I'm free. Kyoko fainted." The girl grinned and nudged the prone figure on the ground with her foot. Kaiia guessed that she wouldn't be allowed to forget it soon. She smiled gratefully at the unknown beauty then walked up to her, swords held lightly in her hands.

"I'm Kaiia." They took up their positions, weight on the balls of their feet with their sword (swords in Kaiia's case) lightly held across their bodies.

"I know. You have quite the reputation. I'm Mei." She smiled, getting ready for their match.

"Thanks for partnering me."

"No trouble. Now, let's get down to business." As soon as the words left her mouth Yachiru gave the signal to begin.

Mei attacked first, hoping to get the upper hand. She held her four and a half foot long zanpakuto with both hands and slashed at Kaiia's right side. Kaiia jumped back, bringing up the sword on that side to block Mei's sword then stepped in trying to bring her other sword up to her neck. No such luck when Mei ducked and hooked her foot around the foot that Kai had lifted to move in closer. Kai fell backwards and hastily blocked Mei's sword as it came down in a butterfly stroke to the head. She manoeuvred her blades so that they flicked Mei's sword out of her hand and onto the ground a few metres away. She took advantage of the time it took Mei to retrieve her sword by jumping to her feet again and stepping back. The two combatants circled each other, eyeing the other with new respect.

By now a small crowd had gathered, the other fights had either ended by themselves or been stopped before an overenthusiastic sword had lopped of someone's head. Kaiia's strength lay in her speed and quick thinking whereas Mei was tall, strong and sturdy. Kai feinted in and then jumped back when Mei lunged for her. Taking advantage of the taller girls unsteady footing as she encountered nothing but air with her sword Kai quickly stepped behind Mei and helped her fall by kicking her just below her hips. Mei twisted as she fell so that her sword was between her and Kai's. Just as well because Kai tried to do what Mei had done to her before-bring her sword down on her opponents head. Seeing that wouldn't work she changed tactics and brought her left leg up in a sidekick that aimed to knock the larger girl out. Mei grabbed her leg and twisted it so that Kai ended up on the ground in front of her frantically scrambling to get back. In a move so fast that even the shinigami had trouble seeing it she brought her left sword up and flicked Mei's out of her hand then brought the other to her neck. There was silence for a second before cheering erupted from the crowd. Both girls looked around suddenly realising they had an audience.

"Well done girls. Am I wrong in assuming you've both had some weapons training before?" The girls looked at each other and nodded. They'd never fought someone before apart from quick scuffles on the street, merely watched. Sheathing her swords Kai offered her hand to Mei who smiled good-naturedly before taking it and being helped to her feet, grabbing her sword on the way up.

"Actually Shirou-chan I've only ever used a sword before when some guy attacked me in district 80 and only then to make sure he couldn't have children." Every man in the room visibly paled and made sure they were out of reach of her sword. No man deserved that fate. No man.

"Same here. Except I didn't castrate him. I only made it so that it would be painful for him to even try." The men looked towards the door. It was so close, yet so far away. Why could women get away with things like this? Oh yeah, coz they got away with leaving the toilet seat up and stuff like that. Still, they were going to have nightmares for weeks. Juushirou looked decidedly paler as he spoke to the two grinning females. There was no doubt in his mind that they knew exactly what they were doing to the psyche of every male in the room and were enjoying every second of it.

"Then I have a feeling that we'll be having special classes for you two. How does that sound?" He asked, plastering the biggest smile he could muster onto his face while inwardly shaking.

"Is Ken-chan gonna take it?" Kai asked, pleased at the effect she was having on the atmosphere in the room.

"As long as you keep that sword away from the lower parts of my body then sure." Kenpachi wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to train up some people that were good enough to hold their own with him for anything. Except a fight with Ichigo. That would be fun.


By the time Mei and Kaiia got back to the dormitory they had swapped life stories. It turned out that Mei had lived in Tokyo before being stabbed by some bastard when she had just turned 16 and had lived in district 71 for a year until she had applied to the academy and been accepted. Once they reached the front door Mei turned to Kaiia.

"Where do you sleep at the moment, Ka-chan?"

Why can't people call me Kai? The poor girl thought. It's not like it's hard to remember let alone say. In fact, it's easier. Oh well, at least it's not gaki.

"I'm in a single room near the top of the dormitory, why?" Kaiia asked.

"How would you feel about moving into my room?" Mei started carefully and was about to try to convince Kaiia to stay with her when she was glomped by the overjoyed teen.

"I would love to! When can I come?" Puppy dog eyes got her into Mei's room that night and they sat up late talking.

"So how do you know the captains? They all seem on pretty good terms with you except Yamamoto-soutaichou and Kuchiki-taichou but they're not on good terms with anyone." Mei smiled at her, obviously having wanted to ask her this for a long time.

"Well Zaraki found me using my reiatsu to get some guy to not rip me off then he offered to buy me food then he told me that the shinigami academy would give me free food so I followed him here. Bit of a shame that he didn't tell me that the food here consists of bread, rice and beef stew but who am I to complain? Any food is good food. Anyway when I got here all the captains came up to Zaraki and met me coz of that and since then they've always called in on me when they come to the academy on business. Well, chibi shirou-chan is dragged here by Ran-chan but that's beside the point." She laughed, remembering the short captain's outrage when he'd been literally dragged down the halls of the female dormitory no less by his busty vice-captain and had almost every girl squeal at his cuteness until he'd frozen shut every door along the corridor, trapping the girls inside.

"Why do you call Zaraki-taichou Zaraki when he's not around but Ken-chan to his face?" Mei asked, curious. She's sensed something weird between the two. Almost friends if the big captain could have something resembling a normal relationship.

"Mostly coz it pisses him off. And then because it's kind of rude to talk about him as Ken-chan. I mean, if I talked about Ken-chan you wouldn't have any respect for him when you met the man but if I only call him that when I see him then it's easier for you to respect him and not fall into my habit of calling him that." She laughed at Mei's face. "And also coz I think people would faint if I called him that to their faces."

Mei smiled at her new friend then frowned as she realised something. "Kaiia, you said that you were 15 when you were killed but people around Rukongai also thought you were 15 they way you told it. How old are you actually?"

"Around 17. I just figured it was easier to pretend I was young and it's not like they could tell the difference. I don't even know how long it was since I died. I can't remember my birthday either. Can't remember much about my old life these days except it was a happy one. And that I rocked at karaoke." Mei cocked an eyebrow.

"Okay maybe not but that was only because I can't sing in front of lots of people. I know a lot of songs though. English ones mind you. Don't know one in Japanese. Shame really. You guys have such a pretty language."

"I could teach you one. A lullaby my mother used to sing to me when I was little." Mei smiled at fond memories that hadn't yet faded.

"Oh yeah? Go for it, sing me to sleep like a good little friend ne?" Kai smiled and settled back into her pillow, ready to go to the land of nod at a friends bidding.

Mei took a deep breath then started to sing in a surprisingly sweet voice:

"Good night my dove

sleep well my angel

I hope your dreams are sweet

Don't leave without a goodnight kiss

Just to make your night complete"

By the time she'd finished Kaiia was asleep and Mei smiled, tucking her blankets around her. She walked back over to her own bed and fell asleep. In her dreams there was a soft lap, arms around her and a loving voice singing her lullaby. A smile crossed her face as she dreamed on.


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